Collecting Myself


We now have two young trained chefs here to stay for a month. Immediately my dusty kitchen got switched back into gear. Although we have been eating well,  with all the lack of sleep I really think I have been flying at half speed. And now I have three workers, (though Nick will be away for a few days),  our two new resident farmers love to cook and thanks to the pig rescue I am getting to sleep through the night.

Plus another girl coming on Sunday. My favourite number: LOTS. fields

Things are a lot quieter though without the plonkers. They left the day before yesterday.  The same day as Lurch and Winston but they were gently thanked as they loaded. So the work-load has dropped dramatically for a while. Also this leaves my young chefs with a lot of milk to use and they are excited.  The pigs I am raising as plonkers from Molly’s Mob will not be drinking too much for a while so I am looking forward to seeing the young people experiment with good volumes of milk.barns

The hay is down and now we wait and hope it dries in time. At least the humidity has dropped.

I am keeping this short for a few days while I collect myself and orient our new workers.\

I will continue to put the link for the T Shirt fundraiser at the bottom of the blog until the campaign is finished (in a week). Lurch has been exercising his legs in a bath and his wheelchair comes tomorrow.  And Winnie has been very entertaining and using the litter box like a pro.  (They don’t sound like pigs do they!?)

Have a lovely day

Love celi


22 Comments on “Collecting Myself

  1. Now that sounds like a very sensible idea….  

    Sent: Friday, September 02, 2016 at 1:29 PM

  2. I totally understand the need to collect yourself. I wiIl be trying to do that after my trip to Stillwater tomorrow.

  3. Just what you deserve, two trained Chefs in the kitchen and a full nights sleep and more help coming 🙂 Laura

  4. Good food and good sleep and good help. Exactly what you need for a while. Do tell us what your young chefs come up with to use all that lovely milk. I hope they leave a well stocked freezer when they go.

  5. That sounds fantastic – how nice to have two chefs! I hadn’t thought of hydrotherapy for Lurch, but they use it for people, so it should work with pigs. Imagine a huge pig that likes swimming 🙂

  6. So great that you’ll have lots of help now! And that all will settle into a comfortable flow when all are oriented and know the flow! I’m also interested to find out
    what delights the chefs will create with all the milk! 🙂

  7. It is wonderful to read the good news from Little Lurch in her therapy pool & Winston becoming such a brilliant boy. I really look forward to hearing all the news from your kitchen during the next days & harvest time. Things are humming at The Farmy. Now for some drying in the hay fields. We finally had rain yesterday & maybe more coming from a Hermine side-swipe here in Western North Carolina.

  8. And just like that, The Farmy finds the rhythm again. Ebb and flow. Problems and solutions. Rhythm.

  9. Yes, looking forward to hearing what the chefs are up to! Glad for you to have some time to get some uninterrupted sleep. Enjoy the drier and less humid weather! Fingers crossed for the hay.

  10. This is most wonderful news, Celi: Your sleep, the pigs, your chefs, and the hay. Yeeeee haaawww! Go gettum, girlfriend!! Much love, Your Gayle

  11. Phew… I bet you are pleased to have moved on from events of the past few weeks. Happy to hear that Lurch & Winnie not only will be assisted to rehabilitate but will go on to assist others also 🐽

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