Some days everythng goes so fast I barely get the dishes done. Yesterday I had a day like that and only got the camera out right at the end of the day.  

It is the housework duties that suffer when I have a busy day – not the barn. The barn floor is still swept and the animals have fresh water and lots of food. 

The house is the one that is neglected with dishes undone and laundry unwashed and dinner from the freezer.

Above is Poppy having a good moan about something. Probably Sheila hogging all the blankets. 

Even the dogs walk is not negected when I am so pushed for time that the verandah is a litter of picking baskets and boots. 

I have learnt a very important AirBnB lesson though – Keep the rooms up to date in case of a last minute bookings !!

Today will be twice as busy catching up.

I will go into Audible and  put on a good talking book.  Having a good book read to me makes menial housework so much nore palatable. 

Speaking of books. Don’t forget The Library.  I have more books to go in there myself. Soon Samantha and I will go through and add the links so we can buy them easily.

Middle sized pigs. 

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


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Overcast. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 68F. Winds light and variable.

Wednesday Night 09/13 10% / 0 in
A few clouds. Low near 55F. Winds light and variable.

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64 Comments on “EVENING WALK

  1. I am the same. When the outdoor chores get busier then the housekeeping suffers. Not that I am a world class housekeeper to begin with! Beautiful sunset photo there.

  2. Be like me..believe in fairies…they will come and do the dishes, make the beds, and throw out the rubbish. Enjoy your days, life is too short to worry too much about menial tasks. Yes they have to be done I know but a layer of good clean dust protects the furniture ( so I believe)    Animals are important….  

    Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 2:26 PM

  3. I LOVE Audible! That’s they only way I do housework too. Blech! I just finished Mary Barton – it was great! I loved MIddlemarch (and all things George Elliot but Mill on the Floss) and you’d really like all things Wendell Barry I think. The Nightingale for something more modern. I love to be read to.

    • Pop those into The Library! I am in desperate need of another good read-to too. The one I am listening to is very so-so. but they cost so much I am determined to listen to the end.. c

  4. I’m curious what you listen to your audible books on. I agree that it makes mundane work easier to do. Great photos of the end of the day. My housework comes last until I can’t find something. Then I know it’s time. 😉

      • Maybe I need a new one. Mine, a recycled one from my son goes dead fast if I listen there. Time maybe for him to upgrade. 🙂 Thanks. I’m stuck on your library page for awhile checking out possibilities. Hope the site reconstruction is going well. Had to make sure all was well this morning.

  5. House work always takes a backseat here… though I do try to keep up with meals or plan ahead for busy days. Our home is functional and lived in. It houses people and dogs – wildlife too at times. It would never make the pages of a fancy home magazine. Probably just as well… I am not a fancy trying to impress anyone. 😀

  6. The animals are like having perpetual toddlers….. they come first and all other things come after. I’m sure you home is fine and will be cleaned in due time. You have LOTS o’ pigs and cows now and isn’t your last farm helper gone? Love the cosmos and what is that ‘seedy’ head behind it? And lastly, Poppy made me think of “And this little piggy cried “wee wee wee” all the way home.”

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  8. I hear you loud and clear. There is so much other stuff that wants/needs getting done and is way more fun. Yes, the house suffers here too, but the laundry tells us when we need to get it done. I love listening to books read to me, I have used audible but with a new phone, will have to update on how to listen and download from the library. Beautiful pictures, makes me very relaxed…the house work gets done…eventually.

  9. Walks at the end of the day are so wonderful – like putting a book end on that one.
    (The corn looks like an old fashioned chorus line or girls in a musical. I can almost hear the giggling in those rows)

  10. I have recently moved from your neighborhood to an apartment in Texas. One thing I know I’ll miss is the sky. Thank you for your sky photos!

  11. Oh your grass looks so lush! We are (finally!) expecting rain tomorrow and the next so our fields will be rejuvenated and the fires in our area might be dampened. After all our spring rain, I can’t believe we are hurting for moisture. Mother Nature can certainly be a witch at times! How many piglets are you carrying right now? I’ve lost count ☺

  12. Tired of being cooped up during the winter … summer coming, time to revive garden …. blow the housework. Did I read right that you had an unexpected visitor in the Coop? Laura

  13. Beautiful sunset with those big open skies you have over there! Don’t feel too bad about your house. My house suffers as well (six dogs)…. And of course the barn work always takes priority : )

  14. I love the new look of the header and the Lounge of Comments! Another something that is not neglected; we are cared for as carefully as the creatures.

  15. Ah yes housework… such grand plans that I had to reassess. Studying, gardening, blogging, writing short stories, housework weekly-monthly-seasonal schedule, home grown made food… The reality is I do just enough of everything to get by, we’ve had no rain so no matter what we do the house is dusty… with a smattering of dog fur, we’re on tank water rations, but clean enough so no-one dies is the bottom line! We make our own food & eat well, the garden gets the kitchen sink water so something is growing, which means the washing up gets done.
    So happy you had a airbnb guest. Regardless of whatever else is or isn’t happening our guest room is always good to go, as we never know when family or friends will call, saying I’ll just be passing by.

  16. Absolutely love the new stylish format . . . as I have been bedridden for the last week, also appreciated the wander down evening paths out your way. Our 30C spring has reverted to howling cold gales . . . so a peaceful walk was most welcome. *smile* If the state of our respective homes was to be compared this instant, oh I would win by a huge margin . . . . hardly a clean dish left in the cupboards . . . .

  17. Oh my yes, first off in the morning is letting the chickens out, feeding Percy and the goats, turn the horses and donkey to pasture and clean the barn. Come in for a cup and toast, then a mile out and a mile back with the dogs. Seems I’m ALWAYS able to find something else needs doing other than housework!

  18. I agree, I love audio books! They make the most menial housekeeping tasks so much more pleasant. I listen particularly when washing dishes or cleaning bathrooms.

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