Yesterday I took Amanda and both dogs and our little picnic of Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails on the newly repaired four wheeler down the seldom mown path to the Wild Forest.

I have three forests growing. One is the Fellowship Forest which is a collection of flowering and wild fruiting trees – many of which have been donated by you – the Fellowship. One is a long strip of Mulberry trees planted by the birds and saved from death-by-tractor with me roping it off.

This one is a collection of wild trees and a number of maples. Half wild planted, half people planted by Us.

This is where I go to be far from home. But am really very close to home as the crow flies.

This is the picnic spot.

Even though it is on the other side of the Flying Fox that was never finished and right across the ditch from the asparagus patch it is reached by riding down the road, across the bridge, through the West Farm, then back along the ditch – then we follow a long and winding trail cut through the long grass. It feels solitary, alive and quiet and thanks to the trees and milkweed and a few wild flowers that have begun to take hold it is a paradise for birds and butterflies and dragonflies.

And people and dogs.

My dream is to take a good portion of the family land on this side of the farm and using a government program to help farmers return the land to prairie, enlarge this strip of wilderness into great swathes of resting plains alongside my own fields for cows and hay.

It is an enormous dream.

But until then I tend the trees and sow wild flowers and grasses down here. Or just sit.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Perfect for some lazy gardening and lawn mowing.

High of 85f with a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms this afternoon.

23 Comments on “THE WILD FOREST

  1. A huge and wonderful dream, to restore a slice of Nature to herself. In the meantime, how lovely to enjoy the gifts of sun, silence and flowers 🙂

  2. Yay the 4 wheeler is fixed and pomegranate champagne cocktails in a secret place make a heavenly combination 🙂 Laura

  3. We are nothing without dreams.
    Happy sitting and imagining.
    It makes all the work and chores worthwhile.

  4. Hooray for repaired four wheelers! And for sunny Sunday afternoons in the company of friends and where the only sounds are those of the dogs and the natural world.

  5. I have, just recently, actually, heard about the government program of setting aside land for prairie and for pollinators. A dream to dream and hopefully act upon as time goes on. Lovely post.

  6. A new poem idea: “resting plains.” And to think I almost missed it for looking at the two pictures that frame that wonderful phrase so well. Now for the poem . .

  7. I’m so happy that you have mentioned milkweed for the monarchs. The little soil I have edging our driveway is graced with milkweed. Im disappointed to say I’ve seen only two monarchs. (I hope it wasn’t the same one!)
    Ton looks so glad to be buried in the cool tall grass. What a lovely secret garden.

  8. I love your dream. It sounds magnificent! I would love to lie on that picnic blanket and listen to the buzzing and whirring of insects and the shooshing of the grasses and leaves in the breeze. Sigh.

  9. Celia, dear girl. You have created your own bit of heaven. One cannot ask for more than this. Your sanctuary for the now. and for generations to come. Our world thanks you. Cheers Virginia

  10. You have mulberries! That is SO rad (if I have not already said that). They are not native here. It was one of the few plants that I wanted from Oklahoma but did not get. I happen to have a small shrubby mulberry that I got from a client’s garden. I do not even know what species it is. Black mulberries used to grow on the outskirts of the orchards to keep birds distracted while the apricots, prunes, cherries or whatever was in the orchard ripened. When I eventually get a mulberry, I want it to be either a red mulberry from North America, or one of the black mulberries that used to grow outside the orchards.

  11. Fantastic pleasure to sit in the shade, and enjoy nature and the company of friends and pets. Thank you for the happy break! Returning the land to prairie grasses and treed havens is inspiring. Best of luck!

  12. What a lovely wild place to create and be. Un-cultivating… allowing natural and native spaces I liken to feeding benignly generated power back into the earth’s grid. We have a wild patch of weeds and invasive plants out the back that we maintain as a haven for birds, bees, butterflies and godknowswhat ☺

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