Shadows and Storms

Giggles and Guffaws.

I have five young people staying – learning how to grow their own food then cook it. And they all get on. There is much to learn from each other and they are working and laughing all at the same time, exchanging information and languages – wonderful. DSC_0199 DSC_0184

But they are a handful to keep up with.  My list of jobs takes some getting my head around so everyone is gainfully employed, either shadowing or mentoring and cycling through all the work this week so they can find what they enjoy then get better at it.

girl with drill

Thankfully though when I call Siesta time they all down tools and take a break – which gives me a break too.

siesta in hammock chair

Last night they all sat around the table outside and gas bagged for hours. The dogs and I went to bed and slept to the sound of their rumbly laughter.

Speaking of rumbles my friend in Chicago who has the weather channel sent me a message to say there are big storms heading this way. We do not have radio or TV so he is my weather man. So I opened the barn for the mother cows with calves and we organised an alternative sleeping arrangement for the boys.  If the storms roll in while they are sleeping they will pick up their beds and walk!

But the storms are just as likely to go North though we could do with a little rain.

The swimming pool has been dismantled and stored until further notice. John has decided that it is contrary to our attempts to run a self sufficient life. Plus it is terribly expensive and unfriendly to maintain. And no way is it sustainable. He has plans to dig a fish pond where the swimming pool stood, and I am designing a sculpture that will use rain water to create sound and movement. I love running water in a garden.

You can see the boys tent in the garden – it already looks like it could blow over with just a puff of wind.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


27 Comments on “Shadows and Storms

  1. Good luck with the storm – maybe you could hang hammocks in the barn for the woofers when the weather is bad 🙂

  2. Love the idea of the fishpond and sound-sculpture. I’ve always thought swimming pools were a bit of a liability and a perfectly efficient way of losing water into the atmosphere, so I’m in agreement with Our John. Of course, in hot weather they are wonderful for cooling off, but swimming in water you could drink is bonkers. Sorry, comments from a country where every drop is precious…

    • Oh I completely agree. Swimming in drinking water is obscene. I never swum in it. I Hate the chemicals he had to put in it weekly to stop it turning green in this extreme heat+humidity.Love swimming in lakes and the seas but not swimming pools thats for sure..

  3. Tell the boys to stay away from the skunks in the night. Hope the bad storms missed you and only friendly showers for the gardens. 🙂 Laura

  4. I completely see John’s points, but a swimming hole is such a lovely treat after all of the hard work that goes on around your homestead every day. Have you ever thought about a natural swimming pool? I have it in mind for future projects for my family:

  5. How about a natural swimming pool… more digging though, and would you have enough rain? Google permaculture ecological and health benefits of natural swimming pools for info. I’m not sure how you feel about links within postings, so haven’t! Lovely to read of all your young visitors but agree that the challenge is keeping up with workload, learning and gainful employment!

    • The pool is dismantled and in the shed – it may make a comeback one day. We will get a new liner for the fish pond – though this is not my project it is Johns – I am too busy farming to be digging fish ponds.. c

  6. Celi – You may not keep a radio or TV but if you put your ‘Weather Network’ amongst your ‘favourites’ on your computer all the latest news is there on a continuing basis all the time: I have just looked up your next ten days from Down Under 😀 !! Very informative films also. . . . . and I must admit I would hate to be outside gardening without my radio in the pocket playing soft classics or jazz . . . . meanwhile your temps are kind’of cold for this time of year methinks . . . or perchance you are warmer than Chicago . . .

  7. Could you dam the creek? We bought a house with an above-ground pool once, but it was too expensive to run properly. We did have one winter with a skating rink, though.

    I reckon ou have your hands full with 5. Don’t let them run rings round with you.
    Enjoy yourself.
    ViV xox

  8. I had a swimming pool once too – it became too much trouble for me to open in the spring, connect hoses, clean out leaves, close for winter, etc. I gave it to my son who happily installed it in his yard in the sun for my grandchildren to enjoy! It was a win-win! I now have a little wood fire ‘chimnea’ fireplace in the circle surrounded by chairs/benches where the pool was. Perfect!
    I also have a pond a wee bit bigger than the size of my old pool area (in a different part of the yard) – please don’t use the old pool liner because it’s full of years of chlorine, etc and will not make it habitable for plants or fish – and they’re too flimsy. You can purchase actual pond liner by the foot.
    I have a rain barrel to capture water off my house roof (metal) and have a hose attached at the bottom to drain the rain water directly into my pond (I call my pond my giant rain barrel, hehehe, and use it to water the veggie garden). I never have to ‘top it up’ with well water. My pond is well established now with lots of underwater plants, floating plants, native frogs, turtles, pond insects, and seasonal goldfish. My grandchildren race down to the pond to feed the fish every time they come.

  9. You are being kept on your toes it seems. Not a bad idea to remove the pool but you might miss it on hot days. We have a pool that I have never been in yet. Always too cold for me,

  10. I agree that the cool, wet plunge would be divine at the end of a ghastly hot midwest farm day, but these young un’s (as they say here in the Blue Ridge) are not there so long that cooling off as they do in the evenings now is not pleasure enough & you & John don’t need the expense & grief. I speak as a former back yard pool in ground pool owner & manager. I only ever went in the cold cold water once or twice. My son & all his many friends had endless fun, day & night—2 am with flashlights underwater! Constant issues with the pump & chemicals. No, not again in this moderate clime. You all are doing it marvelously well. Keep going as you are. I hope the stormy weather will pass you pass. We could use a few drops of rain here in Carolina!

  11. can your rain water sculpture involve someone or something peeing? thanks!

  12. That hammock looks so inviting. You are right to take a day off from blogging and allow some time for yourself. We will not run away. I looke forward to seeing your new pond.

  13. We here in Chicago are holding our breath waiting for storms galore. Just can’t wait to possibly have to disinfect the basement once again.

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