Oh No – Not Dreary!

John looked at this picture over my shoulder last night and said, you are not showing them that dreary photo are you?  dsc_0313

I said,  when it is dreary the blog shows dreary.

He is appalled.

But if we don’t see the dreary side how can we possibly appreciate the sparkling side.

I think there is a lot of dreary ahead. dsc_0315

Things run in peaks and valleys, we are all constantly evolving – this is right and proper. The peaks may be few but the slide down to the valleys and the slog back up to the peaks again are the meat and potatoes of life. The ordinary stuff.  I feel mired in the dreariest of ordinary stuff lately. I feel that the blog also has reached a plateau, it is just ticking over. Nothing new.

Yesterday I spluttered through my day; I could not find my rhythm. Faltering. The cold wind sandblasted my face until my cheeks were as rosy  as that caricature of a Dutch girl.  It was not too cold, my hands and feet did not hurt or anything so I could still work a day outside, but it blew and blew and snow blew with it, not landing anywhere just blowing past. I felt a white noise annoyance with everything.  Out of kilter.  Boo was limping again. Tane was not good. I carried buckets and buckets of warm water. The barn smelt wrong. Lady did not milk out properly. A window fell into the barn with the wind and smashed. My head ached. peacock

If I had a television I would have laid on the couch and watched it. So instead I went about the barn plugging the last of the holes with straw, the piglets following me about, chewing on my boots and shredding the hem of the clown suit. This is an old barn, made with old untreated timber there are a lot of holes. The mindless work kept me out of trouble and out of the wind.

Some days are dreary, some days sparkle. Some days I stream through the day like a well oiled machine. other days I lurch from one thing to the next and everything feels wrong. And I cannot think of one decent thing to write.

Not all days are good days. pigs and birds

Today I get a second chance. Even the weather is almost exactly the same as yesterday. Same high, same low, same clouds. But less wind.

I hope you and I BOTH can find loveliness today.

Love celi

Oh and thank you for the other day and all the movies. I will make them into a list and I bet there will be some that all of us have not seen!  And then we will find one to watch on Christmas afternoon in the mountains. Thank you. You came to my rescue again. c


55 Comments on “Oh No – Not Dreary!

  1. Movies! I can tell I’m falling behind in my reading. Maybe I can catch up this weekend! Happy weekend to all!

  2. The weather at this time of year never helps, but it’s soon forgotten when the sun starts to shine and the wind drops.
    We are looking forward to checking all the films that were recommended to you, some classics and some new.

  3. John would be right if it were an advertising campaign for the farmy, but on a blog about daily life it’s reality. I hope today is better 🙂

  4. As the shirt says – Better to lurch forward . . . less wind will make it feel warmer so I am good with that!

  5. I love your posts, look forward to them every morning with my coffee. I don’t see dreary in the photo, just a wintry day on a midwestern farm. Growing up in the midwest, it looks like home to me. Some days I am busy all day and feel like I accomplished so so much and on other days I wonder where I spent my time? Heres to a better day today!

  6. As you rightly said, to fully appreciate the highs we need to experience the lows. So is life and as long as we strive to have as many highs as possible, we are doing well. Have a great weekend.

  7. I realize what a special place this is to come because it is the reality of your life and we (the Fellowship) all accept and respect it. Even if some have never lived rural life or a working farm scenario, you help us see the real every day life. We respect that way of life. And we understand that in life there are ups and downs and know that without the experience of either or both, we couldn’t appreciate the whole. I love reading it all. I relate to it all. And I love the way you express yourself. I see and feel where you are – even without the photos!

  8. I can only speak for myself, but I think secretly everyone else will agree with me. Your posts are NEVER DULL AND DREARY, NEVER. What we read about is your life on your farm, and so there are up and down days when not everything goes right..and other days when everything is wrong. But we read , we digest and we post out comments.

    Maybe you do not comprehend just how many people look forward to seeing your post drop in to the letter box. .It makes my day!  I don,t like reading bad news. I dont like it when the chooks go to the abbatoire, or the piggies, or the heffers are sold..but this is what farming is all about. I don,t like it when Boo is not totally able to do his job..but that is life…its the way things happen and none of us can ever be certain about the future…but one thing I will say again..you are NEVER DULL OR DREARY…oh and one other thing…..we all love you dearly


    Sent: Friday, December 09, 2016 at 1:56 PM

  9. oh and I have not received my Lurchy T shirt…..  

    Sent: Friday, December 09, 2016 at 1:56 PM

  10. Some days are just ‘eh. My day yesterday was what I call a Pinball day – and I was the ball. I was batted over to this problem, then that problem, and then again to another problem. Everything I touched was a problematic and I couldn’t fix any of them unassisted. Of the 12 issues – we still have 2 to resolve today. But – hey – in IT – these are job security. I just would like less of them all at one time!

    Maybe we both need a short trip….

  11. The wind just beats you to death this time of the year. It’s amazing how hard it is on people…and animals…and how much nicer your animals have it than many, even when you feel like you are just slogging through. Big differences.

  12. Never thought of the Farmy as dreary, never. Sitting here sweating in 34C degree heat your cool snowy pictures are wonderful. Laura

  13. It makes you more human when sharing the less sunny side, and by that I mean more interesting for your fellow humans to read about. Like you said, how would we appreciate the sunny sparkling days, if we never had the dreary ones ? Thank you for a great post!

  14. hahaha — dreary? Patrecia is correct and I’m part of that rule; I look forward to the first thing I do each morning when I fire up this old beast, and when I don’t see your post on the few days you miss now and then there is something wrong with that day… seriously, am not joking or over-stating. Some days have me LaughingOutLoud, other days leave me feeling somewhat sad, still others pensive — and when you have not much of anything to say there are always the fabulous photos to pore over… and, yes, even the ‘dreary’ ones are beautiful in their own way for their own reasons. The hills and valleys are all part of the journey… all part of YOUR journey, and we thank you for inviting us in… every day. Best wishes for a little bit of loveliness today! I’ve found mine here, thank you ~ Mame 🙂

  15. There are valleys and there are mountains in everyday life. It’s the challenge of each day we have to get through. If everyday was the same, we wouldn’t be living. Hogs and snout kisses to a better one today sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

  16. I haven’t commented in so long I’m sorry about that. Dreary days seem worse when I can’t get outside but it’s still okay to have them. It feels like I get a rest when they come along. I can catch up on things I want to finish or start things I want to create so I like that. I also like to cook ahead for the week so when i’m lazy or busy I have dinners ready and can have a meal really fast. I love starting my day here because even if there’s only a few pictures of animals it makes me feel good. I think you are lucky to have your farm and all those animal friends and we are lucky to get to watch. 🙂 Thank You

  17. It’s not dreary just because it shows winter and the weather. It’s just what IS. And I don’t think the blog is ticking over and not showing anything new. You show something new all the time, you give us new thoughts and ideas, new life and new points of view. We’re not little kids, who need novelty and bright colours and the flicker of a screen to stay entertained and interested. We love the movie that is Farmy life in black and white as well as colour.
    You were just having a bumpy day, one where the road did not rise up to meet you, but put ruts and potholes in your way. And yes, if I were Boo, I’d be limping in that weather too.

  18. Not dreary at all! Every photo told me a delightful little story.
    The first was “Photo Bomb” – the young tree in the foreground posing quite seriously for a picture, standing up straight, while in the background two older trees have a laugh, waving their arms around and bending to get in the pic. The second spoke to me of “Winter Wear” – looking like you just asked the beautifully combed chook, “How *do* you stay warm in this weather?” and she lifted up her skirt to show you her soft and warm feather panties. The third was about “The Reason for Royal” – about that intensely beautiful blue against the dull gold straw – it’s no wonder it’s named royal blue, especially when accented by such a regal pose. And the last i saw as “The Three Ps”, in which the similarity of the size, shape, and actions of the piggie and peahens made for an amusing comparison.
    Thank you for the not-at-all-dreary morning greeting : )

  19. oh dear- I never view your farmy as dreary….but reading your post- you did have a rather challenging day- I hope this day goes better and that Boo and Tane are better also.

  20. I find that the dreary New England winters get to me now – but never did when I was a child because I was too busy playing and enjoying life. And, guess what, as I wrote that I just realized…. you have, pretty much, no ‘play time’. You do when you travel and you enjoy yourself immensely. But, day to day, you work very hard.
    And never think your wonderful blog is getting stale. I know it has to be hard to write each and every day… but all your friends here at the Lounge consider reading what’s been going on with you as a wonderful visit with a good friend – even when it’s dreary. ; o )

  21. Portland, Oregon shuts down when it’s dreary and icy. My daughter has had to work from home since yesterday as the roads are frozen over. If you were not challenged by the dreary nature of the day, I would wonder about your mental state. For some reason, this year has been especially challenging as winter has set in. Feel like I’m slogging through and I’ve heard from others that I’m not alone. More this winter than ever. I don’t think we are looking for someone to make it all better but to commiserate with someone who has the same human struggles we do. You don’t put a “spin” on things. You tell the truth of life. I applaud you and look forward to coming here every day. Stay warm and safe. This too shall pass.

  22. I had one of those days three days ago. I’m always glad when that day ends and new day begins. Sleep stops the rally!


  23. I love love love these super bird shots! – Have a lovely day, Celi, for me it’s nearly bed time… 😉

  24. Feather panties! I love it! Your Fellowship also have a way with words!!

  25. I usually find the days that lack sparkle and when nothing seems quite right are harbingers of change. I recently went through a period like this, and I wondered if there would be change to follow, and sure enough, it did. But yes, we need dreary to contrast the sparkle. xx

  26. It’s winter. Days are dreary, the land rests, the plants sleep, the animals go about their daily routines and hunker down in the cold. I can’t say that there is anything appalling about showing photos of how things really are, there is quiet beauty in those trees, the rich fields with their dusting of snow, getting ready to pull up the snow blankets for a good winter sleep. It’s the kind of day where being quiet is easy, thoughts introspective and fewer distractions. I don’t think you’ve hit a plateau, it’s just the beginning of winter, it circumscribes us with the cold, gray days, the snow, the quiet. I want to hibernate. Just wait, there will be a day of briliant sunshine on crisp, new fallen snow and blue skys, the gray days are just preparation.

  27. Ehamama speaking: will you kindly tell your beloved that I have just ‘pinched’ his so-called ‘dreary’ photo as my current computer backdrop and it is cooling me and making me smile and not think of the 34-37 C temperatures and gales and bushfire risk all next week! Would give anything to be in that peaceful atmosphere at the moment. And how would any of us recognize ‘sparkly’ if some days were not quiet and dullish . . . . the farmy is not ‘dreary’, it IS ‘comfortable’ and that is why we are there . . . .

  28. I think you can definitely find beauty in dreariness. 🙂 We had our first really cold day yesterday along with our second snow of the season so we bundles up and went looking at all the Christmas lights….it was slightly ruined by the fact that we got caught in the middle of a shooting and a bullet hit my radiator resulting in a tow, car in the shop and cutting our tour half way through, but I am happy to be alive and that there wasn’t more damage to my car. And as soon as I get my car back we will finish our christmas lights tour. 🙂

      • Well I live in Parma, Ohio which is a suburb of Cleveland…good neighborhood and all, but we were driving from University Circle to Downtown Cleveland and the inbetween isn’t the greatest area. :-/

        Thanks! I am, too! And I had my dog with me so I’m happy he is ok!

  29. It has been very much the same here for the past few days (i.e., Dreary+). And while unusual for me, my response has been quite similar to yours: “Some days I stream through the day like a well oiled machine. other days I lurch from one thing to the next and everything feels wrong.” So…if you find a solution to that, please let me know! Meantime I’ll continue watching episodes of MidSomer Murders… ;-(

  30. Nor does the ‘dreary’ photo resonate as such with me. Many of us are viewing from disparate distance places… To me the photo looks like a window onto an entirely different world. Plateau also never occurred to me… I see the Farmy and what you undertake as a story we can follow along and be inspired to do our own exercises at home. I’m still feeling somewhat Me Time poor but I manage to check in every day.

  31. You have a strong following and we love to ramble with you around the farm. I didn’t think your first picture dreary. Skiff of snow on naked trees! There’s a novel in there somewhere. I feel informed and entertained as you share your day with your pictures and blog. Thank you.

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