Just a reminder.

Make sure to lean on the gate every day at least once a day and have a think. Nothing in your ears at all. Just open-ness.

Just watch. Silently. Let your own words flow across your minds blackboard. Give your worries their moment on your board then let them go. You can organize them later.

Just let your mind show you – say ok I see that – then – next. No need to solve anything. Just lean on the gate.

I don’t know what your process is to manage ordinary stress in your life but that is mine.

Making sure I lean on a gate every now and then and allowing my mind to go through my list – emptying my board as I go. Until I am thinking about nothing.

Those few moments of nothing afterwards are lovely.

The hay is cut. Only the alfalfa. But it is beautiful- soft, deep green leafy plants. If I can get this into the barn without rain this will be the ‘good’ stack. I cut it at the perfect stage. There will not be many bales but we all need a stack of ‘best’ hay for when the animals need extra goodness.

I hope you have a lovely day. It is looking bright and clear here.


37 Comments on “LEANING ON THE GATE

  1. My Grandma used to say, “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.” She would have considered you a very wise woman, indeed.

  2. Leaning on the gate..wonderful…..BUT? What about living in a flat and you dont have a gate..well l thought about that…A window sill will do just the same….gaze into nowhere whilst leaning on the sill…you can hear birds, and people and look far above the rooftops. I dont live in a flat but dont have a gate either..but l do relax and gaze at the clouds from my rocking chair…just as you say the clouds float away and take stress and problems with them…. Thank you for that lovely thought Love BG

  3. My gate is at the beach… I can sit on the steps and just let the clean air wash through me, and the sun and the sight of the vast horizon and the jade sea, and the wind in the casuarinas. It has a marvellous but temporary effect of wiping out stress, just for a while.

  4. Lean on a gate. Lean on a door. Lean into a dog. That’s what I do. When I get home, I take my Angel (beagle) and lean my forehead on hers and almost as an after thought I rub her and then let it all float in my head. It’s great for her and me.

  5. My wife needed some gate-leaning time after watching some disturbing tv. She reached for her favorite Merle Haggard album. After part of it played, she felt better, turned it off, and chose silent time.

  6. Wow! What wonderful coping skills and strategies for dealing with stress!!! Thank you Fellowship of the Farmy! I love them all, the stopping and stillness, listening to favorite music, and especially the loving and cuddling of pets! Such fabulous, simple ways to center oneself and feel better!!! 🙂

  7. I read once that looking out the window is a help to alleviate depression. I guess I’m the neighborhood snoop 😄

  8. Extra goodness indeed! And your wise words are so spot on for me today! Thanks!

      • I do. Parents need to give their children the opportunity and support to develop that strength in themselves. Sadly, it doesn’t always happen and sometimes the children are forced to develop their strength on their own … some never do.

  9. I usually lean on the limb of a tree – so much soothing energy there. The trees whisper and murmur amongst themselves and me, I just have a good ‘thunk’ on situations that I either can or can’t do anything about. Get those sorted out, readjust the outlook on the day, and keep on trucking with the knowledge of what is possible for me..

  10. Leaning with my Mirrhi (dog), leaning on a tree, watching the river quietly slide by and noting the birds enjoying it too, formal meditation, bottom on the mat, watch the breath, watch the thoughts, clear it away. If I can’t do any of the above, just watching my breath. Lovely to hear how others manage stress, a gate leaning in itself 🙂

  11. Lovely Alfalfa, Celi: ) Sending dry days with a nice bit of breeze until you’ve got it baled & and in the mow: )
    Re your advise of “leaning on the gate” made me think of your photo a few days back… piglet, perched on the barn doorsill, having “a bit of a think”…

  12. I walk in the woods or just sit on a stump or a log. I don’t think anything while I’m out there. But right now the mosquitoes are horrible in the woods, so walking is the best thing – keep moving, but without thought.

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