As in Touch Typing.  Just as well I can touch type, aye!

And if you learnt how to type on one of those big old black typewriters, with the Nuns roaming the aisles wielding long rulers,  you would be able to touch type too.   But I still bash at the keys wearing the letters right off and now it looks like I need to replace the keyboard again. Sigh.

Yesterday was mental trying to get all the feed for the animals in before all my favourite little locally owned feed places closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. Both little towns in opposing directions. A lot of driving. And I TOTALLY forgot to get the human food.  And visitors from home coming tomorrow. Ah well – I have a freezer full. I will make bread and butter today.

However, I achieved some of the things on my list.  And have a list ready for today.  There is much to get through with this cold at my back.  It rained then sleeted then snowed yesterday as though some fat fingered god was clicking the dial through the little winter weather icons checking that all was in working order.  We even got back to sun by the end of the day.

All is in working order I would say.

I have nothing to report really, no pictures either. Just popping in for a coffee.

Have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Clear and a little brisk.

Wednesday 11/22 0% / 0 in
Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny. High 36F/2C. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday Night 11/22 0% / 0 in
Overcast. Low 28F/-2C. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

6:48 am 4:29 pm

Waxing Crescent, 18% visible 10:07 am 8:01 pm

ps. No newsletter this month. Something had to give. But the Zazzle account is still alive and doing business. The aprons are the top sellers this month.  Which is a surprise because I thought it would be the calendar. I need to order mine – pronto.  (Plus I need to get busy and make the smaller ones.) Thank you for your orders!  Let me know what you think.








27 Comments on “TOUCH

  1. That’s a beauty! You could get an external USB keyboard and plug it in rather than spending money on the laptop one. There must be hundreds of good used keyboards out there heading for landfill.

    • I have a colleague at work who does just this – as soon as he gets to work, he docks his laptop, and connects it to an external keyboard and giant screen. Makes it seem more like a regular desktop computer, especially if you are working with large spreadsheets.

  2. Good recycle suggestion there Mad Dog 🙂 Celi, it would be good to make your purchases this week – with Black Friday and all, some places offer good discounts too. Laura

  3. I like Mad Dog’s idea. We have a wireless keyboard and it is even backlit which is nice for typing in the dark, just to make sure your fingers are in the right place. I love your idea of the weather god checking the dials for the precipitation types. I am off this morning to get food for our small Thanksgiving dinner, in human count, not turkey pound size which is 20 lbs. We like the leftover turkey for pot pies, sandwiches, etc. I hope I beat the crowd for the most part. Have a productive day, C. Say hello to the piglets and calves for me.

    • Us too…big turkey and small crowd. Plus Friday or Saturday I will boil the turkey carcass with some carrots, celery, onions, and herbs and make stock for my freezer. It’s a great way to use the entire bird, plus it is delicious and healthy!

  4. Colorful image of the fat fingered god. Busy busy days there, Celi, & here too & all over. I hope the Matriarch is feeling well & content to be safely home. Happy Thanksgiving to all who observe it & here’s to delicious leftovers.

  5. I love your fat fingered god too. 😉 Makes me smile. I was in such a tizzy getting groceries just for people yesterday that my keys got lost so I could not put the groceries in my car. Some kind soul had turned them into customer service so I was able to get myself home. If I had to feed animals too, oh dear what a fine mess they would be in. You do so much in such a little time. My son replaced my keyboard yesterday while he was here visiting. It looked far better than yours. Next time, it will definitely be an external one. This one turned out to be a booger to replace. Hope your Thanksgiving is somewhat peaceful. Sending good thoughts.

  6. Oh, yes . . . I learned to type on a big, old typewriter and I must confess, I love to physically type. 🙂
    Turkey is defrosting in refrigerator and ready to make cranberry relish.

  7. Maybe an extra cup, or two, of coffee to help you check all the things off your list. I wonder what that keyboard says about our language, and perhaps why we even have some of those letters that seem to go unused.

  8. No turkey this year, none last or for the previous three, just spouse and me. I’m sure your freezer will provide well. I’d get an external keyboard if I only used a laptop, I had a wonderful ergonomic wireless keyboard but it suddenly quit so I’m back to a wired one (still ergonomic – they’re the best and considering the amount of typing I do, it hurts considerably less having the keys where my fingers are – always have the keyboard on my lap so no shoulder or elbow strain). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. My cat vomited on my laptop keyboard last summer and I was able to attach a new keyboard and still make it work. The keyboard was very inexpensive but eventually I got tired of lugging the whole shebang around and bought a new computer. Still, I made it work for a month-ish! I liked the cheap little keyboard I had, too.

  10. That keyboard looks rather like the one on the big black manual typewriter I learned to type on. All the letters were covered up to make you learn where they were properly rather than cheating by looking at your fingers. Everyone else has said already about external keyboards. I’d only add that it’s possible to get quite cheap flexible silicone keyboards to use for when you’re travelling, instead of lugging a full size hard one around. You just roll them up and stick a rubber band around them.

  11. Love your fat fingered god! I, too, learned on an ancient manual Royal, and I can be hard on a keyboard, but mine have never ended up looking like yours! I had a wireless keyboard for my iPad for awhile, but got used to typing on the iPad and no longer use it. They do sell thin silicone mats to go over and protect your keyboard that might give your next one some added life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your extended family! It’s just the three of us this year, but my usual big turkey. Love the leftovers!

  12. Oh Celi!! Let’s all of us Farmy Friends put a fund together for Ms Celi ~ would be a good Christmas present for her!! What do all of you think? Hope you can enjoy a bit of Thanksgiving with your Family ~ Celi. My heart is with you when you talked about some those “aggravating ~ disgusting” family situations ~ been there. Sorry about the Matriarch ~ better days. Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!

  13. Learnt on a big, black machine myself and still have a separate keyboard on a pull-out shelf about three inches below my desktop machine . . . oh so comfortable for paid-work up to ten hour a day ++ 🙂 ! Oh, no nuns and, after all these decades, still no touch typing . . . but am awfully fast at ‘playing the piano’ looking at the keys

  14. Hi Celi. No Thanksgiving dramas here but plans hotting up for Christmas, although my daughter and I are going to a hotel for a few days at Wairakei. And that typewriter. Yes, I too learned to touch type and I notice on my 2-year-old iMac that the keys for s and e are almost blocked out. Good job I know where they are. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  15. I’ve worn out several keyboards too, but luckily like you I learned to touch type so you get used to it don’t you. I’d forgotten about the rulers, but there’s something about the teachers that thought it was OK didn’t they?
    Happy Thanksgiving I hope that it went well I’m sure that that no-one would starve there.

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