Toys for Piglets

All the piglets seem to have recovered from their scouring fright and are back to playing with their toys and loafing about in their garden.

We still pick them lots of good weeds and grass to eat until their electric fence is finished and they can go out onto the grass.

The bowling ball is one of the old toys – this ball has been played with by every group of piglets we have had. It does get cleaned every now and then as it gets a little worse for wear.  Usually the piglets push it along with their snouts – it is always in a different place.
piglet and ball

The Pipe is a multi faceted toy, fun to hide in and run through but sometimes a whole group of piglets will get up on it and roll it across their playpen.  This does not usually last for long because within seconds another group is trying to roll it from the other direction and chaos will ensue.
piglet in pipe


Often I can see a little piglet (the big ones cannot fit) hiding in there, fast asleep.

They also have a little dog house that is always popular and old buckets hanging from the ceiling that they can bump as they run under them. piglets

Sheila is happy in her little field and often pauses to chat with her workers. Probably giving them instructions. She will stand for quite some time talking in her pig voice, looking them in the eye with her direct doglike gaze. She is always everyones favourite because of her gentle ways at dinner time.  She never paces or snatches at bowls, or tries to knock people over and steal their buckets, (like someone we know in the next field – Miss Molly) always waiting until the bowl is correctly filled before putting her head in.  And though she sometimes carries her bowls away to eat in private usually they are back by the gate at feeding time.


Everyone loves her. And she is looking forward to harvest time when the beans are carted away so she and the kunekune can get out for their walks again. The soy beans in the fields bordering our farm are very green still, so that will not be for a while yet.

This week looks like we will get a little sun (as well as the usual assortment of rain showers and storms) – the sun will be very welcome.  These lower temperatures are lovely too.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love celi



24 Comments on “Toys for Piglets

  1. I do love the thought of pig toys. And isn’t it true that the simplest things will do for young ones — human, too. I still remember my oatmeal box drum with affection. 🙂

  2. That’s good news and they all look so happy. Apparently it will be 30º C in London today – very unusual for mid September!

  3. I have never thought of toys for pigs – but what a great idea for stimulation and fun. Deer love water. I caught both Emma and Ronnie deer hoofing in their water barrel, which was awkward and probably a danger to those springy legs. So… yesterday Forrest came home with a 50 gallon sheep waterer which is long and shallow. It’s tough poly stock tank with rounded edges. What a hit! Now they can hoof it up and splash. You know Daisy is five years old now and I still catch her hoofing around in rain puddles. We’re never too old to play!

  4. I just love the pigs and all the pig stories. They are amazingly intelligent animals. Or so it seems. I like to think of them that way, anyway.

  5. Hope the sleeper manages to escape before being rolled away 🙂 Egoli is Zulu but it is universally understood in all 12 of our official languages. Laura

  6. So happy the piggies are feeling better. That must be a huge relief for all of you. Love the “toys” that they get to play with. What a fun place to grow up. 🙂

  7. What a great playground you’ve made for your piggies, great and small. Even the Grand Duchess Sheila has a food bowl to play with! I’m delighted to report that TSpring tell me our Lurch T-shirt is in production. The Husband is looking forward to modelling it 🙂

  8. You know I love it when you highlight the piggies – for obvious reasons – snorts and oinks. We are definitely a creative anipal breed and will play with mostly everything. My favorite toy at the moment is daddy – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  9. Gosh, those piglets must be pretty strong to nose a bowling ball around. I think it’s the expressions on their faces that “get” me. So, so cute. Happy to know Sheila is standing about and herself happy too!

  10. The third one from the left in the top picture has bat ears! I did a double take when I looked at it. Great indestructible toys for them. The occasional egg is an excellent friend maker says Sheila.

  11. My mini donk, Winston’s favorite toy is a orange traffic cone, he’ll drag that around and around. Percy will often seek me out, chat for a while and then turn and walk away. I’d really like to know if he’s reading me out or registering a complaint or it’d be nice if he was complimenting me on my well run animal yard!

  12. I imagine it’s quite enjoyable to watch piglet entertainment. I had a bunny that loved doing that with a beach ball.

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