I hate it when I sleep in. My day loses an hour and I never catch up. I blame the weather.

The tree man never came because of the rain and we got more rain last night and now it is cold!

Not too cold. But certainly not warm.

The landscape is being shorn by all the monster machines. They crawl all over the fields gobbling up the crops.

At least this year my big field will have a cover crop but sadly all the fields outside my windows will stay as open empty soil. These ones do not belong to John’s family so I cannot save them.

Here is something interesting. The organic cropper who is now my new Tenant on the farm across the way will probably plant soy beans in the summer next year because the beans are the best at absorbing the chemicals from the soil. Leaving the soil a little cleaner but it puts me off eating soybeans.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I am off running. Or at the very least jogging so I get through my list for today/


Weather: overnight of 44!

32 Comments on “SLEPT IN

  1. I’m the other way. I love sleeping in because it’s so rare. The Husband’s shifts mean my sleep patterns are terminally disrupted and I sleep badly, patchily, with an ear always listening for an alarm. When we go away for a trip, it’s usually just long enough for me to start sleeping properly…. and then we get home. Love that photo of the chooks among the pumpkins. That hen at the front has a slightly nervous expression: “is this the size of eggs the others are laying now? Must do better….!”

  2. Good to know about soy beans…. I ate some with dinner last night – tossed in olive oil, salt, garlic and red pepper flake in a very hot pan…. yum….I guess I’ll just have to start cooking green beans that way.

  3. All plants absorb things from the soil – that’s where vegetables get their vitamins and minerals. I would imagine that the soybeans sold for human consumption are not normally grown in contaminated soil. We’ve probably all had high doses of DDT and other chemicals that (hopefully) are no longer used, though they may remain in the soil for decades or longer. I’d love to see a wholesale move to clean farming with no chemicals or GM, but it will take a long time for soybeans, pigs and worms to repair the damage.
    I love the pumpkin carpet!

  4. Wow. That soybean thought is disturbing.
    I’d like to say that FDA etal would be protecting us from eating harmful chemicals, but it’s become all too clear recently that our blind trust in government doing it’s job to protect us is not wise. I hate that as a background anxiety. Can I trust my water, can I trust the food I buy at the grocery… Things that I never used to even think about – because I lived in what I assumed was a functional country with functioning government agencies. Now I’m not sure what parts work and what don’t. It would almost be easier if it was entirely broken, and then I would know.

    • I consider the food chain entirely broken and this is exactly why I grow my own food. It must be so hard when you cannot – hopefully you can find a farmer you can trust

  5. Love the Punkin’ Patch ‘Kids’ ! Where do we start on this festive feast?

    Giggle! Love your comment about ‘eggs’, Katechiconi !

  6. First prize would be if your neighbouring farms decided to join you in non GMO organic farming☺ Laura

  7. I was so happy to finally find my soy milk and imbibe this morning. Now I’m bummed.

  8. Never did I ever..think of dirt/soil as anything but dirt. Thinking of soil as contaminated is just crazy. I get it and of course know it’s true and I also know it’s a responsibility to Mother Earth to spread the news. Nourish any soil you can.

  9. I sort of wondered where all the ‘bad stuff’ goes when cannas absorb it out of contaminated soil. Do they break it down, or merely absorb it and then release it back into the environment as they decompose? I suppose it depends on what the toxin is.

    • To a large extent they must simply change the physical make up of the toxin so it can be reabsorbed or eaten and broken down again that way. After all it takes years of work to clean an area.

      • That is sort of what I figured. If it stayed toxic, it would go back into the environment as the cannas decomposed annually. Apparently, they do a good job. However, they can also become invasive.

  10. I’m going to leave the soybean conversation to the experts. I hope “they” sort it out because I love soy, soy milk, edamame, tofu, etc. fingers crossed. But I do want to say that the chickens and pumpkins posed beautifully together! Lovely photo!!

  11. I’ve avoided eating soy for years….mostly because they are GMO…..hard to find organic. Have a lovely day! and your photos are stunning!

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