The T Shirt Campaign is LAUNCHED

Lurch has been accepted into a Pig Rescue Home in Indiana where she will have her own caregiver and Vet and a Vet Tech who is already working on a program of rehabilitation. for her.

There comes a time when I must lean on a friend and this is a good  position  for this little pig.

But I need help. And you know how I hate to ask for help. DSC_0980

SO!  I have launched a T Shirt crowd funding campaign  – this will give you the opportunity  to help me give a donation to this registered non profit Pig Rescue Home plus enough left over to cover the sisters medical expenses.  (Just the Four bags of milk replacer was almost a hundred dollars!)  The site is called TeeSpring and we used it for the Sheila T shirts. I will work out how to relaunch the Sheila T shirts for you after this campaign.  But I would like to help Lurch on her way first.

TeeSpring is a fundraiser site that enables me to set this up without paying anything at all from my own farm pockets and I lose nothing if they do not sell.  I hope they sell. I hope you can help.

This fundraiser has to have a goal which I have set at 75 (this makes them a wee bit cheaper) .   Though I would love to sell more.  Once that goal is reached and the campaign is over (we have 11 days) the shirts will be printed and sent directly to you.  If the goal is not reached and we do not print them you will not be charged.

But I hope we succeed.  I want us to exceed the 75. Wouldn’t that be great!

Here is what I have written in the description section on the page.

Lurch is a three week old Hereford piglet, she and her sisters were raised from birth after a disastrous farrowing.  Boo, the dog pictured with the piglet has kept Lurch company right from the beginning.  Lurch suffered from a head injury that left her unable to walk for a while but now, at three weeks old, she is lurching about a little and is well enough to go off to a pig rescue home for rehabilitation.  The Fellowship of the Farmy are raising money to help pay for the medical expenses for her and her surviving sisters and a donation to the pig rescue home who will continue with her care. See for more. 

THE CAMPAIGN  IS LAUNCHED! Here is the site for you to go to.

(The T shirt has that very sweet picture of Lurch leaning on Boo as she walks around him. With the words Lean on a Friend.  And there is text n the back too. Go and look and let me know what you think!)

Go to this link or key in TeeSpring  FortheLoveofLurch.

Many of you have offered to help with Lurch but are too far away, I hope this is a good way for you to get involved.

Now, I must go and wake her and give her the second early morning bottle, then start my day. The lady comes at 9am this morning, (I will take pictures) I will miss Lurch awfully but this gives her a real fighting chance – sometimes we have to let someone go so they can lurch  forward in their lives and she is a fighter.  And hungry!

Much love, let me know if the  link does not work or something awful like that.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love celi



60 Comments on “The T Shirt Campaign is LAUNCHED

  1. I have a feeling you could probably have set your target at 100 and will probably reach it in the first two days 🙂 Love both slogans. Laura

  2. C – I’m in! I shared on facebook this morning. So happy we can help you help Lurch! I think brother Bill would have approved too, so I bought 2 shirts, one is in his honor.

  3. I’m in. What a good solution for Little Lurch’s problems and for you too, Celi. I’ll think of you all when wearing it proudly.

  4. OH – that is wonderful news! I hope they keep us updated on the little things progress. I’m so happy to have a BOO shirt!!!!! Can I wear it for Halloween?

  5. I just shared it on my Facebook page, and you’ve already reached your minimum! So they’ll definitely be printed. Best of luck to you and the wee gilts.

  6. Your efforts and ideas for the rescue of the rescue piglet with this TeeCampaign moves me to tears… – « Lean on a friend » to this beautiful photograph of Little Lurch and Boo is so touching.

    As I understood delivery to EU is possible. So I ordered one! – They reached the Minimum, they say, so it will be printed. Isn’t that great?

    Might there be a mistake in the “Campaign-ID” on that site? It’s “fortheoveoflurch“ – isn’t ist meant to be „fortheloveoflurch”? – L O V E ..

    Farewell and good luck to Lurch and her sisters.

  7. Will you get Lurchy back once she graduates from the program? Much love, Your Gayle

  8. Done. And with a terrific photo and great ‘slogan’ on the back. Hope she flourishes! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. I’m happy to buy a tee to support Lurch, but the truth is — I have plenty of clothes. Miss C…would you consider putting out a tip jar, or letting me send $$ via Paypal? I’ll wait to see if that’s possible, and if not, buy a t-shirt or two and give them away. So glad you found a place for Lurch to get the attention she needs without so much burden on you and the Farmy.

      • Thank you for your PayPal address. I will donate happily today and store this away for the future. 💗

  10. Great t-shirt!
    Best possible outcome probably for Lurch. And what they learn from caring for her may help others in the future.
    Mom’s are tough enough to let little ones head to the best place for them. Boo may miss her, too. (will try to add to one of my posts – people could simply send your a check for piggy Lurch rehab donation, too?)

  11. Beautiful photo and a great idea. Now you’ve reached your minimum target, I’ll make a donation too, rather than have a t shirt. Go well little Lurch.

  12. Ordered! The Husband wanted it in his size, he loves the photo of Boo and Lurch, so I can wear my Sheila one while he wears Lurch and Boo… Such a lovely and touching black & white photo – you have a great eye, Miss C.

  13. Happy for Lurch and glad to contribute a little! I also do not have any use for a T-shirt and the postage to Au almost doubles the price – so hope you will allow a small ‘hello’ via PayPal as soon as possible! More practical for both methinks 🙂 !

  14. I am happy that there is a good outcome for Lurch and Winston! I am from Indiana, so that makes me smile too. 🙂 I hope Boo knows that all his love and care has helped Lurch grow strong and be able to continue her journey. Thank you for making the shirts available, I ordered one for me and will see if my brother would like one too. Hugs!

  15. Ordered one for my granddaughter who loves pigs. 😀 Thanks for the opportunity to be a blessing to you.

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