I have guests coming this afternoon so I had better get busy with turning the Airbnb over.  No time to waste so I have literally blocked out today like a workday. My old fashioned workday as a teacher, changing classes every hour on the dot. I would have a bell too if I thought I could rig one up!I love to be super organized but seldom actually achieve it.

Here is my list for today. (as well as feeding everyone of course).

  1. Water pig sprouts. Water seedlings and little trees.

2. Toast nuts, seeds and oatmeal for guest cookies.

2. Turn bread dough out to rest. Put laundry in machine. Get ground beef out of freezer for tonight’s hamburgers. Shape dough  for guest loaf and set to rise in baskets. Shape buns for tonight’s hamburgers and set to rise.

3. Hang laundry out.

4. Bring Del and Tia into the milking room to practice standing in the stanchion eating corn(vet coming Tuesday).

5. Shift Del and her mob into Dairy Mistress Field.

6. Brush both Tima and Tane (they got into the burrs).

7. Spread chicken manure.

8. Shift beef mob into Alfalfa Field Number Two.

9. Pick tomatoes, make zuchinni relish (for tonight’s hamburgers), pick beetroot and water watermelon.

10. Clean porches and outside windows of the Coop for this afternoons guests.

11. Buy milk yoghurt etc for guest fridge. Find some chrysanthemums for disastrous front garden. Mow lawns. Water trees.

Is that all? – let me think a moment. Have a look at yesterdays pictures while I think. I am still using the iPhone. I must get the camera back out soon.

Too sweet and quite friendly too. Most of my images are a blur as they potter over to gnaw on whatever part of me they can reach. Way too close. As you can see I was on the ground when I took these .

Oh that’s right:

12. Waters – refill troughs

13. Burn paper rubbish (Illinois is no longer doing much recycling, the majority of America’s recycling was being bought by  China and now they have lost that market for their garbage so one by one the towns and cities are suspending their recycling programs – from now on it goes to the landfill). This is a very recent development and in the news.

14. Take garbage bags into MIL’s for town pick up.

At the minimum I HAVE to stop buying stuff  encased in plastic, and we HAVE to stop using plastic bags at the supermarket.   My other problem is that I take my cloth shopping bags then forget to get them out of the car or forget to put them IN the car. I have to find a way to do that better. Plus beer in cans and wine in bottles!!  – How am I going to get around that problem – stop drinking?. Not LIKELY!

From now on anything you put in the trash is just being piled up in your country’s back yard. It is the same in New Zealand. Don’t feel picked on. It is a universal issue.

AND it is a problem we can solve individually. We all have the power to do better with rubbish. So – I am burning and/or composting the paper rubbish and returning the carbon to the gardens. Buying in bulk to cut down on packaging. And Right this minute I am taking my shopping bags to the car!

Our great- grandchildren will be living on TOP of our garbage if we are not very careful.

OK. Coffee time is over. Oatmeal is toasting, bread is rising and the washing is ON. The watering is done and the hoses are ready to go down the back. The Six pigs are fighting over their feed bin so I had better get them more feed.



PS THANK you for all the zuchinni ideas in the Lounge yesterday. I made the zuchinni and tomato curry last night and it was fantastic. Everyone loved it so that one goes on the ‘frequent’ list. Today is the relish! Many thanks.

WEATHER: Lovely.

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30 Comments on “CUTE PICS

  1. oh yum: beetroot and watermelon…………. two of my favorites. I guess I love red food as tomatoes, strawberries, red raspberries, ruby red grapefruit, steak – are all very high on my favorites list…..

  2. Even here in Portland, the green city, we are having trouble since China stopped buying our garbage. I buy in bulk too and I’m only one person here. Have used my own bags for 30 years even though in the beginning, the checkers at the store hated them. They are more work for them. As for your to-do list, puts mine to shame and I can’t get mine done most days. You are a tiny tornado. My daughter’s first apartment here was built on an old landfill. When my husband and I went to visit, he smelled methane. Told her to move but of course she couldn’t for awhile. We had to do research through an environmental lawyer friend to find out it was an old landfill. They don’t tell you those things. 😦 You are doing good work. The glass is always better to recycle than cans. Try not to wear yourself out. Hugs, M

  3. I’m appalled by the recycling info. If the US cannot get its act together on such things (simple compared to the space program) what hope is there for the rest of us? And passing on problems to the third world is just not on. Then we act all high and mighty about how superior we are…

  4. I’ve carried my own bags to the supermarket for years, and now that they’ve banned single use plastic bags here, it’s become easier to remember… We’re lucky to still have recycling, but there’s the same problem, the Chinese don’t want our rubbish any longer. Your piglets are gorgeous little creatures. That last one is clearly laughing at something you said to her!

  5. The cute little piggy wiggies are fun to watch scruttleing around among the milk weeds!!! “Company is coming ~~ so get to work”!!! So said my Mother to us Kids!!!😁😂🤣

  6. The piglets are so, so cute. I think I keep making the same comment every day you post their pics, but I can’t help it. What a LIST! good luck and hope it is fun in the process.

  7. At last, one seeming advantage to living on the outskirts of a big city. Our recycling programs still work. We have to pay for bags at the supermarket and most shops are trying to reduce the amount of plastic used to wrap veggies and fruit. I can upcycle most bottles at farmers market for discount on purchases. try to send as little as possible to landfill. Polystyrene is still a big bugbear though. Laura

  8. Did they stop using paper sacks in American supermarkets? I really liked them.
    I remember a friends having some kind of press that compacted wet newspapers into bricks that would burn like wood on an open fire. I don’t remember if they were good though.
    Cute piglets – they look like they are in a children’s story. Something akin to Tales from the Riverbank.

    • You can ask for paper in some of the regular supermarkets – not Walmart etc. in NZ they are developing a machine that turns plastic into stones for use in concrete- I guess you can pulverize them and turn them into concrete. I hope that idea gets off the ground. Though in the end we simply need to cut plastic out. It will be a short lived fad! It’s made from petroleum too so just that should sort it out. Oil is a finite resource .

      • I’d like to see a sensible recycling process for plastic, otherwise things like washing up liquid bottles will last forever. I find it very sad to think that, within my life time, many good recyclable options have been phased out in favour of plastic.

  9. Yes, the less waste the better! We have five different containers going in our house, one for the pigs, one for composting, one for glass, one for plastic and aluminum, then any paper/burnables goes to the burn barrel, and then finally anything that doesn’t go in the other containers goes in a bag to the landfill. Fortunately it is a fairly small amount. No plastic bottles in our place, and we almost always, unless we forget, as you mentioned, use recycling bags for groceries. As a planet we must move more quickly toward sustainability and recycling. Sadly, it seems the human race waits until in crisis mode to make changes. 😦 Although on a positive note, there are many more progressive steps being take in other European countries and Japan! 🙂

  10. Good God. You are setting up a superwoman’s task list there. I hope your day runs efficiently and without distraction.
    I had the same problem with the reusable bags. For a while I was buying them every time I forgot. But that quickly got out of hand. Now I just store the bags in the car, and have taken to doing it in the front passenger seat, so I’m less likely to forget to grab one to go shopping. BUT the car just looks a mess. 😳

  11. I have stopped letting them push plastic bags off on me for some time now. If what I am buying fits in my arms, that is what I do. Otherwise, I ask for paper. And like you, I always have paper in my car and FORGET to take them in! Sounds like a very, very busy day for you. You must not have given jet lag a chance to settle in.

  12. We have a lot to learn from European grocers. They don’t ise plastic for every veggie.
    And another thing—why can’t checkers be seated instead of having to stand. In Europe they sit. Hard on the varicosities standing in one place for hours at a time.

  13. I just bought a dress made out of recycled plastic. It’s beautiful, comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, and you do NOT iron it! My mum used cloth bags when we were kids, and I use them too. Markets and piggies: – ‘This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home….”. Have fun with your guests, busy person!

  14. Here in NSWthey are trucking… via many many B-Double semi trailers on the rosds… our landfill interstate to Queensland because it’s cheaper… rather than coming up with better solutions. Makes me very cranky. We try to mimise our waste but bloody plastic packaging is ubiquitous. I keep 2 roll up carry bags in my hand bag as well as cloth bags in both cars. Not a perfect solution but wine in a box [cask wine] quality has gotten much better at the top end. Swapping some out, especially as I mostly drink it mixed with sparkling water i.e. spritzer, saves so much recycling of glass bottles.

    • Huge grin, Dale! – I knew I was doing something right in ordering cask wine even if for a different reason . . . . de Bortoli better methinks than a heap of cheap bottles! Oh the unfortunate cheating now after the compulsory changeover : I get all my groceries on line – late last night’s delivery all pristinely packed in a multitude of these new plastic bags just official . . . . was charged 15 cents for one bag for the whole delivery . . . . .Ha ! Progress ?

  15. Celi, you’re one busy girl! Those piglets are adorable. Cut the tops and bottoms off the beer cans, cut down the side and use them for siding on a shed or coop. I don’t get many aluminum cans but have made a couple small sculptures with pieces cut from them – little mobiles the move and flutter in the wind – using pieces of scrap copper wire of different gauges for the structure and to hold the pieces on. My spouse used to have a device that cut wine bottles and a special file to smoothe the edges and made drinking glasses or gave them to a friend who did lampwork glass beads with them. You’re right about not recycling, we’ll end up with nothing but a garbage pile everywhere.

  16. I often wonder what China actually used our recycled plastic for. We got to feel all warm and fuzzy about recycling our plastics, but when China is ranked as one of the world’s largest plastic polluting nations, it makes me wonder what was actually happening to it all. Surely it would be better to develop some initiatives in our own countries for dealing with recyclables? And shipping plastic across the oceans causes more carbon footprint as well. If we can’t recycle it, then maybe something like what Sweden and Norway have going: It’s not a perfect method for dealing with rubbish but better than landfill, and also stops the use of fossil fuels for power generation. I think there needs to be more funding given to dealing with waste disposal methods. I saw a horrifying article on the beautiful Maldives, the part you don’t see, all the rubbish the tourists leave behind, has turned one of the islands into a stinking toxic wasteland and is threatening to leak into the sea. Rubbish really is the biggest environmental concern that I can see in the 21st century, even more so than climate change (I know some won’t agree with me). As just one person it is hard to see how we can make a difference, but if everyone did their bit in cutting back on waste, it will all add up.

  17. Your to-do list is daunting! In Cornwall there is an eco-push here, because we are so close to the sea people are more aware of the dangers of plastic. A couple of re-fill stores have opened up in walking distance of me. I can walk to buy things like flour, cereal, sugar, pasta, rice, dried fruit, washing up liquid, laundry powder, cleaning products and put them all in my own tupperware containers or reuse my old plastic cleaning sprays. So much less plastic to throw away. Now we just need the stores to sell alcohol on tap!

  18. Whose a busy busy little bee…busy as a be should be. I got stung by one yesterday so l am ‘off’ bees… But like must remember to stop and rest your wings

  19. I had to start putting my wallet in the cloth grocery bags in the car to remind me to take them into the store.
    I don’t know of a beer can solution, but there are some home wine makers who would likely take your empty wine bottles off your hands, if you can connect with them.

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