I am at the school in Houston TX.  Through the gates. Signed in. And offline.

No photographs yet as I am on a borrowed school laptop.  There is a security protocol to me getting my own computer or phone online here.  And downloading images onto another computer is fraught with difficulty so no photos yet.

This is a charter school which means  that though they have the government funding, and still follow the accepted curriculum, they have more leeway in operation and application of the curriculum. This school is part of a collection of schools called KIPP. (Knowledge Is Power Program).  They have a mantra for the kids “Work Hard. Be Nice.”  The school districts are zoned and there is such a long waiting list for KIPP schools that the children get in to their local school by lottery.  Each school has a different emphasis. This faculty (in this KIPP school) and their school leader have created an environment of inter departmental learning. Each code feeding into each other creating a more holistic kind of schooling. The teachers communicate with each other all the time looking for ways to cross teach. Oh how I wish I was their drama teacher!

But I am for one workshop today. Many of the students who are coming to my workshop have utube accounts. I will be interested to see what they are publishing and what they see as worthy of  publication. Or is it just a matter of throwing as much mud as possible  and seeing what sticks.  They are kids. Kids need to explore. And throw mud.

Today I will be teaching a workshop on Social Media using drama tools to emphasise the lack of communication this level of communication really has.  And build ways to extend the communication using their chosen mediums. Also the importance of MANAGING the internet. Using Social Media as a tool. Maybe we will even get to discuss what communication actually is. (Though who knows!)  I hope to learn what these kids see as important and what these young people hope to see as important in the future of Social Media.

Where is all this going? What a big question. Though there is no destination – no end, just innovation and creation.

It is only 9am here and already I am thoroughly enjoying the smells and sounds and rhythms of school life.

Have a lovely day.


WEATHER here is WARM and still and lovely.




31 Comments on “IN SCHOOL

  1. I’m so pleased for you to have this fantastic opportunity…and it’s even more of a wonderful opportunity for your students. Enjoy every moment!

  2. I’m sure that anything you do with them will be beneficial, but part of me thinks that turning off the phones and computers and going to the farmy would help a lot of kids these days.

  3. That sounds so much like a Waldorf school. When you see how well education can work when there’s simply a different mindset, it makes public schooling that much more difficult to accept. Have a wonderful time, get recharged! Kids in a positive learning situation can do that for you.

  4. Have a great time in school and teaching Miss Gunther!!! Off to Israel and Jordan in the morning!

  5. There is lots of really good learning happening in many schools – even our conventional classrooms. And when there is that positive influence from the top down magic happens. c

  6. I’m still back-reading your blog but just read a post from 2011 about how you wanted to get kids and families more involved with gardening and farming. I wondered if you ever considered 4H? I loved it as a kid. I’m sure they would love your input if that program is active there. I do realize you’ve probably thought of everything at this point. I like the aims of the food is free movement, although I haven’t gotten involved…maybe this year.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your Texas adventure!

  7. Can’t believe you’re just down the road from me! I met the founders of KIPP in one of their first classrooms when they were just young and filled with ideas that ought to work. It’s been delightful to watch them soar.
    You are certainly in the right place – they should be thrilled to have you with them.
    Been outside and away from screens as the weather is far too nice to miss (sorry about the pollen and all the oak trees shedding leaves right now) – so now have to go back and read and catch up with you.
    (Hope you also get to the rodeo)

      • Great plan. The rodeo has become more of a music concert these days. The livestock barns/competitions are still interesting (and less costly/crowded)
        Don’t be disappointed with our beach and gulf waters which is so not the Caribbean blue. We’ll be making one last run down east beach and over to the state park area with the dog possibly this weekend before the Spring Breakers show up.
        A beach house to lounge in sound wonderful. Couldn’t ask for better weather>

  8. Sounds like your in for an interesting time! Good luck.

  9. It is important for them to learn that the journey can be more important than the destination, though I’m not sure I would be able to translate that into social media of today? Laura

  10. I am playing catch up on posts. This sounds exciting and I can’t wait to hear about the beaches in Texas. I just heard an interview this week of someone there and they said it was beautiful. If anyone can judge a beach, it should be you. Have fun!

  11. If anyone can get the mud to stick on these kids, it’s you Ms C. You are a profoundly articulate and captivating speaker. You will suck them right in as I have first hand knowledge of that. It’s these young people we need to be aware and well educated. There are charter schools here where I live and a niece got a fantastic and open education through them. My children nor I had that and I’d like to see better education come to all. You will do an amazing job there and I’m anxious to hear more.

  12. I love a teacher who talks with the students, rather than at them. As one of the gals said, ‘It’s magical”! I’m sure you one day with them will stick in their minds. Perhaps there will be more? Have a great time!

  13. I love the idea that someone is finally teaching kids that social media isn’t real life, it’s a tool to be used, and used properly. Do enjoy your interaction with the students; I wish you could have brought along Miss Sheila for true impact! She’s an example of the power of social media if you like: she’s a star on several continents, thanks to blogging, and all without the least effort on her part 🙂

  14. I am learning to be a docent at an old farm called Wilder Ranch that is now a State Park, I am loving it. Have fun with your workshop.

  15. Oh Celi, I would (if I could) be adding a whole PILE of “likes” to this post. BRAVA!! (And here’s hoping there’s a tonne that stuck today; )

  16. Have l missed something? Where has the farmy gone? Why are you there? Lots of love from one totally confused old lady

    • I was wondering the same thing! Recently I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with any of the blogs I follow, but I just checked in and saw this post. I’m curious. It sounds like a great opportunity, Celi. 🙂

  17. Gosh Celi .. I didn’t know that you would be doing this. How exciting! Wish I was one of the students .. Yes I want to hear more too 🙂👏

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