Must have been very wicked in a past life. Because there is no rest for the wicked and that cow bellowed half the night. I have no idea why.  Her calf was with her. But still she mooed. Disturbing everyone’s rest. Though she is fine today and milked very well. Forty pounds of milk which is 18 1/2 kg. And that was just this morning after her baby had had a big drink.  Though he is more of a sipper than a drinker and growing like a weed.

So I actually started work outside earlier than usual because if I was out there with her she was quiet as a lamb.  We shifted Molly yesterday to the other side, she is limping and feeling down at the mouth. She will have a good rest and a few aspirin over there in that big cool barn and go back with Manu for the summer when she is healthy again.  Her babies are thoroughly enjoying having the feed bowls to themselves.

Fencing.  Lots more to do.

And digging all the thistles out of the asparagus bed.  Which is a nasty job.  Nasty. Nasty. Nasty.

So I am writing to you to say hullo as we eat our scrambled eggs and gulp coffee and catch up on all those other things before going back to the asparagus beds.

Talk to you tomorrow –

Have a good day


19 Comments on “Wicked

  1. I hope sleeps comes for you tonight. It’s curious what made her bellow so. If it was a creature lurking, the dogs would have barked. Hope your day gets a bit easier or at least the weather cooperates.

  2. Oh there’s nothing worse than a bellowing cow all night long especially when you can’t just kick back for the day following.

  3. Just remember… there may well be no rest for the wicked, but the good die young, so be just as wicked at you possibly can! And with that in mind, I hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  4. I’m thinking she was wanting you to milk her. Maybe feeling engorged ? Enjoy your day today. Love hearing about your farm life

  5. Maybe she was feeling that life as a cow had disappointed her. No one appreciates her, she’s put upon, just a machine for cranking out babies and milk… most of the time it’s just stink eye, but THIS time, she was going to let everyone know 🙂 Or maybe she was just feeling ornery.

  6. Hormones? I hope everything gets back on track today. Asparagus fresh from the garden is delicious I hope you have a good day.

  7. Oh I know about that cow-bellowing-in-the night frustration, annoyance, sleep disturbance business………there’s a paddock of them across the river and I can always tell when they’ve had their calves taken from them…..they call night and day, it’s upsetting too. But that’s not Lady’s problem of course. Maybe you should call it the thistle bed with asparagus in:)

  8. Had a tummy-ache which has settled! Wanted just someone to care then !! It was dark and lonely and Bobby Blue is still on baby-milk and baby-talk: ‘Miss C – please come and talk to me’ 🙂 !

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