There was a time I really did not like these ducks. But they have grown on me. Yesterday one got caught in some nylon.

I was alerted to the problem by the other ducks. They were ranged in front of her – all watching her calling out urgently to her. I had to hold her still while I looped the string back over her head. She did not try to attack me in her panic and while I held her she wriggled about quite silently.

And they all waddled off in relief when she was free. It was all very sweet. They are soft and very pretty and so much kinder to each other than chickens.

I think I like them now.

As usual my pictures do not match my words.

The hay got some good drying yesterday even though we were terrorized by heavy clouds and the threat of rain later in the day.

It did not rain though. Unless I missed something in the night.

If the weather looks settled I will turn it this morning and in a perfect world we will get it baled tomorrow. Though I see that the rain has been brought back to tonight. Maybe we will bale this evening – let’s see if it dries.

Here are the ducks – in their little pond.

Evidently the tree people are finally coming today. We will see. Once the dead trees are taken away I will plant their replacements. Though I never need an excuse to plant trees. I am having them leave the large stump of one at table height ( and level I hope) this one I will use as a garden table while it gently rots.

We’ll see if that idea works.

I hope you have a lovely day.


25 Comments on “I LIKE DUCKS NOW

  1. Pretty and gentle is a good way for ducks to be… I love them, with their darker heads, like all the cream in the coffee sank to the bottom, or like a glass of Guinness in reverse.

  2. Poor duck! How did they get into such trouble? I’m glad that you discovered her before something tragic happened.

  3. I like that the pictures don’t match the words. it feels like I’m walking around the farm with you and you are chatting with me about the various things. Sometimes it’s about what we are looking at and sometimes it’s not. Either way, it’s part of the bigger farm universe and it still feels normal.

  4. Good luck with the stump table! One of our neighbors has a big, old stump maybe four feet across in their front yard. They took a little bit of sheet metal and wrapped it around the top edge so it sticks up about five or six inches and filled it with dirt. Every summer they plant it full of flowers. It is the most unique flower bed I have ever seen!

  5. I’m glad you are liking the ducks now. They do look so soft! Stump tree sound like a good place to drink wine of an evening….And ponder those idea’s that have you stumped.

  6. So many birds here get caught in old fishing line. One project of the Master Naturalists has been developing “line tubes” where fishermen can leave old line. It’s a great project — if only they can get people to stop taking the tubes to use as rod holders. I love ducks, and the bonds that exist among them. I’m glad you like these a bit more, now. I’ll bet they like you more, too.

  7. We have such trouble down here with termites, and I hadn’t given thought to that when I did the same with two larger tree stumps at our old house, hoping to use one as a table and the other for a planter for flowers. I think it’s a novel idea as long as they’re not too close to buildings. In our case, they were near the house, and within two years we had quite a termite situation in the garage. The pest inspection guys said the tree stumps were a huge attractant.

    I think I’d be in love with the ducks just for the eggs! ha ha! Rescuing animals and birds is sort of the norm on a farm. They find the darnedest ways to get into trouble!

  8. Are they all laying yet? Get your tree feller to hollow stump out a little and then plant something in it – the gradually rotting stump will be the best compost ever for that bed. Laura

    • I don’t think they are all laying yet. I seem to get another one every few days. We are hovering around twelve a day now so they must be close to all laying – I count three drakes.

  9. I knew they charm you once they’d become braver. I really like ducks, they do seem to be quite contented birds, except when the drakes fight over their wives, but that’s similar with chicken.

  10. That’s a good thing that you like the ducks now..because they have been waddling around not knowing that and had they known that maybe you did not like them they would have been very sad…just like my book that I had when I was 4 years old The Little Duck who Loved the Rain…he was sad as he had no pond to swim in..so its good that you have a pond and that you like them..everyone, including me . is very happy about that….Daffy as a Duck!

  11. I hope you do cap the trunk. I left one that was here when I moved in and someone suggested I drill into it and plant succulents. I didn’t get it done and the next summer, yellow jackets found it to be a wonderful nest and terrorized me. The sting lasts a long time. They love going underground. My son hit a nest underground with the weed whacker and was stung 12 times in August. You can’t see those little devils.

  12. I got so much duck when I was a starving student that I really dislike it now. However, while still alive, I do not mind the undomesticated ducks at all. They do not damage the garden like turkeys or other wildlife does. They take the snails, and do not leave too much of a mess. When I lived in town, a neighbor in a condominium complex started to feed a duck that came into their compound. The problem with that is that the single duck invited all his friends over for a pool party! That was amusing!

  13. If you think they’re sweet now, truly hoping you have some go broody in the spring… Mama Ducks with their fuzzy wee babes are just wonderful to watch and listen to: )

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