Yesterday Valerie and I moved the four hogs into the big Pig Pasture. Relocating pigs really is like herding cats. But eventually all four were in the field. It is high and thick with vegetation. They will not need much grain at all in here – with all this feed. 


Which is a blessing as we have reached that period in the season when I am spending more money on feed than I am making. The asparagus is finished and the egg production has dropped to normal summer proportions which give me just enough for the pigs and none left over to sell. Soon I will begin to sell pork and beef again. The animals need just a wee bit more summer.

The eggs and the fields are the pigs main food so the plan is working.

This canopy of sunflowers is great shade for the pigs on hot days. Today we will set up the wallow in this little clearing  and of course they have the calf hut as shelter.


The ducks are already doing so much better in the open field. They show less and less panic every day.  Yesterday evening they came out to graze for a while and were nice and easy to herd back into their house at the end of the day.

Boo is getting very good at ignoring them.

Today will be warm. It is set- up day for a busy weekend in the Airbnb. And the weekend will be very hot – the weather people are putting out extreme heat warnings already. But today will be nice!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: A lovely day for cleaning the outside windows and sweeping the porches.

Thursday 0% Precip. / 0 in
Cloudy early with peeks of sunshine expected late. High 88F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday Night 40% Precip. / 0.03 in
Partial cloudiness early, with scattered showers and thunderstorms overnight. Low 71F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

I looked back a year and Wai was new to the farm. I smiled at my optimism. Now that we know the rot that was festering under those hard scabs and the terrible time he had ahead of him. He looked so tidy in these photos. I still don’t understand how the skin turned so hard over the top of his dreadful burns. It had to be the solution the first vet soaked him in. It made everything so much worse. Poor fellow. This time last year .

24 Comments on “LIKE HERDING CATS

  1. So good to hear your plans are all coming together! Really glad the ducklings are finally settling in: )
    Good luck with that standing hay; )

  2. Wai is the reason I originally followed your blog. I stumbled upon one of the first posts about him and had to know if he was going to make it. Now I am so caught up in your whole operation! I look forward to reading your post every morning!

  3. Wai the farmy miracle for sure … You will soon have the ducks eating out of your hands. This season’s pork is going to be the very best

  4. Can the ducks wander anywhere on the farmy when they come out? And do they go back easily because they know it is their home base? We are getting ready to release our ducklings into their permanent home, where they will stay for several weeks before we let them out into the big, wide world of our farmy. We just need to make sure they return to their permanent home every night so the predators don’t get them!

    • I think we need June wildflowers to pop in and answer that question. But your plan sounds perfect to me so far. I think if they know WHERE their permanent shelter IS it will be easier to herd them back in there? This is my theory anyway

  5. You could almost lose the pigs in there!
    Those ducks are beginning to realise that the sky won’t fall on their heads.

  6. We have rain rain and even more rain. Maybe in UK l will find the sun.

    I am pleased that things are going well..pigs are happy… Ducks are happy..Boo is happy…that makes for one happy MissC…and Valerie

    Is it really a year since Wai first came..time flies and look at him now..that is constant care and buckets of love Xxx

  7. A year since Wai came to you where does the time go! I think sometimes it’s just as well you don’t know how hard a thing is going to be, as I think a lot of people would throw in the towel. But you did it and look at him now, a credit to you. 👍😀

  8. Lovely to read this morning….gorgeous photos and YES hasn’t Wai done so well! Thanks to your TLC!

  9. I loved your comments under the weather forecast! Windows are something I’m trying to get done before it gets too hot here. The porches and deck… too many leaves still falling…an exercise in futility! Just keeping the millions of spiders out of the house is a routine, never ending job in the summer! For Wai, I remember how we all celebrated when the last scab came off! Yay for Wai Wai and ALL the piggies of the world! Bless you Miss C. for your knowledge, patience, and caring!,

  10. I’m unable to access Wai from a year ago. Something about URL and Safari. ☹️

  11. Wai can bring cheer to any bad day. Are you happy with the decision to not be milking this summer?

  12. Stupid #!!*×!#%! vet. (That’s for Wai, who is too nice to say crude things. Or maybe he is so happy with you that he has erased the bad memories.)

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