Saturdays and Sundays. Are very busy days.

But never too busy for an inquisitive piglet with a dirty face and pink fairy shaped ears.

Have a lovely day.



30 Comments on “Sunday

  1. I keep saying “adorable”. Can’t help myself. So true. Have a beautiful day, Celi!

  2. Not knowing the amount of work involved to set it up — but i would wear a “wee fairy piglet” tee. Betting others would, too; who could resist that little face? Lurch is my only other Farmy shirt. Both sweet piglets 🙂 Perhaps earnings could go to fees for Lady A to visit a really good bull?

  3. I need to comment that I don’t know how you run a farm by yourself! I know John helps on his days off and you have the summer help but by and by you are it. I could not do it, you are a wonder woman!

  4. A sunny day here too, and all is right with the world. Our new baby boy arrived last night, on Earth Day, no less, and everything about him is perfect. I held him for a long time in the hospital this morning, just gazing at his sleeping face. Bliss! What is it about babies, that can make us suspend every busy thing we need to do, and just sit there and look!

  5. Seeing that sweet pink piglet I am reminded of the book A Day No Pigs Would die. the boy in the story calls his pet pig Pinky. A sad sad book. But lovely too.

  6. Piglets really do look like little elfin creatures, don’t they? Even more so than baby goats, and that’s saying something! 🙂

    • YUp – they are into everything – digging at everything – tasting everything – climbing on everything – then like puppies they just lie down and sleep..

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