Lazy Saturday

Kind of. 

I gave myself a wee sleep in this morning – until 6.30 – which meant I slept through my writing time but I knew you would not mind.

Here is yesterday.

And this morning as Boo and Ton and I drove along the track on the 4wheeler (Boo behind me and Ton sitting in the well with my foot), along the ditch that was a creek,  on the way back from feeding Manu and Molly at the West barn, TWO  BASTARD MINKS leapt up off the path and literally flew into the long grass and down the bank. Bad leg or not Boo went in after them to give the minks a hurry up.

Later further down the track I found some tail feathers of a peahen.

When we got home Violet was standing on the fence missing a few feathers. Geraldine we see only occasionally as she is nesting up the top – I will go up and check her today in case she has shifted.

This was all in broad morning daylight by the way! Bad news.

So no more wandering about for the layers, they will go on full lock down now especially at night. With a walk in the evening accompanied by Boo.

Bloody Bastard Mink is back.

Yesterday in pictures.

I hope you have a lovely day. Check out The Armadillo on the Instagram – he was out walking early this morning.

Love celi

47 Comments on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Steady progress there with the Armadillo. I have lost a rabbit in a cage to a Bastard Weasel, so I know how you feel. Live traps? Lucky escape for Violet.

  2. Wai looks better today. Exciting that he went out to walk.

  3. This may be old news but I have had some phone trouble so I’m behind on reading & lost some e-mails. What happened to the pig? Wai? Was he burned?

    • Just read back a few – we are not sure what happened he is a rescue – but my vet says his body looks like he was burned but from a fire or a chemical reaction we don’t know. Could even be an allergic reaction. c

  4. No mercy, Miss C, go after the Bastard Minks with the full armoury of dogs, traps and whatever else your imagination comes up with. I’m glad you had a little lie-in, you deserve it more than most. Off to check out Wai in motion 🙂

  5. Me too –checking out Wai but my Instagram chops are pretty iffy.

  6. Sadly, I suppose you have to do a mink patrol until Boo can catch the bastards. The Armadillo looks so cute in his blanket – I’m sure he is beginning to feel loved by now 🙂

  7. Oh no not the mink again. I hope Geraldine is ok. I see eyes on Wai. 👀

  8. Do be careful…. I just found this….”Mink is an animal that should not be underestimated. They are extremely violent and will attack almost anything. Although very rare, they have also attacked fully-grown adults in unprovoked incidents.’ YIKES!!

    • The chickens are sorrier, even with an entire wall of open chicken wire, tons of room and with lots of air and light – it is a bit sad to keep them in.

  9. Boo is still holding his back leg I see…..poor boy. I ‘ve just had Mirrhi to the vet with what turned out to be the slightest cruciate ligament injury. Still painful for her and she limps, so is having only slow , short strolls. Hard when we meet one of playmates. Oh no, not the mink!

  10. ‘Lazy Saturday’ – sleeping ‘in’ till 6.30am : Milady I don’t think you know the meaning of the word 🙂 !! I was still sipping coffee in bed at past 8 !! Oh; Loki could win a kitties’ beauty pageant methinks – what a lovely photo of Alissa and her companion . . .

  11. Seeing that cap of hard skin just behind Wai’s ears must just make your fingers itch to peel it off!

    • Though it is still attached – it is still the skin – not going anywhere until it peels. I wish it would start letting go but it may take months the vet said. Some of it is hard as saddle leather and sharp too – poor fellow. c

  12. Good clean food must be helping Wai. Hope Geraldine is ok, bloody bastard mink. Laura

  13. D > BBM. There’s BBM here in Uist, too, but as relatively recent introduction and there are official culls of them as they are not native and damage the increasingly valuable nesting birds. No BBM in Eriskay – they’ve never made it along the causeway! For every way of life there seems to be a BB of some form or another ! We need defense strategies!

  14. Lucky Loki, blessed with a companion, looking at life from behind the screen, safe and secure. I can relate.

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