After being rained on the day we were to bale and then all the next night, yesterday evening we finally got the hay baled and under cover. About one hundred bales are pretty good – a little wetter than they should be …… but I have stored them in the loft of the barn on their sides, lightly salted with mineral salt and plenty of air in between every one.  There are about thirty that are very green, almost too heavy to lift – but we had to get them off the field before last nights rain and these will be fed out in the next few days. The balance I fed straight over the fence to the waiting cows, they were too green to even last the night. But would have spoiled in the field with two more nights of rain in the forecast.

Altogether we brought in 168 very heavy bales and my shoulders ache but I needed to sort every one so the green bales did not get into the barn. They can heat up to the point of combustion. Fire is a very real risk with green bales but they will be fed out fast so as to reduce the number that spoil.aa1123

The cows will be very well fed this week.

My objective was to get the hay in so I can feed it out this next two weeks, saving the fields for when I am away in Greece. Then all John has to do for  the cows, is open and shut gates while I am gone. So Ii have achieved my objective – this is good.

Also today I am taking over half of one of the hay fields, fencing it and turning it into grazing. We need more grazing. I need those cows eating out of the fields for much longer – feeding out is crazy when they should be feeding themselves.

Even right into the winter.


Hay-making wears me out. Emotionally and physically. And hiring in the help to get the hay baled is expensive too. More fields is the answer. Or less cows I suppose!

Anyway – the hay is IN. My weekend visitors are having a wonderful time – we are eating well and working well and I can so grateful they were here for this weekend, John was busy elsewhere so they made ALL the difference and tonight I have a short term woofer arriving for a week to help me get the gardens in.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Love celi

WEATHER: Cloudy and more rain coming. The local farmers cannot believe all the rain my farm is getting. Many locals even as close as six miles away are starting to hurt. There are murmurings of a dry summer ahead

Sunday 20% Precip. / 0 in
Generally cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 68F. Winds ENE at 10 to 20 mph.

Sunday Night 80% Precip. / 0.32 in
Showers this evening, becoming a steady rain overnight. Thunder possible. Low 53F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.





25 Comments on “UNDER COVER

  1. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together. Laura

  2. Well done….you always surprise me…dont know why! ….you always seem to achieve what you set out to do and yet you have so much to do…no wonder you are aching

    You will enjoy the break to Greece…Bulgaria is just next door..sort of….you could pop in to see us. Its only over the border and straight up the middle

    Lots o love

  3. Oh my word, what hard work. I know you’re good for it, but I still marvel at what you’re able to cope with.

  4. Just want to add a bit.. Its not only your writing that makes my day…but just reading all the other comments…fantastic…the way a blog should be

  5. Cecilia, my neighbors grow hay and I’ve watched them over the years as they bale. It is HARD work! I’d be aching too! Sorry to hear about all the rain … that is the thing when you depend on the weather. Our neighbors were forced to bale “too dry hay” last year on account of the extremely hot and dry summer we had last year. Other farmers locally actually come to my neighbor for hay because he always has some left over. You deserve to rest. Please take care of you! 💝

  6. Whew! A giant sigh of relief, and lots less worry now! Good news about the woofer too! All will be in order when you are away!

  7. The expression, make hay while sun shines, takes on real meaning when it’s in your field.

    The satisfaction of hay in the barn is hard to explain !

  8. Oh, such HUGE congratulations on your haymaking, Ceci! Love the shot in the rearview mirror. Gives things a whole different perspective and mystique! Thanks!

  9. Interesting story on our Aussie Landline show yesterday….western Qland and NSW farmers have had drought for so long, and have no grass, so are either buying in hay or agisting their cattle…….so costs were compared. There wasn’t a lot of difference but still thousands of dollars to do either……..then if there’s still no rain, it has to be done all over again. A heartbreaking life. You’re doing well for your handful of cows.

  10. So glad the hay has worked out! I think of you and your challenges often. xx

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