I am quite sure Molly is pregnant. Well, kind of quite sure.
But she is a long way from farrowing yet..

This week I will work on her bedroom in the barn and start cleaning up the creep  for the babies.




John found an old tire to replace the flat one on the tractor. But the new old one has a slow leak. I guess he is going to buy a new tire in due course. But in the meantime I pump up the tire every morning. The AIR  compressor is in the basement of the house as it has to be plugged in so I drive the tractor into the garden right up by the porch so the air hose will reach to the tire.


Do you see that pointy thing? That is my new attachment – I use it to move the big round bales. It has one long pointy thing and two short pointy things  on either side and as long as I have enough weight on the back of the tractor it works very well.

I am taking a big bale out to each of the  herds of cows this morning. I need to rest a few of the fields.


With the tractor I towed the hay rack back from the West Side and settled it close to the developing duck pond. This is for the ducks to shelter under on sunny days. But the ducks thought the trailer was a monster and spent the whole day on the other side of the Corridor Paddock glaring at it with horror. I had to wait hours to get this shot.

Ducks don’t like change.

Can anyone remember off hand when these ducks came? They should start to lay at about 6 months old I think.  I was thinking September. Thank goodness I keep this online farm journal – we can look up these things.


Molly has gone from her wallow. Molly has left the building!!!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

THE WEATHER: Quite,  quite lovely.

Monday 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 81F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Monday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 62F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

41 Comments on “CROCODILE MOLLY

  1. April 21.. Love the ducks. as for the pigs in the fields – you need a go pro camera I guess and just film them over a period of time.

  2. Oh, the temperatures there are ideal! Down here it has been incredibly hot, mid and uppers 90s! And no rain for over a month! We are hoping for a cool off soon, and doing rain dances for some rain!

  3. We kept ducks and geese many years ago, and raised ducks for meat as well. None of ours laid eggs the first year – rather they started to lay in the spring like they would do in the wild – so they have time to hatch and raise their offspring. Daylight hours dictate this, and although we can make our chickens lay year round by putting them on lights – our ducks and geese lived outside with a winter shelter. I’ll be interested to see if yours start laying this fall 😊 I never had any luck with that.

    • All my chickens start to lay when they about 5 -6 months old ( no matter the month) and the younger ones lay all through the winter too. The older ones take a break for a couple of months. This breed of duck is reported to lay almost every day of the year for a few years. You and I will both be interested to see what they do.

  4. Do pigs suffer morning sickness? Molly looks a bit piqued.

    • She was asleep actually which is rare to see and covered in dry mud. I hope she is well- anything bad with mum always seems to result in problems with the piglets

  5. Wonder what the ducks would make of a drone. Laura

  6. Just this. As usual love the details of your life and work. I find it fascinating all the time. We could use wallows here. It is hot and dry. We often end up behind tractors on the small roads here putting along with those “pointy things” carrying giant single round bales from here to there. I love it when farm life makes us all slow down enough to enjoy the scenery. Voila!

  7. Don’t you wish there were cow and pig home pregnancy tests? Getting them to pee on the stick might take some doing though.😀

  8. Oh, now, a drone! What an amazing panoramic view of the Farmy that would produce! Plus you could use it to keep an eye on naughty escape-artist pigs and locate invisible calves. What do you think, Miss C? Should we start a crowd-funding appeal for an Eye in the Farmy Sky for you?

  9. One assumes that ‘ pointy thingy’ is a new technical term used by very strange but very lovely lady farmers…but its a very pretting pointy thingy …thats for sure. Cant a rubber patch be put over the leaky used on bicycles… More exciting! I vannot revall the date that the ducks arrived but l think there were 15 little yellow chicks who arrived in a box.. Stay cool Miss C..the temperatures are rising Love from bg

  10. I love Molly the Crocodile, along with Poppy and Manu. they must be such happy pigs!
    I wonder if you can get a tube for the tractor tyre – not as good a tubeless, but cheaper than a new tyre.

  11. Somewhat like the ducks I’m not sure about a drone but for the reason I like seeing the days and happenings through your eyes 📷

  12. Is that the dreaded wild parsnip drying up, in one of the pics? I’ve been reading that this invasive plant can, when the “milk” inside is touched, be very injurious to people. I see it in droves all along Illinois highways. Have you ever had an incident with the stuff??

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