Breaking the Rules

Yesterday Nick and I shifted the Rescue Piglets out of their nursery (the turkey house) and into the sunroom of the big barn – it is bigger, sunnier and airier and hopefully there will be less flies.  This rain and heat is breeding a LOT of flies.

It very quickly became evident that Lurch, the last piglet with balance/spinal issues, was never going to be able to learn to walk if I left her in with her wild rambunctious sisters. Her sisters dance and play hard all day long and poor wee Lurch (yes she has a name now) kept being flattened, jumped on and played over.  She could not stand for more than a few seconds at a time and once she was down she was flat on her side on the floor, miserably trying to get up and being knocked back until I came by.

So I brought her into the garden with me. She tottered precariously about for ages with only a few falls, followed faithfully by BooBoo who was instantly in love. This is the first time that Boo has  been allowed near the rescue piglets for fear of contaminating other piglets and he is taking his new role very seriously.   Boo has no time for the over active dance troupe in the barn and yesterday he was very softly, very carefully following Lurch about. Every time she fell over Boo darted over to me and I offered Lurch (named for obvious reasons) a finger for her to lean on so she was able to practice getting up by herself. DSC_0829

The piglet called Not called Elfie is on the left. She also is sometimes called The Rat due to her extreme size and pointy nose. She is a nice wee rat though. The other one has only one good eye and is a wild thing – sometimes she is called the Russian as she reminds us of a Russian Cossack. Both are hairless and cheerful.

Below is the Little Tank. A round short pig.  She is much quieter but sticks up for herself. None of them look alike at all. DSC_0842But they are all getting stronger and naughtier every day. They are fierce and always on the move. Because they all needed different nursing and medications and attention they ended up being given descriptive names, it was hard to avoid.  However they are not being kept as pets.

Lurch has drifted into a different category though. She is very small and long haired with two grades of brown running down her back. And she is sweet but deeply determined. After the gardening Lurch became tired  and was falling repeatedly so I brought her inside and propped her up to sleep in a blanket and that was that. I could not put her out with those sisters again. She will  be raised by me. image1

Pat took this shot so you can get some idea of how very small she is.

So, we now have a pig recuperating inside. I am not exactly sure how this works. She may not live long with her condition, but she will live well and without fear.DSC_0821

Pat watched her while I did chores, she walked her and popped her into bed when she was tired.

I have made her an outside enclosure for when we are all busy (and so she can get on the grass). But last night it rained even more so I had her inside.   Breaking the rules Big Time.

The cows are not impressed with more torrential rain.  It is still raining now, the fields are closed and the cows have started eating the winter hay and I see no dry days ahead to get any more hay in. This is getting worrisome to say the least. cows in mud

But Lurch sleeps on with her  Nanny Boo only a nose away and  I am not sure if I have just made more work for myself or less but she wakes, pees, eats, pees again then meanders about until she finds her blanket in the basket (waiting on its side) , she climbs in, snuggles down, I right the basket, she sighs and sleeps with her feet folded under and her head in a normal piggie position. (No lying flat on her side screaming and paddling her feet until the skin comes off.)  Boo curls up beside her and sighs and puts his head on his feet and sleeps too. And it feels right and good and she is not shaking anymore, she eats with a great appetite and the whole household feels better about it.piglet

She looks like a little mouse in her big basket.  And she has a name now.

Now if only we could turn the tap off – there is a chance of rain for the next seven days at least!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


56 Comments on “Breaking the Rules

  1. Such determination in that little dark eye. If sheer force of will on her part and goodwill on the Fellowship’s has anything to do with it, Lurch will make it. They’re your rules and you can break them if you want to, if it means Miss Lurch continues to improve. I’ll pester the rain gods to let you alone for a while. Couple of weeks do it for you?

  2. Gosh! She is minuscule. But, I am glad she is happy with you and Boo to care for her. And aren’t rules meant to be broken?

  3. It’s amazing how the little pigs keep trying, unlike a lot of people. Lurch might just end up being healthy from sheer determination.
    Please show us (or me) more pictures of those piglets 🙂

  4. The good thing about your own rules is you can break them if you want to. Lovey Lurch. Give her a little cuddle from me.

  5. these little piggies look amazing for their hard start in life, kudos to you 🙂 I am also wishing someone would turn the tap off in your world and on in mine. Love all the names they are so apt. Laura

  6. Hoping you get some drier days soon and that little sweet Lurch has my heart. It’s okay to break the rules now and then, in my humble opinion.

  7. A la Pirates of the Caribbean… and the Code… is more guidelines than actual rules. Ditto Farmy 🐷

  8. The person I bought my first house from had a very large pig as a pet, indoors. It was a small 2 bedroom home and the pig had it’s own room. It was house trained but too big for the house. I hope Lurch does well, she is adorable and I love how Boo looks after her.

  9. Lurch is simply beautiful and head strong. I remember a piglet once who was a runt. No one thought he would make it. He was abandoned by his mother because of the size of the litter and his size. In fact, someone got him when he was only 3 pounds with so much love in their heart that he knew then *that* was when his life began. Today, I’m right at 50 pounds in my forever home. I have made it. Tell Lurch that bedtime story now… hey your already breaking the rules why not a bedtime story too? XOXO – Bacon

    • AND Bacon! Ask your Mama for any tips and guidelines about raising a pig in the house (though she is sleeping in her nest in the barn at the moment while I do chores. c

      • Repetition. And as you know, we are a smart breed. We catch on fast. And training is rather easy… with food of course. And of course, I have a schedule which I love! XOXO – Bacon

  10. Sometime we have to break all the rules. Lurch is adorable and I’m pulling for her. Boo has a big heart and what a great companion. Boo could make the difference. You continue to amaze me. Have a blessed weekend with great joy>

  11. It does help to have names for the purpose of writing. It’s wonderful to see progress, yet I understand keeping reality at the wayside because often creatures do not live long despite our hopes and efforts. Oh how I would take that rain off of your hands. We need it very much in the South. 😦

  12. Wonderful to see those little waifs surviving and even thriving. And what of Tahiti the Terrible? Has she been sold yet or will she go to the abattoir?

  13. Awe…L.L. (Little Lurch)….If anyone is happy about this breaking of the rules…it is Boo and L.L. 🙂

  14. With all the extra work that these piggies have caused, it appears to be a lot of fun too. Little Tank, the dancing troupe and Lurch… lol It is so sweet to see Boo being a caring nanny and to know he’s watching Lurch’s every move is just so inspiring. I wish them all well, of course. The rain, the hay — I was just thinking it’s still August so plenty of time before it’s too cold to bring in hay. I’m sure you’ll have the weather to bring in another cutting.
    We finally got rain, after an almost rainless summer here, the night before last. Only a couple of hours of it. But then last evening we got a short but torrential shower, again just a short one but plenty of water. And today is bright and sunny again. Pretty much perfect here now — maybe that condition will floats your way. Hope your day is a great one too. ~ Mame 🙂

  15. Just had to comment again on how sweet-faced and precious that tiny little Lurch is and OMG charming of Boo to look after her. Also, I am surprised to hear that Tahiti is still on the farm…and “in with Molly.” I had visions otherwise!

  16. I love her beautiful eyes – Lurch. – And I so feel with Boo! He’s so cute. Good luck to you all!

  17. I see a book in the making about the wee little pig and his Nanny Boo. I would buy many.
    Cheers to you all!

  18. Your rules, your farmy, if you want to break or change the rules it’s not for anyone else to say. I think you’re doing the right thing with Lurch, Boo certainly seems happy about having someone watch over who needs him. Too much rain all summer here and with you. It sure does make doing things outdoors annoying, either you’re just wet or dealing with raingear. It seems there is either too much rain or not enough. The corn in the big flower pot is enjoying all the water and there are 8 ears coming, that was a surprise, I didn’t expect it to come up in the first place, then it tasselled and now ears growing, you just never know. I love the irony, a pot of corn growing in the back of an apartment building witn nothing around but concrete.

  19. Little Lurch is so endearing. I’m glad she’s getting extra attention. Your poor cows and their muddy feet! But I know they are in your good hands.

  20. Ah Miss C, Lurch is so sweet, I have raised piglets in the house, love them you are going to have a grand time.. but if you are like me, you will bond with them.. glad the others are doing well

    • If only she could walk without falling over though and then once fell over – cannot get up. I am just working on strengthening her – much more i don’t know

  21. ‘*smile* ‘You rang? ‘ Inevitably THE Lurch, 6ft+ tall etc from the ‘Addams Family’ came to mind: what a size difference! If anyone can nurse ‘our’ Lurch, Boo can – so let us hope! And to each their own: I am keeping my fingers crossed for ‘Not called Elfie’ also . . . .

    • I AM missing one: ‘The Rat’, The Russian’, ‘Little Tank’, ‘Lurch’ and who: in this mob you cannot have one poor unnamed orphan whatever their future holds . . . 🙂 ?

        • My apologies – can’t do maths obviously . . . this has been a hard ride for you and them . . . . hope you’ll have a decent weekend: yep, know the thunder and lightning may be afoot . . . the rest of the week does not look too inundating tho’ . . . all the best . . .

  22. I am lost! Who is “Not called Elfie”? Can anyone enlighten me? Many thanks! Much love, Your grateful Gayle who just got her computer up and running after a montth without t! Gayle

  23. He who breaks no rules has no fun. All piglets are adorable and you could do little else for Lurch, it wasn’t right that she was being banged about by her sisters. I agree with Bacon, having had Rosie the potbelly as a house pig for some eleven years – routine and schedule is important. Also important to remember once they learn something they don’e ‘unlearn’ it. After Roosevelt figured how to open the fridge I had to keep it tied shut! Small payment for the affection and entertainment he provided.

  24. you are an amazing human Miss C. Our Viv is smiling at all these shenanigans, I just know she is.

    • Oh, I was thinking about Viv the other day too, and wondered about what a verse she would write about the one not named Elfie… And now I am sure she’d have a little poem about Lurch being watched over by her nanny Boo. Those on a different plane of existence are getting the benefit of those verses now. 🙂

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