Everything got very busy yesterday. It was overcast and cool as expected but there was no wind so it was a perfect temperature for gardening.

I did not get in to reply to your comments but I did read them, I so enjoy the Lounge of Commments and saw Juliana ask how big Sheila is. Well, here she is with Lady Astor and TonTon only a little in front of her. So a dog and a cow as comparisons might help you gauge her actual size.

Everyone who meets Sheila says “Oh wow, I know you said she was big but I did not think she was THAT big.”.

Now I need to get someone to stand next to Lady for you to see her size. Maybe on Monday when everyone is back on deck.

I am still confused by Lady. Sometimes she looks pregnant sometimes not, sometimes it looks like her udder is filling, sometimes it looks floppy. She drops strands every now and then I cannot quite lose the feeling that something is going on though I cannot feel a calf in there. I will get the vet out again this week to palpate her.  It is possible the calf died. Something is keeping me checking her.  I am very well aware of the influence of affirmation bias but still – I am feeling a little anxious for her.

But I don’t think Alex or Aunty Anna are pregnant either. Alex is always that round. So with any luck we will get a very quiet year and I will have the freedom to move about. Though there will be animals sold.

Molly’s piglets are still doing well, they all seem to be eating their real food as well as drinking mothers milk and thriving except for that one little one – you can probably pick him out – he is very dark brown, almost metallic looking, shiny but thin, not fattening up like the others. I am watching him.

Sheila with a peacock for company. Another size comparison.

The meat chickens are growing fast. They will go out into the chicken tractor in a week or so when the weather settles.

Cold enough that we are still wearing jackets.

This weekend it is meant to rain on and off  and blow the whole weekend.  There is no rain at the moment so I am going to get going and get the chores done before it begins. Hopefully!!

I hope you have a good day.


Saturday 04/29 100% / 0.72 in
Rain showers early then thundershowers for the afternoon. High around 50F. Winds NE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 100%.
Saturday Night 04/29 90% / 1.33 in
Thunderstorms this evening will give way to steady rain overnight. Low 48F. Winds ENE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 90%. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected.



50 Comments on “Sizes

  1. We are starting to ready the vegetable garden this weekend. No planting until mid May here due to morning frosts.

      • I soo agree with you about that. Planting the plants is fun… all the work before that is…. work !! ; o )

  2. I would love to see the whole farmy lined up from big to small, but I can appreciate, that will never happen 😉

  3. I would trust your instincts about Lady A over any so called expert. You know that cow, and if she’s off-colour you’re the one who’d know. Love the line up photo of Ton, Sheila and Lady A. She really is a stupendous personage, that Sheila.

  4. BiG is beautiful and lovely and wonderful and Sheila

  5. I have been watching that little piglet as well. Shiny and finds the milk but small. All the animals look great.

  6. So curious about what is being planted in the garden shot? Are they separating root crops? Or relocating tubers? So exciting that the garden is going in!!! xo

  7. It would be very sad if Lady A’s calf has died, but why would her udder be filling if so? The little piggy is noticeably smaller. Laura

    • It is her udder I don’t understand, from the side it looks like it is filling up but from the back it is crinkly and long and empty looking.. c

  8. Sheila is almost the size of a large calf. Always trust your instincts. But I’m hoping for the best anyway. Looks like the littlest piglet needs an extra boost of something. Anything but wind can be handled easily. Not fond of wind at all. Have a wonderfilled day too.

  9. There is always a runt of the litter right? Wasn’t that the case with Poppy and look at her now! 🙂 Of course not the queenly size of Sheila but definitely robust and healthy. We’ll be pulling for the little guy to catch up! What is that in Ton’s mouth? He seems never to be without something to carry around….How is Boo doing? Haven’t seen him lately. Happy Week-end C.

  10. Happy week end to all – especially to the little rent-a-Family. Still love to enjoy everyone of your photographs and posts daily!

  11. Thanks for the line-up, which does show how big and LONG Sheila is. I don’t remember my grandparents having an affectionate relationship with their pigs, but Papa loved his few cows and they seemed to have some attachment to him. Hope all turns out well with your current animal concerns.

  12. Chicago is supposed to get stormy weather Sunday. I hope you don’t catch any storms!

  13. Farming seems to be about sizes constantly changing, doesn’t it, both with the animals and with the gardening. Up down, in out. An accordion making its music. Weird metaphor I know, but I use it with my kids all the time. The grow out then shoot up. It’s so funny.

  14. Lovely Farmy pics… I retain my childhood affection for chooks & cows which my grandparents had but pigs are a novelty but special. At 50+ I still feel like to feel like a kid sometimes… I held a duckling for the first time a few days ago… and ate a bag of fairy floss at the local show yesterday.

  15. Lovely photos. Love the first line up…really puts them all into perspective! I’ve always wanted to grow some horseradish, wonder if it would thrive in my little seaside garden?

  16. Our Elsie was inseminated 1/16/17. She has been checked and is pregnant. We should have a calf in October. First time for us so I keep checking on her all the time. We shall see! Your animals are beautiful. Wishing for better weather for you! Ours is warm. We had 96F here on Wednesday. That means Bo gardening for me past 10am. I don’t do well in the heat. Hence, I should not be living in Florida haha. Have a great day! ❤

    • I am glad you have a calf on the way! October calving will be good in Florida. Here that would be misery for me – milking through the winter. Keep us updated!! c

  17. The ‘runt of my litter’ (of two) weighed only 4 lbs 10… his brother weighed 5 lbs 10 — but my ‘runt’ is a bit of a fatty at this stage of his life!! ; o )

  18. Thanks for the correction to ‘rubenesque’. That’s the word I wanted, but couldn’t find the proper spelling the dictionary; however, I wasn’t fair as it was an bridged version. Again, thanks.

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