I awoke this morning to the sounds of beach birds. My window is wide open to the scented sea air. The rattan blinds gently rocking in the sweetest of breezes. I am sitting in a big comfy bed, with my letterless laptop propped on a cushion on my knees. Bliss. 

Yesterday I spent a perfectly lovely day surrounded in the loud enriching sounds of smiling welcoming Houston children. My workshop went off without a hitch and as I told the bright and funny young people  who had elected to spend their lunchtime with me – I was sad when we had to end our workshop.



We left the bright and busy environment and drove out to Galveston turned right and proceeded down the beachfront until we found Amanda’s family beach house.



It was busy driving all the way.


But crossing that bridge brought us into another world. There is a different feel to the streets – an old fashioned blowsy kind of feeling.

Galveston is a barrier island  on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Long and thin and picked at  by the flowing diving currents. The sun was setting ahead of us as we drove the length of the island to our destination.  And the Atlantic Ocean that fills the Gulf, and that  Gulf Stream that flows through just beneath the surface, was choppy and chilled – her sea eyes slapping and narrowing at us as we drove along the sea wall.

The first thing I need to do when I settle anywhere is get my bearings. The faces in a North/West direction.  I have been peering out the window but I cannot see the sea from here (best not to live right on the beach in this hurricane ravaged coast). Though I have not been onto the beach yet the shore line seems to run East and West.  This gives me a slightly odd feeling being used to an East facing Coast or a West Coast beach.  I have a feeling I would have been able to see the sunrise too, probably over my shoulder,  if there had been one. But it seems I brought my clouds with me.


Later last night we went out to dinner and as we walked we passed galleries and bright clothing shops, the people were planted sprawling and unhurried in their chairs on the sidewalk, weedy and casual. When we went out to dinner it was loud and festive and a delight.  (I had giant shrimp on grits and it was divine – I have never had grits before – the word GRITs does not sound inviting – but the dish is not gritty at all). They tell me there is a New Orleans feel here but I have never been to New Orleans so I cannot compare. However, there is definitely a different air here – different from anywhere else I have visited in the vast United States.


Everywhere I have visited so far this year I have brought clouds. It seems it is no different this time either. Until I set foot on this island there was a sunny weekend forecast. The irony! It is warm though and this dull light makes for good colour saturation in photographs.

I will be out walking on that beach just as soon as I can get myself ready. Before that Illinois rain catches up with me.  I have been warned about watching out for rattlesnakes so I will take my Aussie Snake Stick with me.

I hope you have a lovely day. I will have a lovely day of exploration.

More tomorrow.

Love celi


WEATHER in Galveston TX

Saturday 03/03 10% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies this morning will become overcast during the afternoon. High 71F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph.

Saturday Night 03/03 20% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 67F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph.

WEATHER on the farm

Saturday 03/03 0% / 0 in
Sunny. High 49F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night 03/03 0% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 27F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

24 Comments on “GALVESTON

  1. I have never been to that part of Texas either. I can imagine the feel of it from your words. Looking forward to more beautiful photos. Though I do miss the farm. I saw some of the signs on the walls of the school. “We are all immigrants” is large enough that is should be able to penetrate the most feeble of minds. # 45 should spend a few days there.

  2. You’re a Rain God! I hope it holds off long enough for you to enjoy your beach walk and a few hours of dry weather before the clouds do their thing.

  3. I still have not found out why you are where you are…its not coming on my facebook page…please write to tell me why

  4. I am beginning to think I should book you into my sisters AirB&B in Cape Town …. if you bring rain CT may pay you to stay 🙂 School looks lively with all those bright colours. Laura

  5. I looked back at yesterday hoping that you had replied to tell me why…but nothing…please tell me so l can stop worrying

  6. I have always enjoyed Galveston – although I have not visited since we moved here. We have visited the island many times and enjoyed both the beach and the old town. One year we did kayaking between the island and the coast and enjoyed that even though my arms got really tired. I know the beach will refresh you after the winter you have had.

  7. I know both Galveston and a Houston as my mom lived in Houston for a long time. I loved it. Loved the enormous sky. It is fragile land down there. Ground zero for hurricanes and rising waters. Dear Galveston! The school pictures break my heart. We ARE all immigrants! It is hard to look at that lovely warm place for children to learn, think of the recent shooting in Florida, and realize that those governing us really don’t give a shit about protecting children and childhood. Because it isn’t just about self defense. It’s about preserving what youth is supposed to be about. Sorry…ranting. But those lovely school pictures unleashed my inner angry mom-wolf.

  8. I love the brightly colored walls in that school. It seems it would be such a cheerful place to learn everyday…I especially loved the message on one of those brightly colored walls…That would be a a great message to put in the oval office right now but doubt anyone there would be able to understand it.
    I have never been to Galveston either but I have been to New Orleans and if you never travel anywhere in the US again…make New Orleans your last visit. You will love it! There is not another city like it…especially the French Quarter!

  9. Welcome to Texas my friend!!! We are about 5 hours north of you, but would rather be enjoying the Gulf and beach in Galveston with you.

  10. Galvez as the natives say is a very laid back community. Enjoy the beach sounds and smells and the seafood. Maybe you find a sand dollar as you stroll.

  11. Rattlesnakes on the beach? I don’t know about that, but they DO have gators…I’ve seen ’em.

    Your trip has just reminded me of my first there at 17. My friend wanted to escape her terrible home life, family business pressure and see the ocean so I went along. We didn’t tell anyone, we just took off. We lived in Dallas so it was a long trip. It was liberating, but on the way back my friend discovered the business money bag full of cash under her drivers seat. She had failed to put it in the safe before leaving. By the time we got back everyone thought we’d been robbed and were lying dead somewhere. So much for being sneaky.

    BTW, you MUST go to New Orleans…the French Quarter.

  12. Hey, Ceci! Ever since your visit to California, we have had rain. hail. sleet. snow and repeat! Thank you so much! W need every drop of it and then some. The brightly colored school rooms are delicious candy for the eyes and soul. Wish we’d had that in our schools, but the State mandated forest-truck green with every thing that had to do with the State of Oregon and, lo and behold, California schools followed suit! YUK!

  13. Enjoy your Gulf coast beach, Celi. I did have the pleasure of walking the beach on South Padre Island much further south and a bit west from Galveston. The first visit was in November, just after Thanksgiving, it was in the upper 80s (I love hot weather), the second was in March, it was cold and windy and everything felt very oily. It was interesting. I did get to drive past Houston and Galveston, but haven’t visited, also drove past Baton Rouge. Do watch out for the rattlesnakes, if people are warning you, the snakes are there. I bet Sheila would’ve loved to come with you.

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