Extreme Images of A Storm

Late yesterday morning I saw this great broody cloud coming over the horizon like a huge intergalactic mother ship, I dropped what I was doing and sprinting past the long list of work I should have been doing, I collected my camera, jumped in the truck and went storm chasing. I love these images. The skies here fill me with awe.

Here are the best of the images in the order that I shot them. storm coming

extreme storms

storm clouds

storm clouds

And then I looked back to the house.


And said Oh my God. There is no way you can look at that image and not think that all hell will soon be rained down upon my little farm.  But this storm did not bring much rain or wind -just an ordinary storm with dramatic clothing.  Those of you on Instagram with me  (cecilia_bwg) will have seen this shot in real time. Thank fully this time I had my camera AND my phone.

Then yesterday evening another storm came rolling in. But not the silent creepy type – this one was a loud serious storm, full of dark danger.
evening storms

storm clouds7

It pushed that deep humidity ahead of it, the kind of humidity that drains you, making the air hot and wet yet burny on the throat. Our chests were heavy and tempers were short.  Then our spirits were lifted by windows in the sun setting sky. Showing that other parallel dimension running right beside ours.  We could step right though and meet the selves who turned right instead of left and lived another life. I wonder if the other me is having a stormy  summer.

The thunder and lightening could be heard while the sky was still clear. Then the darkness came and we could ONLY hear the storm which is somehow worse. Later in the evening there was talk of a supercell bringing a tornado – not too far from here – my internet weather channel had big red banners across it, Jake and I were madly txting each other  and the Weather Watcher from Chicago was sending updates, I got tornado warnings on my phone but the tornado switched gears powered SouthEast and missed us. I guess it did not touch down for long or at least no-where close to here.   John slept through the whole thing as usual.  He has an amazing capacity for sleep.

So thankfully we dodged another tornado or at least it dodged us. Playing hopscotch with its big fat tornado feet from the skies above.

In weather like this I have to stay up right until the All Clear is given. I am the Watcher. I could never go to bed and read or anything.  Last night I could have read by Lightening Light. But I was up late watching for the All Clear Stars while the house tried to sleep. Now I am the sleepy one.

Then after I went to bed, though the thunder and lightening had mostly moved off, the rain and wind came and we had a doozy of a storm. Much, much more rain than I had expected was hurled into the farm by a howling wind. So once again today we are drenched and the cows will be clean and branches are on the ground. The sun is not up so I cannot see all the damage. But we have only just finished cleaning up from the last storm.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS If you like these images please feel free to steal them (with my credit) or Share the post with your friends.  I love these shots. You are welcome to have them. Of course as usual if you want a hi-res image for a small paypal fee – email me.  celima.g.7@gmail.com. But fast while the images are still on my board, before they are filed into my deeply irretrievable filing system.


69 Comments on “Extreme Images of A Storm

  1. Mother Nature was clearly in a dark mood but seems to have soon lifted and moved on. Gorgeous images C!
    Have a happy storm and tornado free day.
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

  2. Beautiful skies! It makes one feel so small and inconsequential, doesn’t it?

    • Each spring I attend spotter training classes put on by the National Weather Service. They always have some good photos of clouds. Your shots are as good or better.

      I wondered…was lightning lightening the sky? Consider the ‘e’. 🙂

  3. Fabulous pictures, especially the one where it looks like the whole farmy is about to be beamed up by Scotty. Should I find Talia or Bobby T in my garden later I won’t be sending them back ….. just saying 🙂 Laura

  4. You could sell those images to the art director of a science fiction movie about alien invasion, and everyone would go “yeah, there’s no way a sky would ever look like that in real life!”. The Husband’s reaction was Holy Crap, mine was more Deep Impact! Marvellous, brilliant photos! I’m going to ask our local weather forecast guy about the one which is sitting above the Farmy like some sort of evil halo. There must be a proper name for that monster. Stay safe, Miss C.

  5. I was following you on Instagram. It was exciting and I have to say I was scared for you. The photos are over the top amazing. Please be careful. (I love it that John can sleep through anything. Wish I were like that. But no.)

  6. Whoa! Sounds terrifying! So glad all is well! Sure hope the gardens are okay! xo

  7. These images are astounding in the sort of way that I want to keep looking at them at the same time I want to turn away. Simply spectacular shots that show the immensity of the storm looming over the prairie.

  8. My goodness! You have the most amazing storms out there. Luckily, we do not get anything close to that here in France. I would be very nervous.

  9. Absolutely amazing to see. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see this all happening right before your eyes.

  10. Hi Celie – just amazing – you must enter the photos in a competition of some type – they seem like once in a lifetime shots.

  11. Those were prize winning photos without a doubt. Mother Nature just keeps reminding us we are not in charge here. I am so glad you are all safe and hope all the animals are too. I lived in the mid-west for many, many years so I know the storms you are talking about. They put us back in our place. Hope you get a nap. 🙂

  12. Beautiful images! And frightening! I have stood under a massive rolling cloud like that, and felt like I was going to be snatched up. Thanks for sharing, I hope you can observe and stay safe.

  13. I would have been so scared, as some of the clouds look like tornadoes forming. Brave, daring you out there photographing these amazing images. (I presume Boo was safely in a closet inside & not riding shotgun.) I posted your blog on my facebook page, judithmoorcheney. Thank you for your courage & talent.

  14. This an amazing post the photos are brilliant and your narrative compelling. May I use one or two of your photos for some poetry I shall link you and credit you . 🙂

  15. Awesome in a fire and brim storm, end of the world, sort of way. Truly remarkable shots. I think you are brave and adventuresome and fortunate and on and on. I do think you dodged something bigger – looking at the third photo, more to the right, sure looks like a funnel cloud to me.

  16. Great photos. I’m glad everyone is okay. We had a lot of rain, but the thunder and lightning were more distant. Enjoy the calmer day today.

  17. Those are amazing shots. I remember seeing a similar front blow across the bay up in Door County heading toward Lake Michigan. It brought one devil of a downpour and wind with it though. If it’s night, I’m like John–I sleep through it happily.

  18. I never saw such skies in real life. Enormous clouds… Gigantic.

    Isn’t it strange that all the damage causing storms mostly appear by night, when it’s dark and you can’t see anything? Just the devastation in the mornings as a bad result. Strange, really strange… Hope everything’s been ok on the Farmy this time though.

  19. Wow! An actual whale’s mouth! Amazing photography, but storms like that are so freaky especially close to home. Glad your farm is safe 🙂

  20. Spectacular! I absolutely love a good storm (as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody I’m fond of, anyway). You so perfectly captured the magnificence and power. Wonderful.

  21. An arcus roll-cloud methinks: the one over the farmy – that usually means a cooler air mass without a thunderstorm. Have seen only one here in 23 years and that green monster was one too many 🙂 ! thought Illinois normally got them May-June . . . Please keep them,. don’t want them here 🙂 ! Boo would have had company of course!!!

  22. Some of us are Watchers. Must be some old wisdom or teaching lingering in those cells…it does seem necessary that one watch as if it somehow protects the others.
    Absolutely astonishing images. Danger mesmerizing with beauty

  23. “windows in the sun setting sky” – I love the way you describe the possibility of another dimension – a place where our other selves made different choices, live different lives – might need to work on this idea some more 🙂 and – just love the amazing storm photos and your generous offer to borrow one – I’ll let you know if I do 🙂 thanks for all your farmy posts

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  25. Wow, those are some amazing cloud formations! Glad all appears to be well.

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