The one hundred and forty acres that the White Barn sits upon across the ditch from our house is officially going Organic. No more Genetically Modified crops will be planted there. For ten years now I have been taking land back into old fashioned management acre by acre. And every acre felt like saving a life.

For me the land feels like a large sleeping sow who needs feeding and cherishing to nourish her fertility.

So finding a tenant for the land who grows transitional and fully organic crops in the area was like finding gold.

The land belongs to my mother in law and she is thrilled to be “going organic”. Today I take the new tenant for a meeting with her and after that I will know even more. But so far I know I will have more hay land ( the buffer zones). My cows can graze the stubble after harvest. We can plant the old hedge rows again. The land will be tilled only be couple of inches down – no more gouging with the heavy discs and in the winters it will be tucked in with a blanket of cover crops. Somewhere on the land a portion of the land will always be resting in rotation and on this portion for this rest period my cows will graze and fertilize the land. I hope. I will know more about this soon.

The possibilities are endless.

I feel welcome on the land again – we are doing right by her.

I am so so pleased with this days work. In fact it took me only three days to bring this deal to fruition. Handshakes today! .

Our learning curve will be tremendous.

I feel that the tenant and our John and The Matriarch and I are once more truly back on the land.

Great news, aye?

I have been studying the Khaki Campbell ducks looking for signs of males. Other than male behavior I cannot pick them. Maybe they are still too young – after a moult they should get more grown up feathers and we will know more then. NINE eggs yesterday. So I definitely have nine females.

My cows coming over to hear the news and their developing grazing opportunities.

“Next year cows – we have to get the GM soybeans out first”. Now we wait.

You can see the field butting up against my alfalfa fields.

Though personally I make no money from this change I feel like I have enabled a momentous change for the family and for the land. I feel a real sense of protectiveness over this plot of good ground. This is my Rescue. This is like Hope. This is the future.

Oh and for the record : this man, the tenant, grinds his grains into organic flours that are used by many Chicago organic bakers. I will double check the name for you. I will interview him for you soon.

The Fellowship Forest is safe now. No more burnings.

And now to work.

Tonight I am having a meeting with other growers who have problems getting good feed – we will talk about my Grain to Farmers project.

Have a great day.


62 Comments on “THE NEWS

  1. Amazing Celi!!! Well done!!! You are making fabulous changes in your area! Yes, there is hope!!! xo

  2. I am so thrilled that you are going this route with your farm. I could see you have had this on your conscience a long time and for good reason because you are a good husband of the land. (as in husbandry). I’m sure you know how great this is but I’m sending you all the hoozas and hoorays from this end of the world. Well done and continue!!!!!

  3. Not what I expected..but even better..You have worked long and hard for this and what a great say ‘well done’is an understatement but you know what I mean. It is great BIG WONDERFUL news and I am very pleased…Its so much better with GM foods everything should be natural as God intended it to be… YEAH!!! it is good news….chuckled pink!

  4. Congratulations! What a triumph for everyone concerned. Your animals must be cheering.

  5. I am very excited for you!

    Do ducks REALLY only lay one egg per day? That is what I was told about my Coturnix quail, but some days I would collect 4 eggs, the next day I would find 16, and I only had 4 girls. The last of their eggs are in the incubator. I completed my quail project. It wasn’t worth the effort for what I was getting. It’s such an inbred variety that the survival rate of the chicks is abysmal. They either die in development, or they hatch all wonky and can’t walk. *sigh* So I feed out the chicks to my smaller snakes, and the eggs go to my Gila Monsters (this is Heather from becomingcliche), and now the adults are in the freezer for the Komodo dragon.

    The image of the piglet sitting made me laugh out loud. If that one is available in the shop, I may have to have it!

    • Hey Heather – thought that must be you – I know no one else who freezes small birds for her snakes! I don’t know about quail but my research tells me ducks Lay every day. We will see
      I love boiled quail eggs.

  6. Congratulations! This IS the best news! You are amazing. I can’t wait to learn how it all continues. I’m thinking about the worms. How they will be able to happily come back. And how there is just a little bit more clean space coming. And Safe space for birds and butterflies and grasshoppers and crickets and ladybugs and all the rest. I hope for a complete success. Big hugs!

  7. This is excellent news. So important to have an surrounding supportive environment. In all things. But especially in the farm I think. It’s all so interdependent. Particularly when you consider the way wind and water don’t obey any man made idea of delineation.

  8. Good thing I’m in Texas and not so close to you – I would run up and grab you in a huge hug and swirl you around with this great news. Maybe a kiss on each cheek! So just vision it in your head and smile. 🙂
    Those ducks are so pretty….. Maybe we need a recording of the barn sounds soon with their quacks going on….
    BTW: How do the other fowl and the ducks get along? Mr Flowers give them any attention?

  9. I love this !!! You are such a wonderful tender carer of the land and the animals. Bless you

  10. Wonderful news for all concerned. Well done you, for your belief and persistence. Laura

  11. That beautiful mind of yours HAS been busy plus some! Congratulations, good luck, happy planting, and my the Harvest Goddesses smile upon you all!

  12. A great result for everyone, the family, the Farmy, and the tenant. Safe, clean land for him, a widening of your options, and the small island of resistance to Monsantodom grows.

  13. Hitting the “like” today I feel as though I’m touching a great and shining star! Many, MANY Congratulations on such a momentous accomplishment Celi!🤗💚🎉☺️ SO happy for you, the whole family, your new partner and ALL the Life Forms on the new & improved Farmy!! You are indeed a Force of Nature, Sweet C: )

  14. You are a real inspiration for me, and I don’t even have a garden. Your relationships with nature are personal, positive, and even funny at times. I want to imitate that.

  15. This is the last thing I’m reading before sleep. Better than a sleeping pill. I am deeply happy. Such a milestone for you and John, the matriarch and all the animals, your community and the larger world. I’m brimming with happiness. Thank you! Enormous hug, even if you’re not the touchy feely type.

  16. Congrats, Celi!!! That’s wonderful news. One hundred forty acres being returned to sane management and sensible use and saved from the chemicals, monoculture and artificually manipulated seeds. We do have to remember that just because a plant is a hybrid doesn’t mean it’s been monkeyed with by gene-splicing or other intensive genetic modification. Just getting rid of all those chemicals will make a huge difference. Adding the lovely rich cow manure to the soil and the worms will be a great improvement. Now if only more farms and farmers would do the same thing.

  17. Such happy news and hope it continues. So much energy into saving a tiny space of land on a huge planet. You are a might force for a tiny person. 😉

  18. From small acorns large oaks grow – from one role model many can spread . . . .the silent majority can make itself heard, even if slowly, as long as a few lead the way . . .

  19. You are on a roll! It always makes me happy to hear of things being righted. I’ve always enjoyed talking with my meat supplier about how his farm had used up dust for soil when he started and now he has worms! He just mentioned that he picks up waste barley from several breweries and mixes it in with his compost, said it’s wonderful stuff. Always like hearing interesting ideas.

  20. Wonderful wonderful news on the care of the land!
    Ducks, only female ducks actually “quack”. If you listen carefully, drakes sound almost like a hiss. And drakes have a cute curled up tail feather, hens do not.

    • None of mine have the curled tail feather yet but there is a Drake definitely breeding his wifey. They stick together as a pair too. But I think he will get his curl as he gets older. Then I will see how many males I have.

  21. Great news, Celi. Good on you and the family. We wish you the very best.

  22. I am reading this a day late on Saturday morning, but still wanted to add my congratulations, & bravas. I am so happy for you & all the others concerned & involved, two legged & four, & of course for the good rich land to come. You are wise & so are the Matriarch & John & the organic farmer. Cheers for all of you.

  23. This is fantastic news, and a great act of service to this earth. Congratulations! You have brightened my day.

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