There are a goodly number of pawpaw on the trees this year. They are liking this long cool spell and plumping up well, so I am watching them carefully. It is very hard to tell when a pawpaw is ready. And they seem to ripen at different rates of course.

When they are ripe I pick them and scoop the flesh out, sieve out the seeds and freeze the flesh. Pawpaw makes amazing icecream! They taste like mango but in miniature.


The roosters are laying wait. When the fruit is over-ripe it falls and makes a wonderful breakfast for a big bird.


The cat picture. It seems there is always a cat picture.


Last night while I was preparing these images for you, Jess, my Airbnb guest txted me some of the photos she has taken this week. She was happy for me to share these with you.

Grumpy cows. img_3535

But Jess has the touch.


Jessica is doing a summer internship on the local windmills as part of her studies literally climbing up through the tower and dong maintenance on the machines.  She is studying to be an engineer in sustainable energy and has more job offers than you can shake a stick at. Every day after work  she plays with TonTon.


He hears her car coming from far away and races to the front of the house where her door is and lays in weight. TonTon LOVES her.


With some of the profit from her stay I bought a little table top grill for Jess to use on the South Porch. She grills almost every night and after dinner she brings any left overs out to her pigs.


So, Molly loves her too.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: 59F as I write this morning. So cool.

Sunday 07/29 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 76F. Winds light and variable.

Sunday Night 07/29 20% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy skies this evening will become partly cloudy after midnight. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low near 60F. Winds light and variable.

5:46 AM 8:12 PM


Full, 98% visible 9:26 PM 7:19 AM

Let’s see what it was this time last year: almost exactly the same. It is funny when I look back a year – I am always shocked that it was ONLY a year ago.

37 Comments on “PAWPAW

  1. What fun to have a long-term boarder for the farm who isn’t necessarily working the farm with you but still involved with the animals in some way. Clearly Ton will have a hard go when she leaves 😦

  2. Tane …. those tusks😄 what joyous pictures of Ton in his element. What a wonderful field Jesd has chosen. Laura

  3. One of the common names for pawpaw is “hillbilly mango.” Since this species is native, I have started doing some research on whether they are toxic to tortoises or not. I am always looking for new foods to feed my animals. We are having a record-breaking egg season so far, so changing up their food seems to be working. Fingers crossed that the eggs actually HATCH. I’ll let you know next year!

  4. Wonderful photos! Whoa, Tane’s tusks are wild!!! Does he have them on top too? Just not protruding as much?

  5. Jess takes marvelous animal portraits & Ton in action shots. I’m glad she shared them with all of us.There are always cats posing for their close-ups. Word should spread that there are good jobs for those preparing themselves in sustainable energy. I loved pawpaws as a child which I ate with my cousins who had a fruitful tree. We had never tasted mangos then, we called them Indian bananas. But why did we never think to make to make ice cream with them?

  6. I bet the animals can smell when the fruit is ripe before humans.
    Those cows remind me of a Pink Floyd cover from the 70s – Atom Heart Mother.

  7. these pictures of the critters are always so full of personality. I never heard of paw-paw before. (I must have lead a sheltered life LOL)

  8. That lovely golden brown eye of Ton’s! I have a theory about fruit: it seems to me that whenever we have extreme weather, the fruit trees crop brilliantly well, as if to have a last ditch fling at preserving their genes. We’re having extremely dry and warm weather in north Queensland this winter and the mango trees are all bearing extraordinary amount of blossom. Maybe your pawpaws are the same…

  9. Another fun and informative post of your day on the farm. Love the pictures and the regal cat particularly caught my eye. Had a second look and … cow tongue. 🙂

  10. I would love to taste pawpaws. Mangos are a favorite around here. Pity they don’t have a good shelf life.

  11. Old song from my childhood “Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch”! That cat photo is gorgeous! Is that one of your adopted-as-a-kitten kitties? Oh, to be SO adored by Ton Ton – what a gift! Thank you for the lovely post today. By the way, Wai Wai sure is a different little piggy than a year ago! Has he ever been able to climb over that wall?

  12. Lots of stunning photos, and the cat has stunning markings. I love pawpaw but in England they’re so expensive (although understandable I suppose as they’ve had to travel so far).

  13. Wow! Pawpaw is one of those fruits that really deserves more attention! They are not native here, and not many have ever heard of them, even though most people here are from somewhere else where they probably grow. Cherimoya fruit can sometimes be found in stores, but is very expensive. I want to grow pawpay because it is native to North America, and I sort of think it is better than cherimoya. I have seen only a few trees in San Jose, and they were all small, since they had only recently been grown.

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