Cheap Sauna

There is something inherently wrong about shifting cows, or milking or gardening with sweat running down your legs. Arms and face seem to be acceptable places for sweat. Maybe the brow, or even the belly. But the legs should be a sweat free zone in this cheap sauna we are living in at the moment.  I mean – REALLY! pigs-in-wallow

Naturally the pigs always win when it comes to temperature control. And they always lie in their wallow is exactly these positions, facing West. Lined up. Waiting it out.  Good piggies.


Sometimes good. cows

The only one to show real suffering in the heat was Aunty Del. Once I noticed her panting, and droopy tongue we hosed her down, especially her feet. She perked up pretty quickly. Like I said yesterday it is not the temperatures it is the excessive humidity  with the high temperatures that gets them.DSC_0157

In fact it was so humid that my camera fogged up so I had to leave it outside  in the barn for the day so it was acclimatised. cat

Today I take the boys up to the train but I will be back to watch over everyone by lunchtime.

Last  night the thunderstorms came in about 11pm,  storm after storm,  more lightening, more torrential downpours, more thunder, more of everything.  We lost electricity for a while but that happens in these storms. I scheduled this to post early just in case I did not get back to you.

The power is flickering  wait



42 Comments on “Cheap Sauna

  1. Ladies don’t sweat – they glow 🙂 Love that glider glad to see it is still around. Laura

    • I always remember Harper Lee’s description of the ladies of Maycomb, Alabama, in To Kill a Mockingbird. melting in the summer heat like soft teacakes in their icing of sweat & talcum powder. (She didn’t say perspiration as we always said in Kentucky long ago.)

    • My dad always said… “Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glow.” So yes, we’re glowing perfusely. 🙂

  2. I know the humidity you speak of C – we lived it for 3 years in Mauritius. You can’t explain the thick air to someone unless they have experienced it.
    Have a beautiful day and adore those piggies in their wallow.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

  3. The piggies pic reminded me of the delightful, old Hippopotamus Song by Flanders & Swann~ Mud, mud, glorious mud
    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
    So follow me, follow / down to the hollow
    And there let us wallow in glorious mud! <[:~D

  4. Yup, sounds a lot like the height of the Wet in Mackay. The air is hard to breathe, stepping outside is like walking into a hot, steamy bathroom. Every garment wilts and sticks to you, nothing dries. And the rain just keeps falling…. We have a few months of that to look forward to, come November. Right now, though, it’s a balmy 26C/78F, cool at night, not much rain, and pleasant breezes. It’s called Winter! I know what you mean about sweaty legs, though, I found that bizarre when I first experienced it. I found beads of sweat standing on the backs of my hands a little strange, too!

  5. Since I left off city life working in an aircon office and living in an aircon apartment to non temperature controlled life sweat is a whole new ball game… and now travelling through dry season – winter in the north the temps are what is normally experienced for summer in the south.
    Thinking cool thoughts 🚿

  6. Ah, yes. I was thinking along the same lines yesterday afternoon while I was enjoying the Galveston Bay humidity and heat. There’s hot, there’s hot-and-humid, and then there’s the next level. I’m not sure what to call it. Wishing you cooling breezes — or at least a drop in humidity.

  7. I don’t mind sweat on the legs arms or body – it is when you feel it running on your scalp and onto the forehead that I hate. I have been known to take the water hose and douse my head if I am outside in the teeth of it.

    • Oh yes I totally agree. I wear a bedraggled straw cowboy hat just to keep the sweat from running down my face. I find that if I can stop it from dripping off my nose and chin and ears that I don’t feel as desperately hot! Now I’ll be taking wagers on how long it’ll take before the hat rots away at the sweat line!

  8. My palms once sweat long ago after a day in the humidity and sun at an outdoor concert. I didn’t even know that was possible. Fingers crossed for some relief your way very soon.

  9. Ah yes…..when you drink every breath you take, it is never an easy day. But remember in the dry crack of winter, what a lovely thing that all that humidity did to your skin.

  10. The pigs are so shiny, like they are dipped in oil. Poor Aunty, maybe she needs a walk in tub of water, or maybe a pond with little goldfish. Don’t forget to drink your water while you are watering the livestock.

  11. Glad you are able to make the cows more comfortable with a cold footbath – helpful for humans, too!
    I don’t work WELL in excessive heat, but it’s tough working at ALL when it’s humid. It’s been a challenging summer here, starting way back in May. I can count the comfortable days and have several fingers left over. Whew.

  12. Getting sprayed by the hose must have felt delicious to Aunty Del. You’ll have everyone, animal and human lined up. Hoping you get some relief from the humidity soon. I’ve felt it in Turkey in the summer and in Mexico on the shoulder months. No thank you.

  13. My dad used to say that sweat is cleansing. Work sweat, he meant. Living out of doors, he meant. I can still picture him eating a plate of barbecue under a tree while sweat dripped from his forehead right down on the food. It makes me think of a story in the newspaper years ago about some Amish folk north and west of our city.The writer was sitting on the farmer’s porch asking questions when a neighbor drove by in his wagon. “How about this heat?” the neighbor called out in greeting. “Yep, ain’t it great?” came the reply from the porch. No irony or sarcasm in his voice.

  14. The pigs are black! Sorry you have more rain coming. Rain and heat just means more humidity…you’ll have stuff growing behind your ears (and knees) soon, it sounds like. Hope there’s a steady supply of lemonade or water or tea or something.

  15. We’re sweating down here too. I wish we’d get some of that rain you’re talking about. There’s a slim chance next week. Fingers crossed!

  16. I hope all is well in your sauna. It’s 105 degrees here, too. Sweat from body parts that DEFINITELY are not allowed to sweat.

  17. I do not miss the heat and humidity of Canada’s east coast at all, at all. It sucks the life energy right out of you and makes you want to lie in the mud just like the pigs and not move till…….September.

  18. Yes, here too… 31 c. right now, feeling like 40 when the humidex is figured in. I recall my first summer in the Bahamas so many years ago when I couldn’t believe that my knees were ‘glowing’ and I don’t think it was as hot as right now. I was just outside for a few minutes and the thought of a convection oven came to mind… there is quite a breeze out there and the humidity isn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be, but the breeze was a hot one. Ah well, this too shall pass away….. and we’ll be left with the howling winter winds before long.
    Heh heh, the facial expression on your second photo of the piggies kind of says it all, doesn’t it.
    Hope you’re having a great day and keeping a little more comfortable. ~ Mame 🙂

  19. No glowing or free saunas around here yet this summer. We’re having a pretty cool, Northwest summer so far and I’m not complaining after last yr’s sweat shop! I love the photo of the old glider too…I wonder if anyone noticed the cat sprawled out underneath it, trying to keep cool? 🙂
    C. have you seen those little fans you can tuck into a shirt or back pocket or clipped to a hat? I think I would have to get one of those if I lived back in the midwest again! As they say out here…keep clam and carry on!

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  21. Hot and humid here too, not as humid as yesterday but still nasty. To add to the joy of the day I spent part of the morning trussing a chicken into the cut off leg of a pair of panty hose so I could pick maggots out of a fly strike she had. Truly a ‘condo day’ (as in why didn’t I just buy a condo?).

  22. I went into a store some weeks ago. It was so UN a/c’d that I sweat up a storm and I had cornstarch rivulets running down my legs! Did I leave the store in a huff? Nope…kept on shopping and grumbling both under and over my breath. You can have my share of it! Much love, Your Gayle.

  23. Oh C. these are just tiny little fans that just provide a tiny little breeze about your face. I didn’t grow up with fans either…we couldn’t afford them…american or not! 🙂

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