Why is this a bad thing?  I talk to myself the whole day – of course I pretend I am talking to the dogs.  But – however. Thinking out loud helps clarify things. In fact, thinking out loud is a good way to get rid of cerebral rubbish.  Taking out the verbal trash so to speak – please excuse the pun. And that process  is best done alone sometimes. Most times actually. DSC_0032DSC_0036DSC_0031DSC_0040

That second to last duck photo is my favourite.

Let me know when you get bored of duck pictures. But now that we have finally made friends, or at least made peace, I am getting to really like them.  Boo and I sit and watch them for ages sometimes. My research tells me that they should start to lay in about a month. The beginning will be staggered so there will not be a day suddenly filled with duck eggs. I think they will take us all by surprise. There is concern that they may not begin if it gets too close to fall but we will see. September is a perfect month.

Also now that it looks like they are settling in I will have to think about a proper house for them.


There is talk of a new restaurant being built down the road – about 9 miles down the road –  with a microbrewery! Can you imagine the possibilities for a farmer like me. I am going to go down and nosy about today – see if I can find out some info.  This may be a really great bonus for the pigs. HURRY UP! I will say!

Jake’s restaurant is still coming along. They are making the Hood for the kitchen now and after that it is just appliances. The dining room looks marvelous. But he is working with a budget so things must happen in a certain order and slowly so as not to break the bank and his back.


The ducks found the barn yesterday – at least they stay in a tight flock so they are really easy to herd. And so LOUD that I never lose them. They honk and laugh out loud, chattering away in their deep voices. All day long. Betraying their whereabouts. I can tell from the house if they are straying.


I hope you have a lovely day.

I loved having you pop in to check on One Drop Meadows garden progress yesterday. 

We are a Fellowship aren’t we.  You are all so supportive of me and mine and each other too. I would be lost without the Lounge of Comments.

Love celi

WEATHER: It is actually chilly this morning. We woke up to 55F. This weather pattern is so unusual.

Saturday 07/28 0% / 0 in
Sunny to partly cloudy. High 79F. Winds light and variable.

Saturday Night 07/28 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low 58F. Winds light and variable.

5:45 AM 8:13 PM


Full, 100% visible 8:53 PM 6:22

42 Comments on “THINKING OUT LOUD

  1. So exciting about the new restaurant! Hurry up indeed!

    And I love that chicken picture. The lighting and the spacing and the pops of red of the chickens’ combs against the more subdued hues are just perfect!

  2. Then you will never be lost, as you will never be without the Lounge of Comments. I have a flock of wild ducks that visits regularly. They’re pretty vocal too, not honking and quacking but a high, sweet whistling. Which would explain why they’re called Whistling Ducks… Anyway, I can always tell when they’re in the back yard, as they arrive on the wing and announce their landing in advance 🙂 And I also think that the pigs would enjoy the microbrewery by-products: Mmmm! Barley mash! What lovely pork that would make.

      • The man I buy meat from gets the spent barley (whatever that might be) from the breweries in Milwaukee. He doesn’t feed it to his pigs, rather he mixes it in with his composted manure to use as a fertilizer. He just recently came and got three large trailer loads of horse manure from me for that purpose.

  3. Priorities here, the farmer will need to know if the brewery is beer or gin 🙂 🙂 then all other contingencies can be calculated after that 🙂 I think the ducks might be planning a winter home in the barn within easy pecking reach of those big bales. Laura

  4. Living alone means talking out loud to oneself is common. Sometimes you just need to actually hear a voice telling you “bravo” or even “how incredibly stupid was that move”!!

  5. This is mostly unrelated to anything in your post, but you do have cows, and I did think of you immediately when I saw this, so — here it is. Happy Day — and keep an eye on that wandering bull. You don’t know what duty he might have been conscripted for.

  6. I love all of your pictures, as all of your animals seem to know when you have your camera at the ready, and show their best cute photo…love the one of the cats too, and beauties.

  7. I never knew what I was missing before I had ducks! I LOVE listening to them as they go about their day. It really adds something to mine 🙂

  8. Please tell Sam there’s nothing wrong with old lady plants, especially poppy-like ones😯

  9. Not getting tired of the duck pictures yet. I hope you get your eggs soon. I thought the ‘bucket of cats’ was cute too. Enjoyed watching both of your son’s newest videos. Choosing plants/flowers for the garden was fun. Veggies coming soon I guess.

    I often talk to myself out loud, esp when I’m getting up to go downstairs cause I need to verbalize WHY I’m doing so. Hoping not to end up in the kitchen asking myself WHY I’m in there. If in doubt though … I make a cup of coffee. 🙂

  10. I think out loud too. Smoky the dog sleeps a lot considering his age but I say I’m talking to him. I don’t get any arguments I can’t win that way and I’m pretty much sure of a sensible response. Tane looks happy, the duck do too. That bull sounds like he’s just not going to cooperate. Having another restaurant available sounds like a good thing. I hope Jake can get things up and running soon.

  11. Ceci, thank you so much for sharing your son’s video with us! I consider it a privilege! You had a dog in you bucket, now you have two kitties in a pail! Love the stuff these characters get into! Great photos!

  12. Never tired of duck photos. I could listen to them all day, too.

  13. Well. I talk to myself all the time . . . no idea whether I actually vocalize 🙂 ! . . . and those ducks are a’growin and look ever-so-much-more comfortable! More and more ‘stuff’ to offer any new endeavour in the neighbourhood . . . right direction methinks . . .

  14. Your ducks are funny! I look forward to news about Jake’s restaurant. So exciting. And another one – amazing.

  15. I think we -The Lounge of Comments- are of one mind as well tend to be. We converse with ourselves, sometimes about how much we enjoy the antics of ducks, chooks, cows, pigs, dogs, cats…

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