My posts will be intermittent for a wee while. Events beyond my control will be claiming my loving attention elsewhere. Some days will be better than others.


This is a farm blog. Not a family blog. And rest assured that all is well on the farm.


And I will pop in with my updates whenever I can. But not daily.


For a wee while I will not be daily like we have gotton used to.


Much love.



Saturday 08/04 20% / 0 in
Sunny to partly cloudy. High 91F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night 08/04 10% / 0 in
Mainly clear. Low 69F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

5:52 AM 8:05 PM


Waning Gibbous, 53% visible Not Available 1:22 PM

35 Comments on “INTERMITTENT

  1. I hope all will be well with you & yours. I’ll miss everyone on The Farmy each morning, but will be on the look-out for the Intermittents.

  2. Sending you and family resiliency, fortitude and much love and light as you go through what’s needed at this time. Your words will carry you through what’s needed sonkeep writng even if you don’t want to publish. Take good care, Ceci!

  3. I hope all comes out well. We shall certainly survive, however much we miss you and farm. Take care of those you love. We are patient.

  4. love all that you have shared with us! and yep. life does not move to our schedule. except for cats and farm critters. life moves to theirs.

  5. Our best to you and yours, Ceci! My sis just enrolled for your blog and when she didn’t get any reply, I told her something urgent must have come up, because it wasn’t like you to vanish. Thank you for getting in touch! Hope this wrinkle in life will be ironed out soon for you! Sending good thoughts. Til next we ‘talk’!

  6. We have learned to be more like Ton, sizing up the situation then lying nearby, alert; or like Sheila staring at the porch. Even now, when you turn we are close behind, like Wei, having been healed. Farmying here has taught us that. Life is thick, mixed, interdependent.

  7. Oh I hope you and yours are all okay. This heat is really really horrid. Doesn’t help any situation!

  8. The biggest hugs and most positive hopes and wishes . . . you know we all are and will be there . . .

  9. We’ll be here when you pop in. Sometimes we’re just needed elsewhere. I hope there is some enjoyment to your giving and service. In the meantime, breathe.

  10. Take care of your family and yourself. Thank you for always making me smile in the morning. I will think good thoughts. xo

  11. Totally understand–life happens and sometimes we just need to deal with it as it comes. Hope all is well and will be right here when you pop in!

  12. Be where your mother heart leads you. I too, have had other situations to attend to, and we cannot be everywhere. Well, I believe we can be but I haven’t figured out how to tap into that spiritual realm yet! 😀

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