As I was puttering about last night putting the ducks to bed, locking up the chickens and shifting the cows, I suddenly realized I had no images of the day.

So here is yesterday evenings penultimate image.

A magnificent sunset. The sunsets seem to get better as the nights get colder.

Do you remember that classroom game ( I don’t think I ever knew it’s name) where one person holds an item ( for me usually my car keys), turns her back and holds the keys loosely in her hand behind her . While her back is turned the children in the game sneak up as quietly as they can. When the teacher turns they freeze so they are never caught moving towards their objective which is the keys.

Do you remember that game? My students loved it. Well, these two calves love it too. But when they sneak up on me they run on their thundery little hooves.

I hope you have a lovely day.



22 Comments on “NO FILTER

  1. Ahhh – beautiful sunset pictures!!! Those calves are so cute!!! And when you zoom in on the calf on the right – just so cute!! Give it a hug for me!!!

  2. Lovely skies… That calf on the right has ears like a propellor, the cutie. Are they old enough to gallop properly or do they still move with stiff wooden legs, like very young calves do?

  3. Don’t remember that game at all, but can imagine kids loving it. The calves, like all babies, are precious and in the late day light look like they have always been there. Hope you have a great day too. ~ Mame

  4. Sometimes…other times make lovely pictures too…what glorious sunset.We have good ones too but my house is not placed right to see it…just need to remove some trees and Georgies workshop and all will be fine. Sunrise is different..l used to be out walking when the sun came up but l got old and lazy. Thank you for the pics my lovely

  5. We have 2 more very warm days then Autumn is official. Stink bugs come with the warm days so you have to fight your way through them to do anything outside. Your skies are stunning! Baby cows are just too sweet. I’d want to keep them. 😉 If you forgot to take pictures, you were working too hard yesterday. ;(

  6. As the sun moves south toward winter, it is lower in the sky and takes longer to set than in the summer. It is moving more diagonally in the winter near sunset, and sunrise. That longer time give more opportunity for interesting and pleasing sky. Your sky above was very nice.

  7. Yes that’s a magnificent sunset. We get them here in Chicago but power lines and houses get in the way. It kills me. I love “put the ducks to bed “!

  8. I am envious of your cooler weather! Here it is still hot and humid. It has rained for 4 days, which I am okay with because it has been very dry, but it is so humid. One day, perhaps, fall will come.

  9. I don’t remember that game….sounds like a lot of fun! The calves are hilarious in that pose! Great sunset shots!

  10. Glorious photos! We played a similar game called “What’s the time Mr Fox?”and we had to creep up behind the person playing Mr Fox who would respond with the time and turn around!

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