The crooked-ness

My posts are crooked, the barn is leaning, the feeders are sinking and the BooBoo limps. The hay bales list, the fields are poggy and not one fence follows a straight line.  sheila

The posts are on a lean, the gates drag and the chickens perch on ramshackle lengths of pole. All this I can take but if the horizon were crooked then I would lose my mind.

Straight is good.

The flat straight becalmed-at-sea-like horizon of the prairie is a perfect frame, reluctantly show casing my crooked contributions.  The chaotic landscape hangs on flat-screens, a work in progress.  An incomplete orbit.

Have you ever thought that you can move your head every which way, even stand on your head if you like (and if you can I would be VERY impressed) but the horizon of the prairie always stays in a perfect line watching our antics with dry straight lipped amusement. The Earth better not shake her head in amusement – we will all fall off.


calves and pig1

I think that Sheila has found her forever friend in Tia the little heifer. But I am telling you right now that THAT PIG is NOT coming into the milking shed.  Not in a million years!

Scroll down to the instagram feed and you will see Sheila being amusing.

Tima and Tane

Today the high will be 46f/7c – a perfectly acceptable winters day –  maybe some snow tonight to liven things up. The weather promises us deep cloud for at least the next six days with gradually lowering temperatures.    Good for the skin right?

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi



78 Comments on “The crooked-ness

  1. I love straight lines and order too much I think. I always admire crooked, cracked, broken old in other people’s lives…find it so much more beautiful (that wabi sabi thing)…so I have let my ruler go a bit lately. Straight is good. But so is crooked. The pigs are most fetching today.

    • I am cursed with the need to have things balanced and straight. I have been known to straighten paintings in banks and peoples homes while I am chatting and without even consciously deciding to do it. My daughter is cursed with the same problem. Though neither of us could be accused of being tidy.. c

  2. The instagram pic of Sheila in the boot is wonderful!!! That pig is just too much!!! XO Oh, and I had great fun watching my steps yesterday, my first day of counting. Now today, I know I’ll have many more steps, as I do both Zumba and Yoga. The problem is I won’t be able to have my phone of me counting the steps. So I can see the advantage of the bracelet!

  3. Sheila! What a pig she is. How’s Poppy? Do you still have Molly? and drat! I took my step tracker off last night and it is still on my night stand.

  4. Our former governor and ex-wrestler, Jesse Ventura, once explained why the streets of Saint Paul….let’s just say, “lack conformity”. He attributed it to the Irish and their love of “the pint”. There are times when it appears that Mother Nature might share the same affection.

    • Ha~ I am of Irish extraction though many, many generations ago! Mother Nature tipsying about with a glass in her hand sounds perfectly reasonable to me! c

  5. How in the world did Sheila get into the boot? With her heft is she still able to jump? I can’t believe it

  6. I love order and straight lines, but Nature works differently, and I love the natural order too… In the end, Nature wins. All our straightnesses are only ever temporary. Was Sheila being a bit of a Pig in the Manger about the car boot, or was anyone allowed to play?

  7. I am very sorry to hear that BooBoo’s injury hasn’t healed yet. Could you remind me what is going on there and what his prognosis is? Our family would be so upset if something happened to our “goofballs” (IE: dogs).

    • The prognosis was it will never heal but if we are careful for a long long time it may grow new tissue around the injured cords in his leg. And this is what we are working on. But he HATES being left inside when i am out working .. And now no walks, no running, no jumping gates or onto the back of the truck. Ever. I think he will always be limpy too. c

    • Hmm. I bought Sheila and Charlotte to raise to be sows, Charlotte had piglets but was a terrible mother so she left the farm. Sheila had such a mammoth fight with a boar, when the man in charge put her in too early, that she was badly injured (she got a few good bites into the prize boar though). She did not get pregnant and after she had recovered she never came back into heat. The Fellowship voted to keep her and to help out where-ever they could buying calendars, T shirts, donations, etc to pay for her food and lodgings. So she went from being a breeding sow to a pet. She is an unusually clever and friendly pig. She is on a very careful, very lean diet to ensure she gets the best chance at a long life because pigs NEVER stop growing – they just keep getting bigger – they slow down of course but a fat pig does not have a long or healthy life. I think that is it all in a very shortened form.. c

      • Sheila is more than a pet, much much. But I don’t like the idea of her growing and growing and . . . If there’s meaning in nature, could pigs be symbols? I’m thinking about that now, and though I find a possible application there, I like Sheila too much to take it seriously. Sheila means Sheila, that’s it.

        • Not many hogs are allowed to grow as old as Sheila will so it will be interesting to see how much bigger she does get. After about 6-7 months of age their growth rate begins to slow and unlike humans the skeleton seems to keep growing. Though I am actually still trying to find scientific evidence that this is the case.

  8. And your photographs have a perfectly aligned horizon! A bit of crookedness is good – the way the trees lean according to the prevailing wind or wandering sheep tracks but thank goodness the horizon stays level. Have you ever tried to walk a straight line in the dew or snow and then looked back to see a wavering trail? I try so hard but cannot walk dead straight.

  9. Did Sheila heave her hindquarters into the boot as well, I would have thought that she is too tall? I like things straight too but my cats have other ideas. Now I am also wondering if Sheila appeared at the door and asked nicely she might well escort Tia into the milking parlour, however there is the chance that nobody else would get their share of the milk 🙂 Laura

  10. aaaww come to Bacon my sweet Sheila. I’ll console you for not going into the milking shed. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  11. Our barn is crooked, the road is crooked, there is nothing flat on our horizon, no place to set a coop, or hut, or garden that is level. I love that we have hills and mountains, and hollows as much as you love the flat horizon. I grew up on the flat coast of Virginia and don’t miss it at all.

  12. Waxing poetical my friend – and I sooo enjoyed it!
    We haven’t seen the sun in about 10 ten days… or more… and I am sooo sick of it. I’m a person who does NOT do well in winter… at least at this stage of my life.
    I love that Shelia and Tia have become such good friends. Isn’t it interesting how even dogs and cats become fast friends very often?
    PS I saw that I have the movie you recommended (can’t think of the name right now… Morning Brain Fog…is on Netflix. Looking forward to watching it this evening! ; o )

  13. If the horizon was crooked we would all have something to worry about.  God is clever that way as the horizon is always straight…What is poggy?

    Sorry that BooBoo is limping..has he something in his foot or the old problem causing it


    Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 2:54 PM

  14. Be on the lookout for a crooked sixpence! (There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile; He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together in a little crooked house.- Mother Goose)

  15. Born and raised in the mountains I must tell you those straight horizons worry me. Have a great day!

  16. Love today’s post. We are surrounded by mountains, trees and MUD! Last straight line was seen in the skies above us, and that from the contrails of an airliner. Here on the ground straight lines are rarer than hens’ teeth!

  17. I have just hung a door, oak planks old style z-frame, that I have taken about a month to put together sand down oil and wax. Old style t-bar hinges and a Suffolk latch.
    I stood back to admire my work, after using a spirit level and wedges to ensure that the is an equal and level gap surrounding the door I thought I had done all I could, when I suddenly realised that one of the planks that I had used is tapered, 20cm one end, 18cm the other which makes either the frame crocked or the door, arrrgh!! I will not be starting again 🙂
    A pig in a milking shed, not that would be fun!

  18. I am so happy Sheila has a good friend. Who would think it would be a little cow. Her ability to climb into the trunk of the car is impressive given her leg length. Maybe the photograph doesn’t do her justice. Heck, I have trouble climbing into the trunk of a car. 🙂 My world has always been a little out of balance so I probably wouldn’t notice. Have a wonderfilled Wednesday.

  19. I’m happy with wobbly lines and things that are crooked…a good thing considering the pace at which we’re carrying out work on our own home!

  20. I cannot believe that S is that tall. that is one big pig.

  21. I’m afflicted with the curse of straight horizon lines too, and straight pictures on walls etc. I have actually quit following a photographer (yes, a supposed professional) on Instagram because he posted so many photos with crooked horizon lines. I just can’t handle it. I would love to talk to Sheila and find out what she loves about Tia. They are similar sizes, but I wonder if they must just have similar energies as well. Sheila is looking quite trim and graceful as she ages…hoping someone might think the same of me one day! xx

    • I have trouble with that too and instagram itself (I think) has a way to straighten your horizon if you can’t get it done yourself. Isn’t sheila looking lovely – I am very careful with her diet – she eats mostly hay and vegetables – c

  22. I’ve had to shift to the ‘dark side’ and embrace crooked, wabi sabi, modern grammar, relaxed dress codes, dust, etc that in my younger days I spent so much, too much time combatting. Our old house is crooked so when anything is installed straight it looks crooked anyway. I’m aquiring an affection for curves… physical, learning… 〰

  23. Don’t worry, there’s not a straight fence, level gate or straight post on all 38 acres here! We are in the glaciated area of Wi. and it’s always been a conundrum, when running a fence up a hill. (we have almost no flat areas), do you make the posts vertically straight or perpendicular to the ground? (Think about it! It truly messes with my head.) At this point I’m just happy when the fences and gates keep them that needs to be in in and them that needs to be out out. We finally lost all the ice here and now the ground is poggy and after today it’s poggy under about 7″ of snow, ugh.

  24. I don’t think I could manage on a farm, for I would be forever seeing things needing repair and I would get no rest.

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