This morning’s pictures are so much more beautiful that I thought I would show you those instead of yesterdays paltry offerings. In the night we got about 31/2 inches of stealthy snow. Quiet, light and fluffy snow. merest-light-003

It is just dawn though not really dawn as the clouds are still heavy. It is more a slow rising of the light from the lighting man’s desk at the visual events design company at the Gods headquarters.

This really, really is the white wonderland.  John is outside clearing a path to the woodshed. The fire is low. It has been going for weeks we don’t want it to go out! I hope he does not clear too much further so I can get lots of photographs for you without human trampings.

These images are taken while I am still in my  bare feet looking out my writing room windows.


I am off now to feed out but first I am going to take couple of precious dry bales of straw down to the root cellar in an effort to entice Sheila and Molly to sleep down there. I don’t know why they are so determined to sleep in that summer tin hut. But there just might be more snow coming and it is very cold. -7 at the time of writing.


I will be back tomorrow – I have to tell you the funny thing that happened to me yesterday when I gave blood.  But for now my writing time has run out and the coffee cup is empty – I must get to work.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: More snow in the forecast.  Thankfully the winds are staying light.

Tuesday 02/06 10% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun early followed by cloudy skies this afternoon. High 17F. Winds light and variable.

Tuesday Night 02/06 80% / 1-3 in
Snow this evening will transition to snow showers late. Low 12F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

6:58 am 5:16 pm
Waning Gibbous, 61% visible Not Available 10:38 a




31 Comments on “BLUE LIGHT

  1. Some of the most beautiful times of the year where you live are the snow times. I loved taking pictures of snow and of ice. Each time was different and more beautiful! Snow and ice times can be difficult, though. Cold and potentially dangerous. Thanks, as always, for your photos.

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  3. I was wondering about the tin hut the other day – you’d think they’d be freezing out there. Sheila must think she’s a wild pig with thick hair.

  4. Thank you for these beautiful blue snowlight pictures of your morning. -7!! Yikes! Sheila & Molly might not like going up & down the steps, but you would think they’d just do it in below zero weather. I hope you’re able to entice them.

  5. Morning, c. Maybe the summer tin can is insulated by the snow, like an igloo. I mean, pigs aren’t dumb, so they must be happy as porkies in a blanket, as my mother used to say.

  6. Indeed God,s creation is most beautiful ..all helped of course by ‘my lady of the camera’. Is there anything that ypu cannot do..for as l see manage to do everything that you set out to do. Sorry your coffee cup ran dry… Hope you had a good day trudging the snow and that all the animals are safe and warm

    Here’s some warm love

  7. Those are stunning photos of the snow. I’m glad it’s you and not me though. 🙂 I love snow and especially in the early morning light. So peaceful feeling. Good luck staying warm.

  8. Beautiful pictures! We hardly ever get snow where I live but we did this year it lasted one day but it was beutiful.

  9. The blue hour reversed! Just lovely. thank you. Can’t wait to hear about giving blood yesterday!

  10. I marvel at the blue this time of year. The science of color is so interesting and I try to remind myself to look up why winter white is so prone to blue hues~ the facts are just beyond my memory. But alas winter chore times are often double and the thought of sitting for research at the computer is pushed from my day. Loved the pictures of your “blood-giving-church” from yesterday.

  11. So beautiful! It looks like this where I am near Woodstock NY. My husband, who studies orgonomy, says that this blue light was considered to be life energy itself in that school of thought. It could well be–

  12. -Ah Sheila, dear Sheila! Methinks she fancies herself as a snow buffalo! I’ve never seen such beautiful pictures, Ceci! You do have a way with the new kid. Anxious toe hear about your phlebotomy session………….

  13. Loved what you wrote and the way you put it about the lighting man’s desk light at God Headquarters!

  14. The heavenly lighting desk has broken out the blue gels… wonderful monochromatic blue images. You made me shiver with the notion of you standing barefoot at the window, with no hot coffee left!

  15. Great pictures C! I had to go north to KKK early this morning for some postal training. The hoar frost and fog were breathtaking. I’m always fascinated on how this phenomenon even exists.

  16. The ‘Blue Series’ is one of the most beautiful you have ever published. You have always said we could ‘borrow’ for ourselves . . . . had had a lovely Italian background of pomegranates against an old wall for my computer for ages . . . well, now it shows part of the farmy in its blue glory . . . thank you!

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