Things are coming along nicely. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to travel to my family. And how lucky I am to have a family to travel to.

Enough said.

You know what I mean. All is well.

I will be here a week and hope to check in with you every now and then.

Love c

25 Comments on “IN OLD EN ZED

  1. Thanks for letting us know you are safely there. Hope the journey was OK. Hope you are able to savor every minute, even the challenging bits. Thinking of you!!!!!

  2. Good to know that all is well. Sometimes it’s important to have a steadying influence, to know that love is abundant and that great caring abounds. Sometimes mothers have to be heroic, to be willing to make a sacrifice, and BE there.

  3. Don’t worry about us – you just take care of your Family. John, Tonton and Boo are taking care of the Farm – you got Kids over there in the beautiful country with the most delicious lobster tail in the world!!!! So enjoy’!!!

    • And also the most incredibly delicious green lip mussels!!! So happy you are with you NZ family!!! xo

  4. Enjoy your visit and family time. Sounds like you needed them as much as they needed you. Sometimes it’s like that, we simply need to be with our own kin/d ♡

  5. Hello Miss C..lovely to hear from you again. You have been in my thoughts and in my prayers so I hope that all is well with you and family. Not Farmy pictures but spectacular all the same..what wonderful views and I love the little pink car. Stay safe and come home soon Love BG


  6. What a relief to read from you! Hopefully, the trip was not stressful in making connections – you already had enough on your mind! Thanks for the photos – just lovely, and the photos of rain mentally refreshed me! Thank you! Be safe, be comforted, and most of all – may your family be a happy one! Our hearts and prayers are with you all!

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