PINK is such a hard sounding word for such a soft light. Pink is clipped and final in its execution. Dusky is a better word.  Though dusky has more gray in it. 

It was another very cold day yesterday before the pink dusk arrived. The temperatures reached no higher than a brisk windy 14F/-10C. Milking was an exercise in speed before the machines froze up.


It blew and froze and even snowed a little more out of nowhere. My fingers and toes were in pain from the cold until I had been out long enough not to feel them anymore. We were all happy to say goodbye to yesterday.  I hate to wish a day away, we are so lucky to receive every day of life and there is always some good to find in it but yesterday was just so damn cold, the wind and clouds made it so. It was grim. The sun when it came in the last hours of the afternoon was more than welcome. Heralding with a cold whisper; a warming trend.

The sky at it’s horizon is clear of clouds this morning.  The sun rises with colour, it is -2F/-18C and there is no wind. It is still and quiet out there.  I hope for good things.


The chook house collected that last gift of the sunshine. After so long under heavy clouds, the chickens clustered in the glancing cold pink of brightness at the west windows.





I hope you recognise the loveliness you find today. (I found that a hard task yesterday).

Love celi

WEATHER: Sun. A touch warmer than yesterday. Still below freezing. But with sun!

Wednesday 01/17 0% / 0 in
Abundant sunshine. High 21F/-6C. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.

Wednesday Night 01/17 0% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low near 15F/-9C. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.

7:14 am  4:52 pm

New Moon, 0% visible 7:30 am 5:37 pm


43 Comments on “PINK

  1. Even when you had a hard time finding beauty, you were able to share it. Those photos are so incredibly beautiful. The colors amazing. Love the chickens, and the wee cow. Are you running around in your clown suit? I hope so. Lots of love from over here where we complain of cold but know not of which we speak.

  2. Such beautiful chickens, all sunny and warm. It is cold and dark here too, and your lovely photo made me jealous of their perch.

  3. This should be our last day in the deep freeze for awhile! Maybe even for the whole winter?!?!?! But that’s probably wishful thinking! 🙂 This is the third day in a row, because of the ice and snow, that all public schools in the area and the community college are closed!

  4. I am reminded of a childhood rhyme … ” pink sky in the morning – shepherds warning, pink sky at night, shepherds delight”. Such photographic chooks and good to see Sheila and Molly out on their evening perambulations 🙂 Laura

  5. 11F when I got up. burrrr for us.

    Blush – I like that term better than Pink. Blush makes me think of a young girl in love – fresh, not worldly, eyes wide open. Blush – yes, that is going to be my word of the day.

    Did you gather all the chickens? I would love to be in the chook house listening to all their banter as the last blush of the day fades. I always love the chicken photos and today’s are very exceptionally lovely!
    Hump day – Wednesday – Bridge Day – I always love a good lunch of bridge. Maybe I’ll bid a 3NT and go to game….. I can always dream like that blushing young girl right?

  6. Those chook house photos are amazing. The light streaming in makes it look warm and cozy, but I know that’s not the case!

  7. How about ‘rosy’ instead of pink? All the animals seem to have a had a quick bath in rosiness and look clean, healthy and happy, even if I know they probably aren’t terribly warm. I reckon it’s OK to be grateful a day is over, especially when it’s bitterly cold and the work is hard.

  8. Rosy posy chickens….I hope they have all been shooed into the warm coop! Have a lovely and hopefully warmer day.

  9. The colors are beautiful in your photos. Little camera? I am having such a hard time with winter this year and that is normally not the case. Thankfully there are those extended minutes of daylight each day to give us encouragement that this will pass. Have a lovely day.

  10. I love the silhouette of flowers and grasses in the first shot. Scrolling down, came across the beautiful colors in the old wood – so rich and warm in the last of the blushy-rosy-pinkish sunlight. The little black cow loves being photographed, eh?.

  11. I love that Rose color which comes sometimes at the end of the day! Your barn photo with the sun peaking around is very good.

  12. Gorgeous glowing chooks… some days its a hard fight against the grim

  13. I am reading this a day late, so I’ll take your parting words for today. Yesterday turned out to be a complete disaster! These early morning images are so beautiful. But I sure can feel the cold in them too!

  14. Celi .. so very sorry to hear that the weather has been so cold and that wonderful yellow orb in the sky hasn’t been visiting you enough. Your photos my friend, are quite lovely .. Hugs

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