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For a few minutes I would like you to think like a little balloon and I will trail you along on my walk through London yesterday, with old friends.angel

We began in Angel (an area I was very familiar with) and through St John – an area I am not familiar with at all and into the Smithfield Meat Market- somewhere I had never been.

We popped in and out of bars and little restaurants along  our beautifully designed personal guided tour and  consequently I cannot remember the NAMES of any of the bars and little restaurants.  One of my dear friends (who actually designed our day) is also a blogger who does restaurant reviews and will be telling you abut the best of them at a later date – I will link you across when his page is published.

It was just such a lovely day. Good friends, good food, good wine.

The weather was beautiful. Even a little sun at times.

So here you are little balloon, aloft and attached to Camera House, bobbing along behind.  london

bar london



st john

The residence of the Knights of St John.

park bench

The stock pot in the little Spanish restaurant was huge and the food glorious.

stock pot


la lola

la l0la

Smithfield Market. A big meat market that has been here for hundreds of years.




meat mrket

meat market


Then on to a very trendy bar set in an old factory. St John.



Now, I have one more full day in London then tomorrow I am off to my next destination. The one I have kept a secret while it was being organised. Here is a collection of  clues. It starts with M and has many churches and art and beautifully dressed people and everyone is on a diet. And is very well known. And I have never been there before.You can guess but I will not say if you are right or wrong – that would spoil the surprise.

But for today I am in London. In this wonderful big city.

Have a lovely day yourself.  See you tomorrow.

love celi




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  1. I think Camera House has enjoyed himself too, with the antiquity, quirkiness, dense occupation and multi-layered complexity that you only find in a truly ancient city to look at and record. It must be a nice change from the wide lands and skies of home, and the simple lives of the animals. Is your destination also known for its fabulous leather goods, or have I guessed wide of the mark?

  2. Montmartre  

    Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2017 at 10:04 AM

  3. Ohh one of our favourite pubs is in Smithfield, the Fox and Anchor, it has small booths that you can sit in. Smithfields has a really bloody history, one of the main execution sites in London. I think Milan.

  4. Wonderful warm laughter latish at night !! Your blogger friend has done beautifully well [I am not allowed to say ‘our’, am I 🙂 ?] and methinks we’ll all enjoy the day[s] with all the names you don’t at the moment remember on the post and attached for our diaries! Oh, I was wrong twice – remember I thought you were going to Avignon to see your ex-wwoofer and then I quietly wondered about Barcelona [well, two people involved there] . . but with the clues you have supplied tonight it just has to be Milan . . . it does have the smartest streets in the world but I so love its restaurant scene also. . . oh, do have fun!!

  5. Angel! I worked on Pentonville Road, about halfway between Angel and King’s Cross. Angel was the tube station I usually popped up from. It’s been over ten years now since I left, with only a couple of tiny visits to London since then — it’s hard to imagine how much it must have changed in that time. Thanks for taking us with on your day!

  6. [J] Great photos, Celi. No cliches – just observation, and the eye of an intelligent informed visitor. You just about tricked me into thinking I’m missing out on something. Next: Milan? No. try that again. Next: Milan!

  7. So glad you are having a great time Celi!! I prefer the English countryside!! London isn’t was it used to be like in the early 80’s.
    Bet you’re going to Milano!! Been there a few times!! Wherever your feet land you’ll have a great time!!!

  8. Please Gods not the Mayo Clinic 🙂 Sound like Milan to me, the only place in the world that the women dress up to walk their dogs. Laura

    • *smile* Oh, they do it in Madrid also and that city has the Prado and more churches, but methinks I know who may be hosting Celi: and she lives in Milan !!

  9. Oh, I feel so light and airy this morning. 😉 The red couch image – is that a stuffed fish in the window behind it? I had to do a double take. And what is in the little boxes of food? Safe travels!

  10. heh heh… Milwaukee, indeed! Yes, it certainly sounds like Milan, although I was convinced you would be going to Avignon on a visit to Hugo and his family. Perhaps you will be after the ‘M’ visit. The only thing I couldn’t relate it to was everyone on a diet, but I suppose that does follow in a city famous for its fashion design. So, yes, like the others I’m going with Milan. Wherever, have a great time! Love your London photos. ~ Mame 🙂

    • *smile* Celi got a private letter saying ‘Avignon’ from me weeks ago – well, both wrong but Milan is such a fabulous city and so close to the Lakes: I hope we are right !!

  11. Beautiful!! It’s almost like traveling with you my dear friend. I can’t wait for your next destination. Squeals with piggy delight. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Gorgeous! I miss London. Thanks for sharing! I’m guessing Milan.

  13. I will bob and dip and float along with you and Camera House any day. What fun that was!

  14. Thank you for the tour. I love trying new places to eat. I’m not going to guess but where ever you go, we will have fun following you.

  15. And it has a world famous opera house. Give my love to Charlotte and the girls!

    • Am peagreen – just did look up La Scala : Stravinsky night tomorrow with Zubin Mehta conducting and Glen Tetley’s choreo . . . . perfect, but not from Australia 🙂 !

  16. Enjoyed camera house and her London excursion….I was wishing for a bit of a sound bite though. That’s not your usual thing, but I have very little experiences in the city and wonder if London sounds different than other cities.

  17. My first thought was Monaco, but I don’t know about the art there! So maybe it’s Milan after all. Looking forward to finding out where we are going next!

  18. Great gates! Entryways too, including that closing shot–the mysterious steel shutters, open but not completely. And the shadowed lines of that curving iron fence. So nice to follow along and pay tribute to the artistry in common city structures.

    And if M is for Milan you will surely note the lines and forms of the Galleria Victoria Emanuele II. I wish I had had a camera there those many years ago

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