Yesterday morning I awoke to an incredibly loud lightning storm, a massive crack way too close for comfort and then no electricity. Funny how the power goes off so silently.

A ridiculously handsome linesman straight out of a soppy Mills and Boone’s came out after I called, in his big truck, locked eyes with me as I stood in the gathering dawn, buckets in hand and dogs and ducks at my feet, and solemnly told me the power was out due to lightening strike, probably a breaker he said as he watched with unrising eyebrows as three small piglets squeezed out of a very small gap they had found, intent upon visiting with the Linesman too.

Hmm I said. I was wondering how they were getting out. And as he drove away I pushed the little naughties back through the hole to their scolding mother and tightened the gate.

The handsome linesman fixed the power somewhere down the line, the power came back on and then came back to tell me the power was back on. I guess I was the only other person awake for him to tell.

It had been such a busy week I was happy to spend the day pottering about putting everything back where it belonged.

Then cleaning after.

Some days housework can be very satisfying.

I think I have another one of those days today. I don’t think there is anything in my book. My weekend guests are in and sorted for the next few days so I might spend some time doing housework in the barn.

I hope you have a lovely day.



  1. To every thundercloud, there is a silver lining. Or do I mean Linesman…? A spot of early morning eye candy is no bad thing, and I’m inclined to think that as he came back especially, he must have enjoyed the vision of our own Aphrodite of the Farmy, surrounded by frolicking dogs, dugs and piglets 😉 It sounds as if you were in a very good mood the rest of the day.

  2. Eye candy linesman , lucky you😊enjoy your peaceful day pottering around on the barn. Laura

  3. You tell me that u did not invite such a gorgeous hunk in for a cuppa something..oh Miss C! Even at my age l would have been return of course for coming out so early in the morning.? It is good to hear that order reigns supreme and that all is as it should be…why not have a wee rest to recharge the batteries… Love the pictures earl morningish. Love from B G….xxx

    • Interesting but they don’t really invite people in for a cup of tea or coffee over here. You can visit someone’s home for one thing or another but there is not that culture of sitting down for a cuppa at the kitchen table.

  4. Oh dear – that lightning strike so close – that terrifies me. Thankful that no trees or buildings nor cows didn’t get hit. Did you get much rain?
    Last year we had lightning hit here and I lost my cooktop, microwave, and built in steamer. Very expensive to replace!! Bet that strike scared the daylights out of all the animals — did Boo and Ton bolt like crazy?!! Only 48 degrees here this morning — NOT ready for the fall nites yet!!! Have a better day!!!

  5. We got hit by a tornado yesterday at supper time still no power but enough battery left to check in at the farm. Our neighborhood is fine others just across the bridge flattened. We had coffee and eggs on the bbq this morning. I have a wind up camping radio for news as far as we have heard no fatalities. Thank god.

      • We are safe and sound. We pulled out the camping equipment so like camping at home! Today we ventured to a shopping mall that had power, where we sat next to an outlet and charged our phones. My mobile emergency alarm and Environment Canada warnings were issued throughout the day yesterday so there was warning that something was likely to happen. From my office window I could see awful angry clouds across the river. The winds were very high and snapped trees and power poles like toothpicks. Strange weather for us up north, normally it is snow or icestorm.

  6. A lineman stole my heart… FD’s no longer working out in the field, but is still in the power generation industry and working in an office now. How I remember the nights he was called out into the elements to repair line. He’d come back completely soaked or frozen… you couldn’t pay me enough to work a dangerous job like that in gosh knows what weather.

    I sure love these images shot low to the ground. It’s good to get on ground level sometimes and get a whole different perspective!

  7. I just read that the French expression for love at first sight and struck by lightning is the same: coup de foudre.

  8. I was quite worried when I read the title but then laughed my way through the comments. What a brilliant start to my day. Actually have been up a couple of hours but I wait to turn on the laptop or I go down the rabbit hole. Have a mellow day. 🙂

  9. At least the electric wasn’t off all day. I find it very disconcerting not having electricity. I continue to flip the light switch when I walk into a room. I forget that opening the fridge isn’t a good plan. My brain is mapped for electric. and it doesn’t seem to adapt to new map.

  10. What a fun morning you had yesterday! Missed your presence in my ‘puter’! During our frequent power outages in the winter, we use the BBQ to cook on, kerosene lamps for light (inherited from my grandmother), and have a cupboard full of board games. If it gets too cold, we go to bed – um hum! Glad all is right in your world!

  11. We have all got the same idea about this lineman. Quite the Restoration Comedy we have here…all innuendo, wink wink, and coded language. Maybe the “lineman” can “come” back and “turn” your “electricity” back “on” another day…while the “cunning” cows chew their “cud.” Don’t ask me what “cud” stands for. I just wanted to put it in quotation marks. I had an electrician come today too. But nothing happened. It was rather dull.

  12. At first I thought there was a fire around those trees in the sunrise photo, especially after reading the title! Scared me! I’m sure the ladies were just teasing you, Miss C. Sorry you felt uncomfortable.

  13. Glad you are being sensible about the lightning strike ! My Mom used to spend summer holidays being a language tutor on land properties in Finland to get a freebie holiday ! Was twice in country houses struck and burnt down . . . you should have seen the cotton-wool in which I was wrapped . . and I still hate storms . . . the Jesuit famous saying about ‘first seven years’ . . . glad he was handsome and charming . . .

      • *smile* Sorry – thought you would know this very famous remark by Ignatius Loyola – ‘ Give me a child for the first seven years of his life and he will be mine forever’ ie supposedly what parents teach their children in that timeframe will be more in their mind throughout their life than anything wiser they learn themselves later in life . . . .hence perchance my own fear of wild weather . . . this supposedly is why Catholics send their children to church schools . . .

  14. Sitting here all by myself and hooting with laughter over your description of the ridiculously handsome linesman viewing the lady farmer with piglets and ducklings surrounding her. You and Elly-May Clampet! You do have the knack. 😁 Hope restock your day was as good. ~ Mame

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