We are off on an adventure today.

See you tomorrow!!


WEATHER: Perfect.

PS – in case you cannot work out the mystery of this hilarious image – it is Boo, me, then Amanda on the 4 Wheeler driving at speed. Ton is tucked in beside my boot and though his shadow is not captured – he is there. And yes, Boo is sitting on my knee!! Driving apparently!

29 Comments on “AND WE’RE OFF

  1. Great image! Have fun. Your fields are green ours are all brown and dry. We need rain! Never thought I’d say that.😀

  2. Oh, that’s priceless! It’s an expedition of the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, Sherlock Holmes and Rodin’s Thinker!

  3. Good luck Boo, having a driving licence is very liberating 😂 enjoy your adventure. Laura

  4. Hee, hee!! Sherlock Holmes sans pipe? You could write any number or type of story to go with that phantastic photo! LOVE IT!

  5. Boo is a great Doggie!!! Me and Boo woulda been real buddies farming together!!! Hopping up on my John Deere and away we go to the field!!

  6. An adventure, how wonderful!!! Of course, Boo must drive if you’re off on an adventure. I’m sure you, Amanda, Boo and Ton will have a grand time. Hopefully Tima will behave herself while you’re away.

  7. This is great! I hope your adventures were as epic as this pic. Hope you’ll turn it into a card.

  8. That looks totally adventurous. Have fun sweet friend – can’t wait to read about it. XOXO – Bacon

  9. Are we all surprised the wheel is fixed and ready to go? Yes, I would say this is great news!

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