My family at home in New Zealand are having some troubles so I am selling cows and pigs as fast as I can so I can fly home next week.

Aunty Anna, Txiki and Stupid ( 2 heifers and one cow ) are being sold in the next few days to two different locations. And on Monday I will clear the whole back field of the four hogs, I am literally spending days in the truck dragging the stock trailer. But last minute fares are not cheap.

With the help of my short term woofers I am getting the fences up to date and fine tuning my lazy laid back systems, getting all the pigs and birds and cows ready for John to take over for a week while working full time . It will not be easy for him.

Sometimes a Mama needs to be with her children. And there better not be anything getting in her way.

Anyway – the why is not my story to tell. But I felt I owed you a partial explanation for my lack of attention.

My Self is running on fumes already and I have days to go yet. I will be in and out of the blog but mostly Out with all the early morning deliveries of animals and the rush to get the farm ready for a hand over in six days.

I feel I am running right to the end of my mental and physical abilities. But there you are. I will get through – we all will. We must.

Mothers aye!

Photos taken by my latest Wwoofers Mary and Coco. They have been such a help.

Love celi

WEATHER: Still no rain.

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  1. May the Higher Powers be with you and yours . . . . our thoughts and prayers will be. Hour by hour, day by day . . . this too will pass. You will cope way better being with your family . . .

  2. In the midst of the chaos, you managed a glorious photo of the cat. You’ll manage everything else ahead of you just fine, too. I’m sure of it.

  3. Best of luck and goodness to you and your family. Mamas aye!

  4. “Here’s the thing,” indeed. I too shall pray you have a safe trip that includes valuable time with the kiddlies and hope all the troubles get cleared away. Missing your daily reports but surely there are times when schedules need adjustment. We are all there with you, at least in spirit. ~ Mame 🙂

  5. May all go well and your travel be smooth. Love and blessings to you and your family.

  6. I know how you feel—I’m worried about my sons too at the moment and it’s a horrible feeling. Thank god you have the girls to help at the moment at least. Hope everything turns out for the best. Xxx

  7. It is so difficult in trying times to be so far away from family. Hope all works out quickly and well. Sending you a big hug. 😘

  8. Oh no, I’m so sorry. It must be so hard to be away from your children, especially when there are challenges. I’m so glad you can go. I’m wishing you a productive week. You will find the energy – as you said, you must! Safe journey and I hope all goes well.

  9. I hope all goes well with your selling and getting things in order and it’s not too stressful, and I hope all goes well with your trip and family troubles. I’m very lucky as my daughters all live near, I can imagine how you must feel, as all you want to do is be there when they need you.

  10. All our thoughts will be with you as you travel. We need to be mamas more than we need to be anything else, sometimes. Safe travels.

  11. Sending my best wishes to you and your children and to John and all at the Farmy. Hoping for far off issues to be soothed and resolved with Mama close. Safe travels.

  12. Happy trails to you – may the long journey be blessedly uneventful. You will be bringing so much strength to your dear ones. There’s nothing like a mother’s support. Xo

  13. Prayers for safe travels and especially for family concerns to be worked out. Hope all goes well – take care.

  14. I feel for you selling your animals, I hope they are the ones you planned to sell. The bright side is that you have them to sell and allow you to go home. May everything work out well for you and your family.

  15. My prayers are with you. Try to get some rest on the flight.

  16. Mother-power is one of the strongest forces in the universe, and properly directed can move mountains. I have faith that yours could move Aoraki.

  17. Safe travels, and enjoy your time with family. Knowing that you will move heaven and earth to be there for them is a priceless gift . . . even with our grown children, we moms are BEDROCK. I KNOW.

  18. Your arrival will make everything better for all I am sure. Glad you have some help with the preparations to leave. Safe travels.

  19. Safe journey!! I can relate being a single Mom of five myself! I wish your family well!!

  20. I wish you smooth travel and peace and thank you for sharing a bit of what is happening in your life.

  21. May you have a safe smooth and peaceful voyage home and thank you for sharing what is happening with you.

  22. Ceci, we love you – take our love and prayers with you! Don’t worry about a thing here – John is capable!

  23. I’m sorry to hear this, Celi. I’m an infrequent reader of your blog these days (life gets in the way) but I saw your latest update and it sounds like a stressful situation for all involved. All the best!

  24. Go with blessings, smoothly and easily, and come back with your mind and heart reassured.

    • Cecilia, thank you for such an experience on your farm these last two days. Amidst all that is in on your plate, you still gave me and Coco such an amazing, memorable, lifetime experience,. We are blessed to have been able to assist you with some of the many different aspects of your farm. Praying for God’s hedge of protection around you, John, your family and farm, and that you receive all the helping hands needed before you leave.

  25. Goodness C.! It never ends does it? I too am sending you good thoughts and wishes for your trip back home! I’m sure just your presence there will help put everything back in place..including your peace of mind!
    Get back soon!

  26. Best of luck to you and your family. Prayers for everyone and for safe travels.

  27. Fair winds for your journey, Celi. Keeping you and yours in my prayers. I’m sure everything will sort itself out. My step-kids are scattered across the country but so far are all doing okay. Safe travels.

  28. Yes, Mothers aye! They need to see with their own eyes and hands that all is taken care of … and also – Kids sometimes just need their Mummas. No matter their age.
    Safe travels and praying all is well <3

  29. Dearest Celi, My heart is in my throat. I have been there and all you can do is put your head down and go. Take care. XXX Virginia

  30. Yep, positive thoughts are definitely needed and on the way. When your kids need you, they need you. I hope everything will be ok and that you have a safe trip. Keeping fingers crossed.

  31. I completely understand, and I send positive thoughts and vibes for your trip. Life’s interruptions are what send us on both amazing side-journeys and moments of growth. I’ll say a little chant for you in the woodlands this morning.

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