One Image Thrice

It is Sunday. So I am really not here at all but wanted to share this one very quickly with you.

Poppy and her piglets are ranging far and wide.  She just wanders about and they tumble after her like kittens. sow and piglets

sow and piglets

sow and piglets

There is a video of Poppy and her babies wandering about in Instagram if you are so inclined.

Good morning.

Have a lovely day



15 Comments on “One Image Thrice

  1. About the only time I wish I was on Instagram!
    She’s like some fabulous great ocean liner steaming into harbour, surrounded by tiny tugs!

  2. I sent your video to my pig-loving friends and it got rave reviews. One wrote back that she’d been watching and rewatching it for a full 15 minutes! Poppy’s sudden appearance at the end was a real crowd pleaser.
    Hope the new buyer is true to his word. Fingers crossed…

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