Lurch Leaves, Workers Arrive

Yesterday a very lovely lady who runs a pig rescue home came and took Lurch and Winston (the very tiny rescue piglet who is being picked on by its bigger siblings) back to her place.

I had just delivered the plonkers to the abbatoir (saying thank you to them) and was finishing the milking when she arrived, so I did not have time to run up to the house for the camera.  But believe me she is very kind and quite smitten with Lurch. She is taking Winston to train to a leash for work as a therapy pig so Winnie will very shortly be tottering about the halls of her local old folks home.

I told her that we are running a T-Shirt campaign so we can all donate some money to her which will help pay for Lurch and Winston to stay with her (and other piglets who need care) and she was very happy about that. And  I will be very happy if I can pay off the vet bill which will come in the mail soon I am sure.  So thank you from both of us for joining this campaign. The information is at the bottom of this page.

molly's mob

In her new home Lurch is sleeping wrapped in a blanket in a baby’s bassinet and the woman’s  husband is making some kind of sling arrangement with wheels so she can walk without falling over.  She will send pictures! I miss Lurch and little Winnie. But they will do better over there.

It took Boo a while to realise that Lurch was gone – he kept going and searching in Lurches usual corners and going very still to listen in case the little pig was hiding.   Then he lay down and waited. Poor Boo. But he still does go in and rest with the two remaining rescue pigs, though they are a bit rambunctious for him. wind

We have had a whole two days of decent drying weather and taking advantage of this window of sun (4 days I hope) I am cutting hay today!  The ground is too wet, but we have to do it. Fingers crossed.

Today we have two more woofers arriving and because I did not have to get up to walk and feed Lurch in the middle of the night I SLEPT IN!  Of Course.

So I had better get up and moving.

Lurching Forward we are!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS I will leave you to spread the word about the T Shirts (link below) . We have sold 47 T shirts (thank you so very much) – I need to sell at least 75  to pay the bills and send a few hundred dollars to the rescue people.


Not too many to go!

I have also received paypal donations – thank you to all – my paypal account is I need to work out how to put one of those donation buttons on the the site for times like these.   But thank you paypal people I will convert your donations to cheques and send them on.

OK. No more chatting!  Now, I had better hurry to get the milking done and then the room ready for the new people.







41 Comments on “Lurch Leaves, Workers Arrive

    • For those of you who don’t want to go through the above listed procedure, I used to pay my rent with PayPal. You simply click on pay money or send money and enter the person’s email address. After I time or two or so of doing this, the person’s email address will pop up as an option for you to send money to. Much love to our Celi and the fellowship members who contribute, Your Gayle

      • A button on the page would automatically have Cecilia’s Paypal details, so when clicked, all one would have to do is put in one’s own details in order to send money.

  1. Have a great day. You must be relieved to have some extra hands arriving. Do keep us updated about Lurch and Winston. I love the idea of him working in an old, age home.

  2. OH! I wish a pig would go visit the memory care home Dad is in. What a hoot he would have retelling all of us about a pig coming to visit! Good luck with the hay cutting. I found out today our area has had 6 inches of rain this August. Strange strange strange year so far. But I’ll take it.

  3. how sweet that Winston is to be a therapy pig. i have heard of dogs,cats even chickens but never a pig. I hope Boo will recover from not finding Lurch. dear Boo he is such a caring boy onward and onward up we go !!!

  4. The best news of all today is that you SLEPT IN! Lucky old folks, having an adorable piglet tottering around. It would totally make their day, if not their week. And it sounds as if Mr Pig Rescue is a bit of a genius at inventing piggy aids. I so wish we could see a photo of Lurch in her walker. Do see if you can get one…?

  5. Excellent ☺ I was wondering if I could Paypal a contribution as I’m not in need of a t-shirt, even the small is too big for my toddler niece and hate the thought of the loss of currency value due to the A $ US $ exchange rate.

  6. I love how compassionate you are to your critters. I’m sure you are building up a pile of good karma in the universe as well as the gratitude of those spirits in critter bodies. 🙂 I think the small farm is the best way for the world to feed itself and make the best use of our planet. Thank you for your hard work, even if it means sleepless nights. I like that Winnie will make old folks happy in their home.

  7. Lurch and Winston have a great life ahead thanks to you and others who really care. It’s making me so very happy and can’t wait to see photos. Boo misses his great little one but he’ll pick up. I just ordered a tee and will wear it proudly.

  8. It will be wonderful to get updates on Lurch and Winnie. Poor Boo. If I were there I would lay beside him and give him a comforting massage. He’s such a good companion and caretaker.

  9. So glad that Lurch and Winnie have gone to a great place, though I know you will miss them. And, just an FYI, it is very easy and fast to set up a Paypal button from their site. I’m not particularly good at such things and I can do it in a jiffy.

      • That “sounds great” comment that I made was in reference to further directions about making a PayPal payment. For some reason I got stuck way down here. Much love, Your Gayle

  10. I almost missed this offhand statement, early on in the post: “I had just delivered the plonkers to the abbatoir (saying thank you to them)” After days of reading about those dear little pigs, and wanting to imagine there were three of them and the wolf was athe the door, I was looking at farm life as a kind of idyll. Dropping that statement somewhat casually as you did taught me something important both about farms and about life. Another of the many reasons for visiting.

    • Yes, I prefer not to make a song and dance about that trip. I do find it a terribly nerve wracking day and these plonkers were very good about getting on and off their trailer. But this is the objective after all. c

  11. I have made your home made noodles. Now I just need to find time to run them to you! Weather man said this morning Beautiful Labor Day weekend for us….hope he is right.

  12. Yes it’s not so easy to say goodbye, not only to the tiny, put-upon ones but the delightful sprightly ones. Very hard!

    I too look forward to seeing pictures of Lurch and Winston. Maybe Talia and Naomi too? We need reassurance they have gone on to wonderful lives–and not lives like that god-awful man from years ago on his cell phone wasn’t it? The “lamb” man??
    Anyway, ordered my shirt today too.

  13. What will happen to little Lurchy? Will you get him back? If not, what will happen to him? I am praying no abbatoir is in his future as I have become quite attached to him as, I am sure have other members of the Fellowship. Much love, Your Gayle

  14. I got my fainting goat, Fanny from a hobby farmette that is attached to a nursing home. They have all sorts of birds, from pet type parakeets and cockatiels to chickens and ducks and geese as well as llamas, goats, mini donks, potbelly pigs, horses, cows and more – even a lemur! The nun who has since retired from the directorship of nursing at the home now oversees the whole ranch. Sr. Stephen is an absolute hoot and can’t seem to say no to an animal in need. They take many of the animals to different functions as a petting zoo, they are licensed for respite care for foster kids, they have special programs for kids both special needs and healthy and best of all they use the animals as therapy in the nursing home. It’s in a rural area and many of the residents come from farming backgrounds. Can you tell I am totally smitten? I must say I have never seen a little goat as friendly and sweet as Fanny, it’s telling that she came from a joyful place. I’ve always said I want to leave my home and little farm ‘feet first’ but if that’s not possible I would willingly go to Villa Loretto and Christo Ray ranch!

  15. Oh they will send pictures! (Do they have any idea how many fans those 2 piglets have?) A therapy animal – wonderful idea – seems there is a place for everything if each can just make it to their place.
    (Cheery news about the T-shirts – a bit rushed today, but will try to link something this weekend/Monday to your spot there.)
    Give Boo a hug, he’s such a dear and will be confused and wondering until he decides it is what it is and the two MIA piglets are probably fine and on their own… and of course they couldnt have done it without him. Dogs and pigs are smart.)

  16. We do have a ‘care home’ for the older generation in our community and I know dogs are brought there on a weekly basis to ‘pat and pet’, quite to the delight of its inhabitants. So why not a piglet 🙂 !!! As far as having a PayPal account: I cannot imagine doing without it! Takes about a week to set up but is so worthwhile: living in the country I buy worldwide about 90% of needed goods and am delighted at the speed and safety of the method. Mr Google stands behind most of the firms I use also . . . a transfer to Celi took all of 30 seconds or less . . . Hope your rain holds off: ’tis bucketing down here . . .

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