The sky was a kaleidoscope yesterday. Frequently shaken.
There was no rain to speak of. Just the occasional rise in humidity as the clouds formed and reformed and moved off and moved in then moved off above us.


(I almost had to post without my photos this morning – they are increasingly slow to load into my media file- sometimes as long as an hour – there is something wrong with my system and I need to focus on it later today – but it is wasting my time and I hate to waste time! I will put my favourite up onto Instagram so scroll down and see it there soon. Problems with programs is SO BORING!)

Anna and I got all the work done that we wanted done then raided the garden and cooked good food. img_4018

Today I will begin to retrain the ducks to their new area in the barn. We have cleaned in the barn and sorted things out and I want to herd the ducks into the barn at night time now. I will start that tonight but I am not sure if it will work. They will go where they are herded of course. So I will begin with feeding them in there every evening.  They graze right beside the barn door I want them to come and go from but it will be interesting to see if they stay in there or just fly back out in the night and return to their old sleeping area. They have outgrown their little shelter in the field though. img_4020

Three eggs were laid yesterday. So they need to move – that space is way too small for ducks to be waddling about and laying and stepping on each others eggs with their big flat feet. img_4022img_4024

Love celi

WEATHER: Clear and hot. I will be watering gardens this morning!

Tuesday 09/04 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 91F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

Tuesday Night 09/04 10% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low near 70F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

6:22 AM 7:20 PM


Waning Crescent, 35% visible 12:30 AM 3:34 PM









23 Comments on “SKY

  1. That sky is EVERYTHING. It is so amazing and huge and variable. Enough to knock one right out of any complacent thinking. I wish you could bottle or box it and send it over. x

  2. Those clouds are quite ominous, and then you see the silver linings😀 Laura

  3. My goodness! How breathtakingly beautiful! But sometimes ominously so. Glad no bad storms came out of those! Hope the ducks cooperated.

  4. One of your best. Snappy phrases with a light touch make the pictures real; pictures fill out the story, telling of the layers of reality. (With a recording of you speaking these words, the effect would be complete. A special art form. Fit for our portable museums, accessible to all, open forever.)

  5. first there was one..then there were two and now there are three….not just duck eggs..but your posts… Everyday I watch out for it so how did I miss two days? But three duck eggs ! wow another few and you could set up shop! I have never tried duck egg but I suppose they are the same as a chook just bigger. Its good to know that Anna has returned to help you…how long will she stay… Stay cool Miss C love from BG

  6. You have the most dramatic skies in IL, never like that in coastal CT.
    I hope the ducks cooperate without too much difficulty.

  7. WOW!!! I didn’t see any clouds like that yesterday and I was out mowing till about 6p or later!!! Love these shots ~ Fabulous!!!

  8. Your sky photos and formations at sunset at the Oregon Coast – my favorites. Makes one feel very little indeed! Thank you for taking the time to share them! Hi, Anna! Welcome back!

  9. Thank you! But ‘no, thanks’ for me !! For most readers here your photos show beauty – for me they denote ‘fear’ !! Perchance darkness and drama and matters uncontrolled take me back to a childhood of bombs and devastation and endless murder, rape and pillage I could not understand or in any way control . . . . I love the mostly clear skies and gentle winds above me now . . . . . look at yours as photographic art I do appreciate but cannot share . . .

    • Here in Southwestern Ontario I was within about 3 miles of a tornado when I was in my late teens – a very unusual weather event for this area. Folks in tornado alley in the US might say that wasn’t really all that close, but I saw enough destruction to think that it was quite close enough for me. I still watch for storm clouds and odd skies, but the pictures posted here did not give me that fearful reaction.

      It is difficult thinking that sky photos I see as beautiful would have such a fearful and devastating connotation for you. It takes something like your comment to remind us that individual experiences have an effect on everything. Thank you for making me think about the “other side”.

      Wishing you clear skies and gentle winds.
      Chris S in Canada

      • A whole day later and almost by accident: Hello Chris and thank you so much !!! I can only guess at my reluctance to be comfortable with violence in nature . . . so, some of this may be psychologically incorrect . . . perchance growing up in a violent world of war simply asked for the rest to be gentle and in peace . . . .shall surely be looking our for your future comments . . . and greetings for early spring Australia . . .

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