Sheila the Thief

Sheila my Big Fat Pig is being VERY NAUGHTY.

I could not work out why the calves were spending so much time out of their nice big shelter in the Rat House, so this afternoon I went in to see what was going on.

I pushed through the mob to see what had caught their attention. Sheila has taken over their very large pen. She has her own shed in the corner of the field but she has decamped to the calf house. And not only has she set up housekeeping in the back corner of their house but she has stolen their beds, she has shifted every scrap of straw from the calves floor to her corner and created the biggest pig bed known to mankind.

It is like a top bunk but with the bottom bunk filled with straw. If she were the princess she would not feel the pea.

Merciful heavens – That Pig.

So, because she had stolen all the straw off the floor of the calves shelter leaving them to sleep on wood chips, I took out another bale of straw to the calf shed to make beds for the calves.  My poor little black and white herd followed me and the bale of straw into the Rat House, they looked so hopeful  as I broke the bale and laid it out making them a warm space far from Sheilas Queen sized double bunk bed.

But oh no – up this enormous pig rose from her bed and tottered over saying thank you very much Miss C it looks like it is going to get colder and these young things don’t need all this bedding,  and as fast as I could spread it out she was grabbing big mouthfuls and carrying them up onto the top of her bed placing the bedding strategically as though filling cracks in a wall.

The little cows just shuffled their feet, disconsolate, bewildered, completely out of their depth.  Minions in Sheila’s little kingdom.

I will have to take more straw out there today.

That PIG.

Boo put all four feet on the ground when he was walking with me to the barn today.  A definite improvement.  But we are still taking it Slow, Slow.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS Don’t tell Sheila I told you but some of the red hair on her back is turning white. I never knew that could happen to a pig.

43 Comments on “Sheila the Thief

  1. Grey haired old Lady’s can still be cunning 🙂 This doesn’t sound like it bodes well for your weather if Queen Sheila is building such a deep bed. Laura

  2. Oh my, that Sheila doesn’t miss a trick! Poor calves. I guess serious middle age is catching up with her. We certainly won’t mention it to her!

  3. [D] Delightful, Celi, absolutely delightful. We too have a princess. Princess Pickle is – since the demise of Molly – top cat of the four, and my doesn’t she make the others know. She can tell the variety of pea and it’s hardness through fourty layers!

  4. [J] Love your winter photos. We’re currently basking in a winter heat-wave roaring up from the Azores, with outdoor temperatures of 12 degC at 6am, now 15degC (mid-day). Unfortunately the wind needs some strength to get here and still be that warm, and it’s brought half the Atlantic Ocean with it! But back to cold tomorrow, but still no snow for us.

  5. Maybe Princess Sheila knows something we don’t about the upcoming winter! So funny! You can’t exactly scold her, can you?

  6. That is “wisdom” hair, and Sheila didn’t get to be Queen without throwing a little weight around the farm. Those images are beautiful. The Canadian air arrived here Monday. We expect the rush of Arctic air this afternoon. I’m dreading it. I will be at the Ag store this morning getting straw bales to scatter for deer and chicken bedding.

  7. That Pig! She provably feels she should be accommodated in style to match her size. A queen-sized pig requires queen-sized bedding, don’t you know? And that hair’s not white, she simply has natural highlights.

  8. Just when we were happily celebrating how well Sheila and the little cows were getting along so splendidly together, Sheila begins turning into the Mob Boss!
    Hmmmmm……I’m afraid to even guess what her next antics will be!!! 🙂

  9. That is funny! She certainly thinks she is entitled to it all! Naughty.
    Maybe someone should tell her that greed is a mortal sin😃

  10. naughty Sheila..that's not fair. what will you do? Follow the next exciting episode.. of Sheila Thief Extrodinaire Going grey darling girl .you can get stuff from pharmacy that will put it back to red

  11. Ah- Sheila the weather harbinger. -4 on my front porch this morning. Not unheard of, but still quite chilly this time of year even for Montana.

  12. Beautiful picture of the light and encroaching darkness behind the tree. Sheila is definitely audacious! I hope you can give the mob a pep talk about sharing. Although I’m sure Sheila won’t read the memo! Glad to hear of a bit of progress for Boo. Have a peaceful day.

  13. Oh dear, those poor calves. Doesn’t surprise me a bit about Sheila tho. She may need her own entrance to the rat house with some barriers, if possible. Yay for Boo!

  14. hummm poor little calves- and NAUGHTY NAUGHTY SHEILA….I’d be somehow moooooving her! Have a lovely day and thanks for the morning giggle! That Sheila!

  15. Oh that was a great morning chuckle! I can just see the expressions on the poor calves faces. And yours as you tried to get THEM some straw! Ha!

  16. I have not been by to comment for a while and I must say I am sorry. I do read your posts almost daily and still enjoy them as much as the first time. Your photos are always inspiring and cozy even in the winter! Happy December to you and yours.

  17. Poor calves, they’re just outclassed. Sheila is sure a character. “I’ll take all the straw, Miss C. Thank you, so very much. Don’t mind those calves, they really don’t need any straw, you know.” Going gray, well, that’s got to be because she’s such a wise girl. Never a dull moment.
    Smoky is fine, no more swelling. He just slept plastered against the baseboard radiator and that seemed to take care of it. He had fun trying to hide the poop when the spouse walked him too. Not the best surprise after the snow melts. Silly dog. I’m glad to hear that Boo put weight on his sore knee, you’re right to keep him quiet and let that joint rest and heal.

  18. Very relieved Boo’s using his leg a bit. Slowly. Slowly! As you say. Sheila: Pig Extraordinaire. I think we’d all love a shot of her bunk bed–or at least the shot of her with a mouthful of stolen goods. How does she climb into it?

    • What she does is make a huge pile then walks into it and her body creates an open tunnel. She is heavy so the tunnel goes right to the ground with high walls. No drafts. Happy pig!

  19. That Sheila’s a meteorologist! Cold weather is on its way with snow coming Saturday to Sunday. It looks like you folks may get around 2 – 3 inches and that we may get anywhere from 5 – 9 inches of the white stuff. Good to read Boo is doing better. Cannot imagine what it must be like to work around the farmy without him at your side. I hope he continues to improve. Have a good night and warm tomorrow. 🙂

  20. Powers Above must have whispered into Sheila’s ear that, as far as the farmy goes, she is absolutely and utterly invincible: how does one ‘punish’ this ‘naughty gal’ as she lords her seniority amongst all the latecomers? [You can hear my laughter right across the Pacific, I bet!]

  21. Nothing that Sheila does surprises me any more! It’s funny, just before I came here, I was reading an article about scientists who reckon they can tell whether a pig is an optimist or a pessimist. I wonder what Sheila would be – an optimist taking advantage of extra hay, or a pessimist preparing for a cold winter? 🙂

  22. I remember some of the photos you have posted of Sheila’s bed making. I am always so amazed. Does this mean no hut for the winter for her? So nice to hear that Boo is doing better.

  23. Sheila obviously knows that age and cunning will beat out youth and strength every time!

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