Looking. She has such trouble with her ears this sow. Like a Saint Bernard.

She has to throw her head right back to see you.

She is a good Mum though.

It is very cloudy. No sunrise for this weekends guests. I hope the breeze picks up to keep drying my hay.

It is so much cooler now though. I hope this does not mean our summer is gone. I like a long late summer.

I hope you have a good day – I wonder what is on your list today.

Love celi

Where did all these showers come from? I hope they miss my hay fields. Ah well.


34 Comments on “MOLLY

  1. Cant you pin them back..or tie a ribbon…poor girl cant see where she is going…

  2. She’s so beautiful! Giggle! Can’t you just see Ms. Molly with a pink ribbon adorning her little head? It IS a good idea, Patrecia! Or maybe she could get an ‘ear perm’ from the vet? Maybe knit her a cap? Oh, she’s just so adorable – want to hug her!

  3. MMMM- reminds me of when I was a kid and my bangs grew long while I was trying to grow them out…………………..same ‘peery’ feeling!

  4. On my list: Make and can tomato sauce (from tomatoes that I’ve been freezing whole, as they ripen); pull up cucumber, melon, and squash vines and prepare those beds for winter crops (add compost, fix PVC structures, spread frost cover/Agribon); pot up brassica seedlings; and pull up the bean vines to dry for my winter supply of dry beans. Not a bad day’s work if I can get it all done. Hope you have a lovely day!

  5. Molly is beautiful even if her ears give her difficulty. I know your days are full as are mine in a different way. Daughter day today and she is cooking our eggs and then will help me figure out how to take off the trap under the sink as the drain is stuck from the disposal side. I can’t afford a plumber so we have to figure it out between us. Sounds like fun, right? 😉

  6. Oh Molly! I do wish I had a (much smaller) pig to commune with!

    My list today involves mucking out the chicken and duck coops, and spreading gravel at the gate of the duck run. Muddy little buggers, they are!

  7. On my list today…wash and fold/hang laundry, balance checkbook, make chili, put up clean towels and sheets…you know …all the housewifey stuff! Lots of time to think!

  8. It is common enough among pigs that it seems to be like that for a reason. Perhaps it is to shade their eyes from the sun, and only becomes a problem for those with unusually floppy ears.

  9. It’s the piggy equivalent of sunglasses, I feel sure, and Miss Molly simply has a larger than usual pair…. On my list is putting away clean laundry, Days for Girls sewing, baking, passing the Husband tools while he replaces the front wheel bearing on the motorbike, a bit of stitching for the three-weekly Stitch Along, shopping for groceries and getting containers of home made soup out of the freezer as the Husband’s day shift starts tomorrow. All fascinating stuff… not.

  10. We have a long weekend here for Labour Day, so we are winding down somewhat but there is always a dog to exercise, garden to be watered, chooks to be tended, house to be tidied, food to be made and eaten… but a little more R&R is also on the agenda.

      • I cannot at home either, it’s always, ‘I should do that or take care of this’. Actually I prefer it that way, I cannot abide sitting around. Today is a bit of laundry, hopefully finish enlarging and enclosing and building a door for the old donkey house and mow the lawn (again, sigh), as well as the regular maid service for all the critters. Also have to track down my local farmer and remind him I need a load of hay – that’s probably going to be the most difficult item on my list as they seem to be going hither and yon at the speed of light!

  11. I love the way pigs seem to have a perpetual smile. And Molly’s is lovely. Speaking of lovely, I was just reading about New Zealand’s prime minister and her fantastic speech at the UN General Assembly, in which her very well-mannered appearance and her words about kindness and decency as a strategy were clear rebuttals to Trump’s bullying ways. Gods bless her.

  12. My list included feeding the kale babies, sowing the garlic, ripping out sweet potato vines, eating a few of the sweet potatoes, and picking some more okra. After a soccer match and watching football.

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