Last night I delivered the last of the animals I am selling and so today I can begin to sort my travel out. It has been a long and fraught week but I am in the home stretch. I have been missing you so.

It is so nice to have Del back. This is a rubbish image from the phone but she is in her favourite window watching me work.

We have had next to no rain for a month now with hot blowing temperatures so the grass is all but gone. The cows are already eating the winter hay.


The cows I sold would have been sold anyway to alleviate the pressure on the pasture. The four fat pigs are gone. They have been sold to the chefs for a good price. But neither group raised as much as I had hoped, which made me even more miserable – the pigs always do well but the cows went to good homes at cost. The auction prices ranged from 1.20 to 40 cents a pound last week. Awful. That was not a good option.  The bottom has dropped out of that market.  I sold one animal as beef and that was much better. I will not let myself get this big again. Young animals sell better than the older ones.

So Aunty Anna and Txiki went to farms. The three young calves including the escapee steer went to auction and got a good price and the four fat pigs have gone.

(As well as the travel I have the very boring five thousand dollars worth of farm taxes to pay – the second installment due next week – I save for this one all year).  However with some amazing and generous help from the Fellowship faeiries we have made it. My ticket is bought and the tax/rates check is written. Many thanks to those of you who pressed the donation button to help me get home to my children. That was a real surprise for me and brought me to tears.  I will be in to thank you individually asap but I wanted you to know how incredibly grateful I am. That was so kind.


All that is left is here is on the farm for a reason and will be here a while now. Two more beasties are slated to be sold to the chefs at the end of summer. These will pay for all the hay I will have to buy. (as long as no other surprise expenses pop up)


I leave tomorrow to visit my family in New Zealand. So this last week has been determined by a long list of work. I have found it easier to manage my own emotions by keeping my head down and working HARD. So I have. As this slow week has passed the news from home has gotton a little better every day. I am feeling very positive about getting the family train back on its tracks.


My visit is something to look forward to for them as well. This has helped with the recovery. We are close, my children and I. Being a solo Mum of a big family  forged us into quite the unit.

How I wish I could afford a farm In New Zealand.

So I have a little more fencing to tidy up today then I am going to look at my suitcase  and I leave tomorrow morning. I spend a week in NZ and altogether ten days away from the farm.  John has injured his foot ( and is refusing to go to a doctor of course) but his son will help while I am gone (Marty is away of vacation) so hopefully the farm faeries weave spells from their wild windy gardens and help my helpers. As long as they all get water and get fed we are good. And hopefully Molly does not have piglets – that would put the cat amongst the pigeons! My pig lady will watch her.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I may even have time to blog from New Zealand  as I travel – I hope so. I miss our Lounge.

Take care


Monday 08/13 0% / 0 in
Some clouds this morning will give way to generally sunny skies for the afternoon. High 87F. Winds light and variable.

Monday Night 08/13 10% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 63F. Winds light and variable.

6:00 AM 7:53 PM


Waxing Crescent, 6% visible 8:32 AM 9:38 PM


46 Comments on “ALMOST GONE

  1. Safe travels. Enjoy your time with your family. I know it will go by way too quickly. Hugs and kisses 😘😀♥️

  2. i’m glad you’re finishing up your work at the farm and will go tend to your human family very soon –

  3. My dear friend, no matter what the problem is..I will pray for help and guidance and it will come..I promise! Chin up..back straight.and smile!… Lots of love and a safe journey BG

  4. Happy travels, safe landings. May everything work out the way you would like it to. Laura

  5. I wondered if you were still in the US, arranging things…I glad to know of your arrangements and schedule, and most of all that things are getting better back home. That is the best news ever. Travel safely. You are surrounded by love, you know.

  6. Safe travels, and may you have wisdom and strength as you help your family.

  7. Safe travels, I hope all goes well with you and yours, and I hope johns foot gets better soon.

  8. I’m so happy to see Auntie Del! I must’ve misread your words and thought you were selling her. I felt bad for you and for me especially because I can always recognize her.
    I hope you have clear skies and much joy asap!

  9. How can things go anything but right with so much love coming your way here. I hope things work themselves out in NZ and you just get to enjoy your time with the family. Sending good thoughts for you and yours.

  10. May this kind of day
    accompany you:

    “Some clouds will give way
    to sunny skies”

    (Abbreviated from weather forecast)

  11. So glad you are leaving at last and all the selling and transport is done. Sorry about the prices being lower than you hoped. I was also happy to read that things are a bit better with the family. All my hopes for healing and positive steps forward for your loved ones, as well as wishes for you to have a safe and restful(?!) journey! Much love. We have your back!

  12. May all be happy, may all be well, may all be safe, may all be at ease and peace (Buddhist Metta meditation.) have a great trip Celi.

  13. I just joined wordpress and happened upon this post. It’s my first one to discover here. This sort of made me sad. Selling your animals. I suppose it’s part of farming. I hope you aren’t sad. 🙂

  14. Just joined WordPress and your story is so personal and intriguing about your daily thoughts and plans. Cool to read to the end. Can feel you like family or neighbour a little on the other side. Enjoy your break

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