Molly has had eight piglets. All alive and well and eating and sleeping like little piglets.

And that is all I know. John and his son are in charge and probably getting bored with my info-txt bombardments.

I am still lolly-gagging about in New Zealand for another few days.

Here are a few photos for you.

Windy Wellington.

Evidently the benchmark for the worlds cleanest or dirtiest air is Wellington, New Zealand. A new fact I have discovered.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

58 Comments on “EIGHT PIGLETS

  1. Oh Lordie – dare I surmise those two handsome fellows on their last photo actually share blood with you 🙂 ? So lovely to see you in our mild winter ‘warmth’ ! Molly: delightful news, but, then, you will be ‘back there’ soon enough!! Enjoy Wellington, wind and all: ’tis such on our side of the Trench also . . . .

  2. Eight little porkies…congratulations Molly pig…. The pics of Wellington are very nice but somehow very sad…but things will brighten up when you get home.l am sure John and son are managing ok…not very well..but ok..men can never do things as well as you can…

    Hope all problems fixed Love BG

    • Wellingtonians must be laughing about the ‘very sad’ comment: Just how on earth does anything coming out of that tremendous city deserve that particular comment . . . ?

    • . . . . fair enough . . . . I happen to love Wellington where we had one of our factories . . . .

  3. What a beautiful place. And the 2 littles look lovely. Exciting about Molly! Glad you are enjoying your time.

  4. Oh, a Wellington winter! Clean, cold, clear, soft grey and damp. Such a change from the heat and dryness you’ve been having. I’m not surprised you love to come home. Apart from the people you love, there is this: kua hono koe ki tenei whenua.

  5. The last photo of the two children is so beautiful…happy about the pigs. And strange as it may sound, pictures of recycling bins always make me happy, pretty or not. Hope the remainder of your stay is full of family and positive progress. x

    • I agree about the photo of the children–peaceful too. If they were my babies (or grandbabies as the case may be) in this picture, it is lovely enough that it might become art on my wall.

      I also smile at the recycling bin photo. Wish there were more of these around here. I helped host an event on Saturday and when I was cleaning up I collected all the plastic cups I could find to bring home to our recycling bin here since the park didn’t have one, but there were a whole host of them already in the trash that I couldn’t dig out (though I did contemplate it for a minute) and feel a bit guilty for sending to the landfill.

  6. Congratulations Molly! It’s a good time to have piglets when it’s warm.
    I just read that there are now more pigs in Spain than people!

      • I can’t say for certain, I’m sure there are a lot of intensively farmed landrace pigs (like everywhere else in Europe), but you’d think it would be too hot to keep them indoors. Outside of cities most people used to keep their own pig (outdoors), which would be slaughtered at the end of October to feed the family. The indigenous Iberian black pig is the one that produces the very best quality ham and in order to do that, it has to graze outdoors on acorns.

  7. Beautiful photos, you deserve to lolly-gag! If Wellington is the factor in deciding cleanliness, then we’re on a good course. I wonder where those plastic pollution photos are, and maybe that should be a better factor? Ah well, it’s those “they/them” folk at work I suppose.

  8. Oh worries…. I know you didn’t want her to do that while you were away. Prayers that all continues well.

    Is Wellington the area you grew up? It looks lovely. Thank you for the momentary visual vacation for me this morning!

  9. Great news about Molly, and beautiful photos. I love to see images of cities around the world along the water. Winter or not, it looks like a lovely city!

  10. Glad all is well on the farm and in NZ. I don’t think I realized that there was so much black sand even though you have shared pictures before. Gorgeous! I wish we had nice, tidy, labelled recycling bins here. Wishful thinking but maybe more would use them…

    • I like the idea of the recycling bins too but I honestly think we need to jump back a step and try not to use so much that needs recycling. I am just not sure how to do that when I am Away.

  11. What neat bins, and Wellington winter is much prettier than ours, all drab brown here. August winds blowing here too. Spring is coming. Good for Molly😊 Laura

  12. Good news about Mollie, at least she’s not a first time mum. Wellington looks a beautiful place, stunning coast line. What beautiful children! 😀

  13. Congratulations on the healthy arrival of Molly’s piglets. I will have to travel to Wellington one day. Reminds me of our east coast. The picture of the children will be a great trigger of memories for the years to come. Safe travels.

  14. OOOH!! Thanks for the photos! It’s always grand to see scenery from another part of the world taken by one who has lived there. Seems to give it a special richness and personality! YAY for Molly and all the other farmy dumplins! Be safe!

  15. Lovely photos. Wistful too. And oh how I hope Molly does well without her Mum until she comes back. No doubt she’s looking herself for some TLC.

  16. I’m glad Mollie gave birth ok and all is well, at least she is not a first time mother! The coastline where you are looks stunning. Sweet looking children.

  17. Yay for Molly! I hope all is still well with her and her littles! Your photos of the winter Wellington coastline are beautiful C. I love the ocean…I can almost smell it’s intoxicating scent gazing at these images. Are those your grandchildren C? They are darling!

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