Stress then Rest

Stop worrying about me. You know I look after myself. I have always maintained that a person can deal with a decent stress load as long as she has a Rest space in front of her.truck growing weeds

We work hard for the morning then have our siesta time from 12 to 3pm.  At 3pm we start again. The siesta should be written in stone because it is a Rule and never broken.   We eat whatever we are having for lunch then down we go.  Writing time, rest time, study time. The only work I do in those three hours is feed Molly her lunch and feed the Piglettes their lunch and prep the dinner.

man and dog

So I want no more lectures about taking it easy. When a farmer la la’s about and takes it easy animals die. I work hard but no harder than most people with jobs and I will NOT be taking it easy in the near future. I am no fragile flower. This is my job – we have been through this before.


Until then I have my siesta.

I still have two piglets who cannot get up. They walk now, but if they fall over they cannot get back up. And they will not give up. So until they give up I will not give up on them.  They all eat very well, are playful and are improving every day. This is not the time to begin taking it easy. We are winning. Time to power through.


I think you understand. This life of ours is so small, so temporary, so short, so transient. We lose nothing by being totally involved in it and doing the very best we can with it.

Now, look at that header picture – do you think Poppy is looking a little ROUND!?  Here it is again. poppy

I hope you have a good day.

love celi


39 Comments on “Stress then Rest

  1. ha ha! I knew you would react like that! Perfect! Yes, Poppy looks round, but I am no specialist on the states of all things Pig. Carry on, as my grandmother would say.

  2. Totally in agreement. I love our relatively simple life here in France. People think we don’t work, but I work harder than I have ever worked in my life, much harder than when I worked 9 – 5 in London, here I bring up five children, I keep our vegetables and fruits and the garden going and sustain the family. But it is fabulously good hard work, wouldn’t change a thing!

  3. I had a vision, yesterday, of Tane taking the little pigs out walking on a lead to improve their stamina. Well maybe in the Autumn when they can walk…
    It looks like Poppy has been having a good time 🙂

  4. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you have to do. And what you have to do to get by while you’re doing it but there is an art to it 🎨

  5. What a wonderful heap of satiny little piggy bodies under that vine. And Poppy, yes, there is an outward curve to her flank, and I think pigs are normally quite flat there? I’m pretty sure it’s not her diet, what your pigs eat is watched like a hawk. Has she been gallivanting with Manu?

  6. Oh my life, more piggies on the way? I think you may just be a pig farmer 🙂 despite your protestations> Laura

  7. “We lose nothing by being totally involved in it and doing the very best we can with it.”
    Amen, sister.

  8. Ok I rest my case!..lots of love and hugs  

    Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 1:47 PM

  9. Another pregnancy on the farmy? How wonderful! Your animals are always so amazing and so photogenic as well. 🙂

  10. I need to implement your siesta time. Work is never-ending but I would Not change my life for anything. The monotony is comforting even though I admit it is sometimes overwhelming and boring as every morning and evening milking HAS to be done. Chickens have to be feed and eggs collected, cleaning if needed and stored. We are between pig batches and just finished second batch of 125 broilers so animal chores are slightly reduced right now but garden chores are out of this world right now. My daughter and I are trying to keep up with the “help” of her 4, 2, & 10 week old children. We both work part time at other jobs and husbands work full time. But, I look at my grandkids and listen to them and think “This is how it should be.” Animals, gardening, butchering, canning, etc are all normal to them. The work, tears, exhaustion, stress- good and bad, ups and downs are all worth it. I wouldn’t trade this for ANYTHING. I do enjoy my yearly vacation though.
    I look forward to your daily blog posts. I’m normally reading them while waiting for the last couple of goats to finish milking. Your pictures are gorgeous. The life you are living is amazing and rich. Thanks for letting us experience it with you!

  11. Okay Okay…… We care….. How’s Lady A today?

    I love how you say Siesta time is ‘down’ time and then go on and say ” The only work I do in those three hours is feed Molly her lunch and feed the Piglettes their lunch and prep the dinner.”…….. But – down time is time to do what feeds your soul – and farming is definitely something in your soul.

      • Yes, I did the maths too !! And naturally a siesta id supposed to be in addition to a full night’s sleep . . . there IS that saying about taking a horse to water but . . . . 🙂 !!

    • Great takeaway! I misinterpreted the siesta busyness–worried, wondering about balance, health, peace — probably imagining my own issues. The idea of feeding the soul helped me see what I missed and remember times when I worked right through dinner because it was another kind of nourishment and because I just wanted to. (Miss C., you said that it’s your job. I believe you, but I think it’s more than that too. Something else is there, like passion, like art. like love. It comes through.)

  12. Celi, I agree with you about pushing thru and paying attention, doing what is needed, etc. Either it’s a passion or you shouldn’t be doing it, right?!? If you love it, getting a little tired now and then is the price you pay. Having sore muscles, getting less sleep, pushing hard likewise are the price you pay for living a life you absolutely love every minute of. Your critters are lucky to have you as the farm mom! And your woofers and farm helpers can learn a lot from you. YOU GO GIRL!

  13. I totally agree. I too get up early because I feed the wild birds and I have a blue jay that will get at my window and squawk if the food isn’t out there when he is ready (it has to be male lol.) I have several species of wild birds and new ones seem to come daily; some I have never seen before. Yeah I try to snap photos but some are just too fast; they eat and fly. And I have three hens (more to come soon.) Plus there’s the vegetable garden, fruit trees and flowers. I try to work in exercise somewhere in there and housework. My life is very blessed and full and I love it. God is so good to me.
    Yeah, I insist on my afternoon nap as well.
    God bless and keep enjoying life it is way too short not to.

  14. Totally agree. You are up to the task at hand and life has a way of giving us all tasks at hand. Crisis and victory are 2 themes in my life that seem to be operating prunciples. Best wishes

  15. We only remind you to take care of yourself because we care about you. I know how hard you work and that itis a passion. Yes, Poppy does look round. Do you massage the falling over piglets? That might stimulate their muscles, nerves and blood vessels to function better. Enjoy your siesta.

  16. I love your observation about life being so short, so transient. And, of course, you are right. Enough said, I suppose…and good on you to take it all by the horns and carry on. I admire you.
    Poppy certainly does look rounder than I recall, not just big as always but with a definite roundness to her belly. Did your lady vet have any diagnosis for the wee piggies that can’t/won’t get up once rolled? Is this a condition that has any official reason, I wonder?
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  17. Boo is looking mighty handsome! He is not going to let that fellow next to him show him up.

  18. Hi Cecelia! I haven’t been around lately so really don’t know what’s going on! 😅 But I’m glad you are fine, the “kids” are looking good and the weather seems fine too. So good to see you again! Take care 😊

    • You too darling girl, Giovanna – I am not being terribly good at catching up with you lately but still love to hear from you . Things ate just busy that is all

  19. Fiesty, that one
    There’s something very nice about the top picture- the little green leafy plant in the truck bed against the metal. The top of the red truck next to the house repeating the red of that bit of cord on the truck side. The Dali-like image with the side mirror in the dog’s middle. The angles and concentrated Hopper coloring/shading. I like this one a lot
    And those – wait those are piggies among the greenery – not leaves like I thought a first. Fun
    (There will be enough time for taking it easy when we’re in rocking chairs….as granny on the farm used to say.) (Insert giggles here)

  20. stress can trigger hardships,that even we cannot understand, until we stop worrying and learn to relax ❤

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