A Touch of Ice …

… is enough. A touch of ice is enough to scare this girl who grew up on a new Zealand beach.

My new truck with four wheel drive has saved my bacon twice in the last two days.   Though I do not start her up often – this vehicle uses a lot of petroleum which is a resource I try not to abuse, (and I believe limiting the pollution released into the atmosphere is a personal responsibility), when the conditions are icy and snowy and dangerous having a big heavy four wheel drive vehicle of my own has enabled me to be independent in the winter.

The cooking oil car does not start in the cold and slides like a skateboard across ice.  So the truck is already proving itself to be a good investment in safety.



Now that the real cold is here, we are always aware of slipping on ice. Our footsteps literally change from confident summer strides to short picky movements keeping the center of our bodily gravity directly above our feet. Our heads are dow like beach combers watching the ground for the hidden patches of ice. As we milk the cows any spilt milk or water begins to solidify within seconds and is slick within a minute. I could not sweep and clean the floors last night. They were already frozen solid. I had to scrape them with a shovel and call it good.

The steps, the pathways, the drive – all have a coating of ice so far. Last year I remember we had very little ice, I never even cleaned off the sprig boots.

Every winter is different.

Our visiting cat returned at exactly the same time in exactly the same place at milking time last night. So I fed him. Seems fair. Maybe he is Author – you never know. Stranger things have happened at sea.



It is 9F/-12C right now. Today we have a high of 23F/-5C, dropping to a low of 3F/-16C with wind (though I am not reporting the windchill temperatures – I find them so depressing). This weekend the weather is going to get even colder – very cold actually (forecasting a low of -10F/-23) – not fun for farm animals or their handlers.  However it is only for a few days then we rise back into the 20’s.

Then the sunny weather we are having today will start to feel good!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



60 Comments on “A Touch of Ice …

  1. I think a farmer deserves a truck, especially in this weather. It would be funny if i was Author returned – if only he could talk. Is he friendly? Those piglets look very happy in their round house 🙂

  2. GAH!!! Awful weather right now all over the nation, but I will not complain down here in the South. We go from 72F on Friday to snow and arctic wind, temperatures in the low teens with wind chills below zero. BRR!! I can’t even imagine what you northerners willl be dealing with! Keep warm and safe, dear C!

      • The wind is hardest on animals. I worry about the ice mostly (for you). I am thankful we are only getting snow. Ice is always a game changer and not pleasant! We get it a lot here but thankfully it usually melts quickly. Snow doesn’t stick around long either.

  3. Yeah, we’re in for it, all right. One of our more respected weather forecasters several years ago — before the Polar Vortex — described a weather pattern where it’s awful in December but January brings kinder weather that remains for the rest of winter. I’ll be thinking of him over the next few says, hoping this is a textbook example of the weather pattern he described. I’ll be going out for more rock salt later this morning just in case it’s not. Good luck today, Celi.

  4. Get those crampons on your boots asap. Just love the barrel of piggies. Laura

  5. I can’t tell if the Visitor Cat has Author’s pale eyes… His coat is darker, and of course he’s much chunkier, but that could be his age. I have my fingers crossed that you stay safely vertical – be careful on the ice so close to your trip, Miss C. You don’t need to add a plaster cast to your luggage weight allowance!

  6. I love a striped brindle kitty almost as much as the orange ones. Love the rooster looking over into the pail too…. So is that a glimpse of the elusive Our John?

    So want to hear about crazy weather – Friday & Saturday we will be in the mid to upper 70’s – and then Sunday the high will be 33. Hubby says it is Mother Nature having a Hot Flash. Which I concur – when I have them it feels like my temp has jumped about 40 degrees!

  7. I hate ice too. I think the more you think of slipping the more likely it happens. But I walk very gingerly, at least that way you can feel if your about to slip. Hopefully ! Go carefully.

  8. Love your center of gravity tip when walking. I seem to have developed a fear of falling this season.

  9. We’re at -30 C this morning….. I think the animals deal with it better than we do – well except for the hubby who thinks this is just the best weather 🙄.

  10. sometimes it is necessary to use items that we do not always agree with but in times like this it is vital to your survival. Please take extra care deat Celi..no broken legs or even worse…our love will keep you warm and safe  

    Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 2:25 PM

  11. A 4 wheel drive truck is essential for every working farm. I have a 4 wheel drive suburban left over from my days on the mountain with deep snow that I’m hoping works well today. We are getting rain and snow mixed and below freezing temps. Nothing like yours though. My drive to the airport tonight should be interesting. If even possible. I am still trying to figure out what Swedish sprig boots are?

  12. Well if it is Author or not, he’s come to the right place! Ice is plain treacherous.

  13. I wear YakTrax for the snow and ice. I cannot afford to slip so I wear them on all my outside shoes. they are not expensive but they will stop you from having a bad fall. consider buying a pair or two.

  14. Well, the older photo of Author reveals a kitty with more muted tones in her colouring and not so distinctive markings as this new kitty that seems to have taken up residence in the barn… would age do that?
    Cold here too, similar to your temps, and that snow we had on the weekend has all turned to ice as well. Winter really has become our reality for the next few months… but always with the promise of a spring to follow. So nice to see all your sun. Hope you’re staying safe and warm! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Mame, I have 2 tabbies and their colouring has changed a lot since they were babies, going from pale -ish to gingery, and now one is almost black under her stripes and the other is a dark brown, much like “possible-Author”. So….maybe?

  15. John is on the page! Those piglets are so cute, so alert and healthy looking as they snuggle together to keep warm. I hope Sheila is still letting the calves sleep next to her for warmth, especially now. That truck is a beauty. Stay warm and upright.

  16. If you could take the truck into a large open area and practice handling it on icy spots, would that help your confidence? I hope everyone keeps warm and safe.

  17. A Piggie’s nest – so nice they are watching out of their comfortable beds. A nice Kindergarten you have built for them…

  18. Based on the color pattern on the face (compared the linked photo of Author with the one yesterday), I’d say it’s pretty likely it is indeed Author back from wherever he went. The pattern of color is even in the skin of felines, big and small, and is like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike.
    We’re pretty much stuck. Can’t get up or down the steep, Ice-coated alley or driveway. The snow was wet and then it froze. Walking Smoky is an interesting business, can’t really go off the driveway and that’s miserable walking. So glad he’ll poop in the scoop. He doesn’t like the icy footing either, his paw get cold fast. After the last two winters with only space heaters having lovely hot water radiant heat is delightful. Smoky sleeps against the baseboard radiators. Stay warm.

  19. Being a rather methodical creature I click on the computer for the morning’s work and first check the Sydney Bureau of Met and then the TV offerings for the evening to come and then world news [thank you , Mr Trump, we well and truly have had enough of your inanities even before your ‘Inauguration’ !!] . . . well, for the last few years there IS an interim stop at the Weather Bureau in Chicago! And I like not what I see . . . and I SO try to remember what this kind of conditions felt like as a child: with a warm room to enter after the outside nearly bit one’s nose off! All I remember is that my poor mother must have spent a fortune on woolly pantyhose as my knees were forever bleeding and huge holes appearing in said hose from all the very many slippery slides and falls on that ice!!! Do take care!!!!!!

  20. Windchill advisory here too, I don’t want to know thank you very much! I mean, cold is cold. Should warm to the 20’s on Friday but more snow – maybe a whole bunch – then frigid on Sunday & Monday. It’s only December………

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