I did not set out to be a pig farmer but there you are. Yesterday when I was talking to the man who was going to reverse my trailer into a tight spot, I heard someone else say behind me, in a low voice, to someone I could not see “Oh,  that’s Cecilia. She’s the Lady Pig Farmer”. As though they had discussed this before as something unusual and noteworthy and wanted to put a face to the name. poppy-010

Poppy is still waiting and is at the ‘eating the bed’ stage. No matter what I put in there she eats it. Straw, wood shavings – the lot.  I think some of it is a built-in dietary craving for some mineral the rest is her babies having a growth spurt.


I closed her door last night to keep the rain and wind out and as I sit here writing I can hear her bashing at the door to be let out.  She has quite a big space but she hates a shut door.


Tane and below: Wai.


Wai is losing weight slowly but it will take the whole summer really.  He is a funny wee pig. Any other pig forced into the company of other pigs (in this case Tima and Tane) will eventually give in and seek their warmth in the night.  Wai, though he will share a leaf of hay with Tane, refuses to sleep with them.  He prefers his own house and growls like a bear of either of them approach his lair.


Molly is over her very energetic breeding period – now, we wait a little under three weeks to see if she will come back into heat.  Then I will write her baby date into the diary.

We have snow in the forecast.  Sigh.  This is turning into a very long winter – usually  by now I am preparing the garden. But there you are April is going to be inclement.

My new chicks (ducks and layers) are due to arrive sometime next week.  I am going to call the chick growers today and discuss our options. There is a chance we can put heat packs in with the ducklings.  Next week is looking a little warmer but not by much.

It being a rainy day, I will be cleaning out the turkey house today.  Though it looks like the chicks will be beginning their lives here in the basement – under lights. Which I hate – I hate the basement.  But I see no warmth coming within the next ten days.

I sold 20 dozen eggs this week.  The chickens are doing very well this spring. They like this temperature.

I better go let that sow out.  She has sunflower sprouts with her breakfast this morning!

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

WEATHER: Rain, thunderstorms then snow.  I wonder whether we will get thundersnow.  Evidently that is very rare. Snow in April is not so common itself though not unheard of.

Tuesday 04/03 100% / 0.63 in
Thunderstorms likely. High 48F. Winds ENE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

Tuesday Night 04/03 40% / < 1 in
Rain and snow showers this evening will become mainly snow showers overnight. Windy as well. Low 28F. Winds WNW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of precip 40%.

6:33 am 7:20 pm

Waning Gibbous, 91% visible 10:47 pm 8:37 am

38 Comments on “THE LADY PIG FARMER

  1. Lady Pig Farmer has overtones of respect, I think… more so than Crazy Pig Lady, or Pig Woman, for example. You’ve earned the title Farmer many times over, and they’re taking it for granted. Congratulations! That Wai is looking quite amazing compared with the bitter, flinching, wounded animal who first arrived. More congratulations…

    • Well, thank you. It is also a play on the word ‘pig’ too., Here they are HOGS, the babies are pigs but I always refer to my HOGS as PIGS! Forgetting the local terms.

    • Yes, I agree, a title of respect. It did, however, cause me to laugh out loud when I first read it. And I am coming around to agreeing; this early spring weather is just awful. Our forecast shows snow expected next Monday, although a lot can change between now and then. Hope you’re able to keep dry, at least. — Mame. 🙃

  2. The Lady Pig Farmer!!!!!! That says it all for today!!!
    Have a good one !!!!
    Stay warm n dry!!!

  3. Lady Pig Farmer – how cute. Mom gets called the pig lady a lot. I don’t understand that. Mom is not a pig. Daddy on the other hand maybe – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. Take care my sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Lady Pig Farmer, whoohooo 🙂 Katechiconi has it in a nutshell. 20doz eggs, wow! I just wish your summer would hurry itself up a bit. Laura

  5. Just love the new name! One of many said with respect, no doubt! We call our goat lady, The Goat Lady, and it is with affection and appreciation. And speaking of goats, one of ours, Betty Boop, delivered triplets yesterday. I was so hoping she wouldn’t have triplets, as it’s often then difficult for all three to get enough milk. Well, sure enough, one was not doing as well, and it is in the house being bottle fed. Reminds me of you and your baby sheep. I”m so hoping that as soon as she gets a bit stronger we can put her back with her mom and the other two babies. Fingers crossed!

    • With Mama’s babies I just hung over the fence and fed mine but left them with her. That way they still learnt how to be a sheep (goat) but saw me as their milk mother though hopefully get some from her Mum as well. In a way I supplemented the weak one . Does that make sense? It helps if they stay part of the herd and the family group.

  6. Wai looks so good! I hope the piglets don’t arrive until after your snow.
    The whole country seems to have a weird long winter. We had snow night before last and more predicted for Friday. Not a lot in either case, but it is late for this level of cold. I wonder if the last frost date will get broken.

    • And we have more snow in the forecast for later in the week too – Thursday then Sunday and Monday. So I cannot see her missing the snow. As long as they get warmed up after birth then learn where the creep is with the warm light and floor – I think they will be OK. Hopefully. c

  7. I think “the Lady Pig Farmer” is a compliment and it definitely means you have status in your area.
    I wonder if Tane and Tima snore loudly?

  8. The fact that you are a lady farmer would make them feel awed by you but you raise pigs with personality and do it with a kind heart would be enough to make me shout it from the rooftops not whisper it behind my hand. They should have come to shake your hand or touch your sleeve, You make women proud.

  9. Giggle! Wai has the tiniest, shortest little legs!!! How do they hold him up? Can he walk, or does he WAIddle?

  10. I think it has overtones of respect too. Well put, katechiconi. Wai is a marvelous version of his former self. A darling little black lump. I don’t blame him for wanting to sleep alone. After all he’s been through at the hands of others, he probably doesn’t trust anyone really truly…not even another piggy.

  11. Images of a fair lady in a fancy hat, gloves, tea length dress, heels and pearls in your barn tending to Poppy and Sheila has me giggling. Deborah Kerr style from An Affair to Remember…… I’m seeing hats on Poppy and Sheila too…. You are a lady and a fine farmer in every sense of the words, but I still day dream at times.

  12. Nothing more enlightening than hearing yourself spoken about particularly in low tones. Hilarious really.

  13. The Lady Pig Farmer. Has a ring to it. Without generalising, however from a positive marketing point of view many people traditionally perceive women as more authentic & trustworthy than men, especially when it comes to nurturing & food.

  14. Lady Pig Farmer is definitely respectful, though I wonder why they were speaking in low voices? Perhaps just being careful in case you’d be offended. When I was buying deer feed for Daisy – long before there were deer farms in this area, I was called, “The Deer Lady”. I had to call in my order for deer feed since it wasn’t normally kept on hand. It used to tickle me how the farm store folks gathered around to hear the latest news on Daisy when I’d come by to pick up my order. Later I became “The Deer Lady in the Jag”. I used our old 2001 Jaguar to do my errand running and it was no problem to pack 4 or 6 deer feed bags in the trunk.
    Isn’t it great fun to eavesdrop?

  15. Yes, Kate does have it so right! Having come to the Lounge for a cuppa for well over four years when there was home-made wine, honey, sheep and so on and forth, I don’t think any of us saw that you would ‘specialize’ in the ‘oink-oink’ area of farmy production! Well, you have had time to see what works and pays the inevitable expenses . . . may the little ones be born safely and bring a smile on everyone’s face, ‘Lady Pig Farmer’ 🙂 !

  16. I was looking at photos from this time during past years — last year, I was getting the garden all cleared out and ready for the coming growing season. And the grass was brilliantly green on April 25th. Right now, the garden is under feet of snow, with more falling. It’s… disheartening.

  17. When we had the farm in Quebec and I was there for months on my own I would sometimes hear myself referred to by some of the villagers as La Femme de Claude Roy – the wife of Claude Roy. That was my designation it seems. It helped to explain “the American woman who had a French name.. but spoke English and ‘rather crappy’ French.” ; o )

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