Intro-Ducing Two New Pages

Recently as I waft about the internet I have come across many references to the decline of the blog as we know it. Many people who started out at the same time as thekitchensgarden have disappeared off the blog map. Many are disillusioned and wanting to be involved still but batteries are running low. Many feel they are sending out messages in bottles. Some of you have even commented on this in your blogs.cows and pigs

But I still do not believe that the age of the blog is done. But maybe blogs need to change. Maybe there needs to be more of the US and less of the ME.pigs and cows

True, the real monetised blog is a very rare thing now and those who do make money from their blogs work a full time week to ensure they make money from it. But reading good blogs still has its place and , more than that, the conversations that result in the comments sections of blogs are pretty important too. In fact I think that this dialogue is critical.  This is the US bit. dsc_0253

So I am proposing two new pages to this blog. The Library page and Our Cottage Industries page.

(Of course my daily farm page will not change. And nor will it be affected by the new pages. After all I write the farm page – you will be writing in the new pages).

The Fellowship (you – my readers), The Fellowship of the Farmy, have blended yourself into a network of sorts. We have one important page already the Join Us page where we introduce ourselves to the other readers.  Many of you comment and even more just read and sometimes you even answer each others comments. I want to take this a step further. I want to set up these two new pages where the comments are the reason for the pages to exist. I want to give you two new pages where the comments ARE the blog.pigs

I want to extend our network  and take one area of this blog world in a new direction with new challenges and really build on our relationships – create new networks in a very modern sense, let’s jump on and  see where this vehicle takes us.  The two new pages are all about you. Not me.  I will only be the hostess.

The two new pages can be found under  MENU  – see above.dsc_0248

The first page will be Our Cottage Industry page. So we can really focus on supporting small home industries. Your industry. Many of you work from home, many of you sell on the internet, or in markets, many small businesses are women led and I for one really want to support these initiatives. So, go into the comments of the Cottage Industry page and tell us what you have for sale. Come on – we want to know!

This may be a small page but I bet you it will be an inspiring one.

Do you make soap or jewellery or chicken houses?  Are you an artist,  do you knit hats,  sew aprons or ballgowns, sell antiques, do you have an etsy shop or a webpage to promote your wares.  Do you have a CSA, sell eggs or pasture raised pork or vegetables. OK. Leave your link and a wee description in the comments on the Cottage Industry page. And where you are based – you do not need to be specific but if you are weaving rugs in Turkey, quilts in Australia, or making soap in Missouri, or pottery jugs in Chicago, or wedding photography in Wellington, you just never know who might get in touch or be just down the road.

What a wonderful thing it would be if we were searching for that perfect birthday present and were able to buy it from one of The Fellowship and support our own people. We are going Personal. Forget Global we are that already, Global is so Tuesday anyway, we can’t get more global, now we are going Personal. Think small, lift each other up and think of how we can support each other and promote each other and enrich each others lives in the process. Let’s work together.

If you think Big Business is taking up too much room let’s find all the Little Local Businesses with integrity and quality and show them to each other.


The second new page will be The Library.

If you read a book and love it: jot down the title and author and genre in the comments of this new page.

If you have written a book and want to tell us about it – write about it in the comments of this page.

I will find all our previous book lists  and add the links to this page too. Now we start afresh and our 2017 list will be current and growing as we read and write. No need for a cattle call of books – we can check the page anytime we like.

We have a very strong community of readers right here. Many bright clever people. You belong. I hear from many of you. Many of you have good strong voices. Use them. We have a wealth of talent in our own little village. Let’s share our strengths and use this blog as a spiders web of real connections.

And yes – I AM THE SPIDER!! ha ha ha ha. No not really – more of a squirrel.

Anyway – what do you think? Can we pull it off?

Can you and I make a change in the blog world and build from the networks we have already begun constructing. Shine a light on the readers – the most important members of this blog.

Have a lovely day.

Love c



112 Comments on “Intro-Ducing Two New Pages

      • I think we did! I am running at a lower speed right now but absolutely love all that blogging brings to my life. Bith writing and reading and have made some wonderful friends some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet! Blogging certainly has bought something very positive into my life.

  1. I think a lot of people started blogging because it was a new thing (now it is not) and when one writes a blog, there might be a burst of energy to start with, which probably slows down as one’s focus narrows. However, there’s never a dull moment on the farmy and your entertaining writing style along with the animal adventures keep us hooked 😉

    • Yes i think the narrowing focus is what gets us. However I also think it is important to allow our own selves to be where we need to be blog-wise and not succumb to the pressure to get bigger and monetise and things like that. I like the idea of the readers of the farmy begin able to settle into the blog even more, without that endless pressure to get more readers just find out more about these good and true readers. You have been with me since the beginning – so you will have seen all the changes. c

      • I think people need to go with the flow and write about what suits them and not feel self pressured into posting two or three things a week – that’s where most run out of steam. In that respect your ever changing landscape keeps you going …not to mention your almost boundless energy 🙂

  2. Hey, that’s a fabulous idea. The reason I blog is to do something artistic every day because it’s cheaper than a shrink! Lol. So I wasn’t too concerned that viewing stats are dropping and blogging isn’t what it used to be etc, but it would be fabulous to connect with everyone and find out what everyone does. Thru you Celi and thru the lounge I’ve met some wonderful friends who I treasure as much as I treasure you. I’m into pages. Oh yes.

  3. Thank you. I love your daily blog, and I’m sure I will enjoy these extensions of it.
    For some time now, I wondered if it was just my blog that was down in readership, then, noticed blogs I read closing or just sporadic writing. I think that FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and such have fed into the instant gratification of today’s world, but, I still think there is a place for good writing, fellowship, ponderings, etc. Onward . . .

    • Yes, I think our reader numbers have consolidated in a way. Time to embrace that I think . Though I do wonder – if people are not reading blogs anymore then what are those people reading – news? FB and twitter have been around for years – is Instagram becoming bigger? I like Instagram as an instant arm of the blog – I see them working together not instead of. It is an interesting study but the blog world has to change with the times I think and as I have nothing to sell I would love people to use my blog to promote themselves and to exchange more ideas and in fact to LEAD. Readers need to be able to make more choices on my blog I think. We are going organic on this thought – who knows where it will lead.. c

  4. I agree that a lot of blogs are extremely self-centered and thus become uninteresting after a while. You’ve got to have something to say – musing about your feelings will not do the trick. But there are lots of great blogs out there – and I don’t think those will die off, because they allow people to get in contact with others they’d never have met otherwise. And virtually experience other cultures and get support for the things they do. Personally, I have really become inspired as an artist, and, since I’m self-taught, improved from being in contact with others better than myself who have been incredibly generous about sharing tips and feedback.
    I think your idea about the extra pages is brilliant. Let’s see how they work out. 💕

  5. I hope never to have to do without blogs, either mine or anyone else’s. My circle of friends, interests, and skills has grown and matured since I began. I live fairly isolated from friends and my own family, and I take comfort and companionship away from my interactions with my blogging friends. It’s true, the networks are one of the most important things we can achieve with our blogging. It’s what community’s about.

      • Yes, I’ve done commissions in the past. The cost of fabric is quite high in Australia though, so I can’t make them as cheap as most people think they should be! Sadly I can’t compete with Chinese labour, and on top of the fabric, I do need to charge something for my time even if it’s never a realistic representation of how long it actually takes. But if any Farmy member Down Under wants a quilt, can’t make it themselves, and wants to get in touch, I’ll be happy to talk to them about it. Sending a quilt overseas would just add ridiculously to the cost, so I think it’s probably not a good idea…

  6. I don’t think blogging is going away, but I have stopped reading many blogs because they are pushing things that they are getting paid for (I love recipe blogs and they tend to be big into this, although some not as badly as others). I started blogging myself as a personal journal so I could look back and see what was going on with our farm, and when nothing is going on, I don’t publish. And I love seeing what others are doing on their farms! Shared experiences are important to me, and I love being in contact with so many wonderful folks around the world who are doing similar things.

    • Yes a journal of farming – this is how I see it too – so useful to be able to look up this day two three or fours years back and see what things were like.. c

  7. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, blogging has dwindled away. When I first started blogging, the intent was to keep my friends and family up-to-day on our adoption. That was 9 years ago. Now it simply chronicles our life and the journey we travel.

    I love the idea of adding pages for the community. Honestly, that is the big pull that many feel to Facebook – community. Yet somehow, the community you’ve managed to pull together here is so much better. So kudos to you to everyone who participates. We need more happy friendly communities working together in this world.

    • I think Twitter and Facebook have been around even longer than blogging – at least this was my impression – but maybe I am completely wrong – we need to create a time line of social media – maybe the girls can resarch this as a project I am not sure I would know where to begin.. c

      • The modern blog began in 1994. Facebook began in 2004. Twitter began in 2006. I do think having the girls do more research on social media, especially in today’s society, would be a great learning experience for all of us.

    • You have a very active comments section so I think you have LOTS of US and We in there. It amazes me the number of bloggers who do not reply to comments – On the summer I seldom get time to reply and I can see a blogger with heaps of comments not getting time to reply but if they only have one or two commenters it feels rude when there is no reply. In fact I ONLY comment on blogs who will talk back to me – I love dialogue.. You are very good at that.. c

  8. Great ideas and always enjoy visiting you and the farm daily. Lets give it a go. Grest to support small business and creative ideas. I haven’t blogged for awhile but am feeling that i will be jumping back in soon. Thanks for waking us up! Its a new year, time to try something different! Cheers!

    • Though it is also important not to feel pressured to blog – if it is not fun and fluid and easy then it is a waste of your time – better spent on other things.

  9. Love the new pages idea! How wonderful to have book references to find our next books, and to experience the creativeness of each other! xo

      • We do sell eggs to friends, and often some of our pork, but mainly we sustain ourselves on what we grow and raise. I have been getting into decorating the gourds we grow, which I really enjoy. Maybe I can include some of those on the cottage industry page? Di

          • Yes, gourds don’t last too long outside! But they can be turned into incredibly beautiful works of art…..almost like pottery, in a way (check out the beautiful gourd art on Pininterest if you get a chance). I used to throw and glaze pottery, and loved doing that. But setting up a pottery studio is quite spendy, and with the gourds I can grow them and create works of art. Right now they are gifts for friends and family, as they can be quite time consuming to create. Di

  10. I think these are GREAT ideas! As usual, you are being a force for good in a larger world than your own. I love that about you! Spreading the energy, the positivity, making things happen.

    As many people are commenting on why they do or do not blog, I’ll chime in. I too have gotten very frustrated with it, and you have nailed the reasons. I think that your advantage in blogging is that you write about your personal life and everyday happenings without exposing other people’s private matters. The engine that makes my days interesting involves the lives/problems/issues of my two teenage daughters and try as I might, I haven’t found the way to be open and honest about that stuff, in the sharing spirit, without simultaneously disrespecting their privacy. And privacy has won the day! Tima and the others don’t seem to mind much when they are front and center…so that gives you a lot to write about that’s very real, very ongoing, very engaging, VERY PERSONAL…but you’re not exploiting other people. It’s a lovely thing.

    I would like to return to the blog because like many of us, I enjoyed the creative part…but it felt ever more self-serving, and I really dislike blogs that seem to be about advertising one’s own life. Ick. I’m rambling. Sorry. Just such a hot, juicy topic! LOVE YOUR NEW IDEAS!!

    • It is a very good point though. Privacy is a very real issue and needs care. And you are right I have a great big cast of characters who love the camera and love to be talked about. c

  11. What a fun idea! I usually read this blog early, before many of the Fellowship has commented, then don’t necessarily come back to read later comments so I’m often curious about the folks who make up this community. It will be interesting to explore more about all your interests / hobbies / lives–almost like having another whole new blog to read. And book lists…I can never have too many book lists!
    My personal blog has had it’s ups and downs, but through it I have connected to a small group of virtual friends who support and brighten my life, and I hope that I do some of that for them as well.
    And by the way Miss C-that soap looks like vanilla fudge, ready for a little nibble 🙂

  12. great idea…..your observations are spot on and I look forward to seeing and reading everyone’s take on this new approach to blogging.
    I have had several blogs since 2006….. and this idea makes me think about how I can do things a bit differently! Thanks!

  13. I love how you keep reinventing yourself and taking us all along with you too. All your soap looks beautiful, the new pages are a great idea. Laura

  14. Love the new pages ideas! I will check them out regularly. I have begun a Google map where I can save locations of the bloggers I am in daily contact with. For me that was a sign that I’m thinking of these people as ‘more’ than a quick stop and look experience. I have enjoyed adding a landscape to my thoughts of their experiences. Perhaps a page with a link to a shared Google map would be interesting too. We could put our names and a picture of either us or our landscape to add another dimension to the appreciation of the Fellowship.

  15. Whatever it takes to keep you blogging and the Fellowship vital, I’m for it. Mostly I just read blogs and don’t take time to comment but I value yours so much – and I like to hear about YOU.


  16. I am so far behind reading since my trip up north! I think your new pages are excellent ideas. I am all about supporting each other, and buying local – supporting others who are like-minded, promoting a better way of life. I marvel at how you manage to put a daily post out. It’s inspiring to me, and whether I read your prose first thing in the morning or just before bedtime or a day or five later, it’s a feel good read that reaches the depths of my soul in some way. I tend to stick with bloggers who nourish me with thoughts, ideas, or simple considerations. I feel like a little sponge in this life… and I have connected with some wonderful people here. I come back every day to be involved in the Fellowship – to feel a part of a very special community.

    • The kitchensgarden readers really are a special bunch – and don’t worry about reading back or doing a catch up here – just jump straight back in – it is a slow moving soap opera – you can pop in once a week and still be up to date!! laughter! AHA I can hear Tima on the verandah knocking over all the buckets – the monster is out – this morning during chores she lifted her gate and pulled it off the hinges, it hung there on its hook and she walked straight under it – naughty pig

  17. I have long been unhappy reading a blog that is nothing but advertising. Sometimes it can take way too long to get through the meat of the blog because of the ads popping up here and there and everywhere. I like a nice clean, to the point, sorta blog.

    Excellent idea, Miss C.


  18. Great idea, I’ll have to add a comment in cottage industries, although it will be on behalf of my industrious better half who remains blog shy 🙂

  19. Wonderful idea, Celi. I find the blogs I follow from comments on blogs I’m already reading and now I find them everywhere I go. Katechiconi reads many of the same blogs I read and we crisscross paths with so many others. It is like an extended family. We all care about one another. The comments are like writing a small note to the person who has written the blog. I rarely post more than twice a month. I’m not that interesting and I don’t want to drive readers to boredom. I learn from each of you and that is what keeps me blogging. Connection and learning. I love my visits here even though i have no farm. You have a great deal of substance here. Something for everyone.

  20. this has inspired me to finally figure out how to leave a comment here. so…will type this in and see if it works?
    I know that reading your thoughts, seeing the photographs is huge inspiration for commitment to the animal
    beings we share Life with. I was linked to you by a blog friend in Australia about a year ago. These connections
    change our sense of Place on the planet, our sense of one~ness. They strengthen the Goodness.

  21. Will your soap-making be a cottage industry? Because I would really love to try the Ugly Soap! 🙂

    • You got through!! Yay! I never make enough soap to sell on much of a scale. Maybe I should think about it though. I would be happy to sell you a bar or two once it has cured though. c

      • Oh hooray! I actually commented on your soap post, because I was hoping…
        Thank you for doing whatever you did that got me admitted for comments again 🙂

  22. I’ve been writing my blog for ten years; I have seen many come and go. I will continue to do so long as I have a an itch to scratch about writing. I hope others feels that way as well, for I do like reading other people’s prose.

    • Ten years! That is great. I am a newbie! I think I am coming up for six years. Yes i think there will still be blogs – for me it is part of the routine in my day. I actually would be a sad person withOUT my blog – and the link it creates to the readers. c

  23. Nice ideas but I am not sure I agree with your central premise that the age of the blog is past. I have been posting every day since July, 2009 over on Learning from Dogs (apart from the odd power failure day) and find continued, and growing, interest in my scribblings.

    • Oh I did not mean to say the blog is over. I have heard many people saying that and was wondering out loud I think. I certainly do not feel Over! . How wonderful that you have been blogging since ’09 – that is a wonderful achievement. Learning from Dogs is a great blog. Did you list your book on the Library page? We have many dog lovers in the Fellowship. c

  24. I love your initiative, Celi. Monetizing and ‘growing’ a blog are the death knell to my thinking. People nearly always lose focus on the conversation they could have with their followers when they head in that direction. I also do not comment on blogs who do not reply to comments, in fact, it makes me wonder why they are there at all. Yes, Instagram is growing leaps and bounds with people who use it just as you do. I look forward to exploring our new pages 🙂

  25. Blogging is writing for most of us. It takes dedication to stick to the exercise. This is why some quit. I suppose there are few quitters among farmers. I think that people enjoy reading and discovering different lifestyles. The way we communicate has changed a while ago and is still evolving. By the way your idea Cottage and Library is very cool.

    • Evening Evelyne, You are right about it being an exercise that we stick to. I think some of the best writers are craftspeople, honing a craft, they sit down every day and write no matter what – they simply do it. Have a good one! c

  26. I love your ideas. Do you see the Cottage Industry page as just links for readers and the things they sell, or would you be happy for us to link other local, ethical or artsy suppliers we have found to be good? I don’t do any sort of Cottage Industry work myself, but I like to support those who do, so I have built up a bit of a network of local suppliers I buy from!

    • This is a good question. I am often needing to send things to my children in NZ which makes me think yes to your favourites because we do have quite a few NZ readers. As long as it is not too long a list, and you notify the vendors that you are adding them to the site I think it would be OK. I think they also need to have an internet presence for orders and deliveries to promote the internet village idea. What do you think?

  27. I entered the blogworld quite accidentally some six years ago. Knew almost immediately that working fulltime and living out-of-the-way rurally did not equate to my having my own blog. Cooking was my main interest: the only ‘original’ idea would have been to write posts on Baltic [birth-land] cuisine which I find boring and don’t use 🙂 !! Felt like a cuckoo in the nest for a long while but loved the opportunity to meet so many talented and interesting people all around the world. Life had curtailed much of my once every-day travel, this way I still felt connected. In the beginning I did not expect the greatest benefit I personally have found in the blogworld: that of making real, true and wonderful friends . . . something akin the ‘penfriends’ of my childhood, but with an exponential turn-around of news and ideas and the ability to share both happy occasions but even more so problems and troubles multiple times in any one ‘session’. I have noticed changes: they have not made me think differently. Yes, I have walked away from some beautiful people because of the monetizing aspect: I understand their needs to make a living, but the feelingworld of their sends changes to advertising – that sadly is already all around us. And I know so many bloggers who, I believe, are spreading themselves far too thin using each of the modes on social media – I love ‘spending time’ with them, but cannot and will not follow from one way of expression to another for half the day. And I almost wept yesterday when one of my very favourite and brilliant friends said she felt she had totally ‘lost her mojo’ – but then after writing a brilliant post each time she had always felt her task finished and, being a busy gal locally, had never come back to ‘talk’ to her visitors . . . no feedback and little growth – loss of interest. I do think your two ideas interesting and, being an avid reader, shall certainly contribute to that page later . . . . meanwhile, especially living Down Under out of time-sync with both N America and Europe, I DO hope ‘the blog’ is here to stay for a long time!

  28. Great idea with the Cottage Industry and Library pages. Looks like this is the year to get my website back up and open the store there, I was thinking about doing so last year but “things” happened.
    The Fellowship is the most wonderful group of people, the posts and comments make my day, every day. Having a place to share more will be marvelous and yes, we should support each other, the small business, the artists/craftspersons, the writers, photographers, etc.
    Bravo, Celi!!!!

  29. Lovely ideas, C. I am especially interested to see who might be selling what on the Cottage Industry page. 😀
    Very glad that you are not going away. Life would not be the same without hearing about what is happening on the farmy!

  30. I think it’s a great idea. I don’t travel much, so I really enjoy the insights of the commenters from all over the place. I also enjoy several blogs from different areas, mostly variations of farms and ranches. Frances, who blogs on my shetland says she blogs for herself and her daughters and if others enjoy it, so be it. (She has the pudgiest cutest little horses ever, many rescues.) I enjoy your blog maybe because we seem to be of like mind and perhaps if I were younger I’d be a little more aggressive in being self sustaining. I also enjoy seeing all the personalities of the critters. So many believe a cow is a cow or a pig is a pig when even the chickens have their own personalities. I really like the idea of the new pages. I try really hard to buy local and I’ll never live long enough to read all the books I’d like.

  31. Excellent idea here! You are such a good resource, C. I hope you keep writing, and inspiring others who like to read and write. Visiting is an important part of my day

  32. I love the new ideas. It is wonderful to go to the Cottage and see what members of the farmy create. You have some wonderfully talented people following your blog!

  33. Yes, all for it; i can do book pages; my blog died as bill became ill and then passed. I am doing very well; feel his love and that of others; but i have had no time and a series of life events that strengthened me, and floored me at the same time. thus, the blog faded into the background. i want to do the blog; am on wordpress, but feel i no longer know how to do the techy stuff; am gradually getting caught up; i teach and pet sit a goodly amount, but will try to update my blog; if anyone knows of free tutorials, let me know; love to all C: safe and blessed journey

    • I am so sorry for your loss, and wish you all the best. I don’t know of any free tutorials, although WordPress itself would be a good place to explore. However, I am quite happy to help out where I can. Let me know if you would like me to hold your hand for a while!

    • You do sound as though you are picking up now. It takes a long time to adjust and absorb grief. So sad. On to easier things. The techy stuff is so boring but all doable! Have a wee look at what you want to achieve on your blog and then throw a question up into the comments here. Often by just creating the question you find the answer (you will know that one from your teaching!). Otherwise someone here will be able to help. Or we will find a utube for you. there is ALWAYS a utube! Much love..c

  34. Some aspects of the blog world may be changing, and certainly there are no lack of how to to make money, get readers, grow a blog… but that’s not why many of us blog, and so instead we find ourselves in good company & exchange info, ideas, inspiration and caring. We’re the altar ego of the commercial blog. We are the ones who through our community are able to be the change we want to see in the world ♡

  35. Your pages are a wonderful idea. To encourage and build connections in a time of division is so necessary. It is what I love about our blogging community ~ support, connection, inclusion and a desire to treat the world well. I started blogging so that I could talk about the things I wanted to talk about. I don’t always feel that I can do that in ‘real life’. But I stay blogging because I love the Fellowship I have found in my own little niche. I only wish I had time to read and comment on more, and feel a sense of loss when someone moves away from their blog. I will add my tuppence worth to your pages, (I have a book in mind already!) and enjoy seeing what others are suggesting. Hugs.

  36. What a wonderful idea to develop the community aspects of your blog audience! I have blogged for 10+ years now and I think it would be terribly sad if it died out as a form of sharing information. The ability to compose and develop a coherent set of thoughts, with space to expand it and develop its nuances, simply doesn’t happen on the character-limited social media. As much as I use Facebook, it simply doesn’t compare to blogging.

  37. What a great thing to do. I just wondered about the future of blogging, but you’ve done something positive! I like the idea of a map linking all the readers too.

  38. Good morning Cecila- Awesome ideas you keep coming up with. I wrote a mere two posts last winter and left my cyber world & friends on the back burner so I didn’t actually even notice if there was/is a decline. Sort of ironic, or which came first -chicken or egg kind of thing? Maybe people like me being the problem? Drop outs? No that’s not it. I have loved connecting through blogging and have missed it. It’s just working on acknowledging the value and prioritizing it. Technically, I’ve noticed Instagram rock stars on the rise- Or Vine. That’s a bizarre medium as well.
    I greatly respect the daily commitment you’ve made and that I’ve been witnessing since fall 2011. And having my own farmette, have appreciated how you share the daily highs, lows and learning curve of farming but also use it as a platform to create so much more. This inspires me.
    So I wish you continued motivation, exploration, joy, good food and good friendships in 2017. And Thank you! cheers… wendy

  39. I too think the blogging world has changed but I can’t help wondering if people are time poor or replacing blogging with other social media platforms

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