I won’t go into this story in detail. – it is too sad. But I rescued these two tiny hours old piglets from the abattoir yesterday.

Their mother was brought in for slaughter at full term. She was brought to the slaughter house yards after-hours and delivered two piglets in the night in an outside concrete pen.

The owner of the sow was called and he said he was not coming back for her and to proceed with her slaughter.

The babies had a number of hours with their mother but kept slipping under the gates and one was rescued by a worker as it wobbled into a pen of cows.

This one was particularly filthy with manure.

On a normal rescue newborns have a 50/50 chance of surviving being hand raised. These spent a cold wet night in a slaughter house yard, and are now horribly at risk of illness.

So here I have two wee piglets in the laundry next to the heater. Already they have diarrhea but surprisingly both have taken to the bottle and are drinking their goats milk really well.

They jump up when they hear me come in every two hours and twice were at the door yelling before I even got there. Which as you can imagine has Boo-Nanny rushing back and forth trying to hurry me up.

They fill up fast from their supermarket goats milk then snuggle back down to sleep. But the runny poo is very worrying. Expected though.

One is getting stronger I think and the other one definitely weaker.

I have medication for the diarrhea but they are so young they have not even had a chance to decide to live yet. We will see.

John told me I was ‘insane’ for taking them. ( I threw breakfast pumpkins to the animals yesterday then drove at speed, at 6 in the morning, the 45 mins to the locker to pick them up.) Then later he said, well at least they will die warm.

While I drove to collect them my mother in law drove in the opposite direction to buy the milk. I will buy more today after the vet. But everything must be paced in between the two hour feeds.

The abattoir staff were incredibly grateful for me taking them. They had tried to keep the piglets in with the sow. But the whole thing was a disaster. They were so relieved at the rescue and horrified to have these tiny wee life forces born in the slaughter house waiting room. But the owner of this sow is damned in my opinion. Damned straight to hell.

I am unapologetic in my fury. He knew she was vastly pregnant – it is pretty hard to miss that udder.

So in between two hourly feeds I brought in all the hay myself. All 86 heavy bales. Fury is best put to work. My arms ache from the weight of these bales and I have stacked them loosely so I can keep a watch for any heating up.

Also the tree men came yesterday so now the big dead tree outside my bedroom window is gone and I am not quite sure what to do with all this light.

My tired sad self does not feel like so much light.

Feeding went well in the night. But I fear John’s prediction may well come true.

I feed these babies again in one hour so I had better get busy with the other farm animals.

I am being very careful with hand washing too. And Boo is not to visit with the babies until they recover. I have no idea what bacteria these wee animals brought back after their birth into the slaughter house gutters. But they were covered in it. They are clean and dry now though and warm and well fed and burrow deep into my dressing gown after their feeds like normal little orphans.

Love celi

Weather fine and clear! Of course. It would be, now that all the hay is under cover and the orphans are inside. They had a wet night.


80 Comments on “A SAD TALE

  1. Sad tale for sure… Sure hope the babies make it. Take care of yourself Celi so that you don’t get sick as well.
    Is it the tree house tree that was taken down? That was a wonderful tree, and such fun to watch through the changing seasons
    a year or two ago.

  2. You are an angel for rescuing these two wee babies. Some people are simply heartless, but that farmer will get what he deserves one day😠

  3. That farmer can go straight to hell and if I saw him I would snout him hard in the ankles. What an ass. I’m sorry but he is. I send prayers out for these little guys and know they are in great hands with you. Sending you bunches of hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  4. OH how! How can people be so mean???? Thank you dear kind friend!

  5. Insane or not, someone had to step up. All life is valuable. These two will know warmth and kindness no matter what. And the Universe shall take note. Thanks, Ci. For being there. (Sending warmth and encouraging energy from the Realm. Take care)

    • I completely agree with all you & the others above have said, philosophermouse. The Universe will bless you, Celi, & the Matriarch. And I hope John is deeply grateful for your kind heart & strong arms.

  6. Such a sad tale indeed!! Poor babies… that is a bad man, not waiting for them to be born and taken care of… no heart at all.
    Luckily you are there. As John said at least they are warm, dry and fed.
    Take care C

  7. what can one say.a) you have enough to do b) John is right, you are completely bonkers c) I’ll think of something in a minute but getting down to it ‘Woman you are a bloody marvel” What a brave fantastic thing to do..and the Matriach of course for going and getting the milk…. Those piglets may well die but at least will have known that for their short life somebody did care enough to try to help them to live. I truly believe you are an Angel!….Thank you for all the care that you give to your own animals and also to those who are less fortunate…If they do die, and I pray that they will not…then it will be because that is what God wanted. I hate abbatoirs..killing houses…..but the man whose sow it was should be ashamed of calling himself a human being..nasty uncaring piece of poo At least it got the bales in ….lots of love BG

    • This little abattoir is where I take my animals and they keep the yards really clean with water for the animals as they wait. The deed has to be done somewhere – the workers themselves were horrified. There is an irony there.

  8. You are amazing, Celi. I have rescued song birds under the tutelage of a licensed rehabilitator, and it is difficult work timing the feeds every 45 minutes from sun up to sundown. I feel your pain. But also your determination. It is one thing for a wild animal baby to die to natural predation, but for a domestic animal to die from neglect is heartbreaking.

    Do you treat with probiotics? I do that sometimes with babies that have runny stool. Good luck.

  9. Poor babies. It is indeed a bleak picture of the treatment too many of the animals we eat are given.
    I’m so glad you are there. And that they knew to call you.
    You do have a gift for the impossible rescue. I continue to be amazed about Wai. I hope they turn the corner and thrive. 🙂

  10. How heartbreaking. So glad they called you. The love and warmth from you and from your farm will give them strength. They sound like they have it in them to live if their bodies can do it. I’m hoping for the best outcome. I’m always grateful for your incredible kindness to all living things. And I love your sense of justice and fairness. Such a sad life that mother pig must have had. Keep us updated. I’ll be thinking about them and hoping all day!!!

  11. Good for you, whatever the outcome! You have done more than your bit; now it is for the fates to decide. It is also heartening to know that there is that spark of human kindness even in an abattoir.

  12. WTF?! Sorry I don’t know the farmers situation but I am sure something better could have been done. The poor mother and babies. At least people at the abbatoir contacted you to try to save the little ones. Good luck with them!

  13. I despair for the human race when I read about people like this😠 I wanted to write mankind but that definitely didn’t apply to this peabrained heartless individual! Thank you for at least offering these two little babes some of their 50/50 chance of survival. So sad. Laura

  14. At least they have a new mother. Food when they need it. Warmth. Cleanliness. And a bathrobe to snuggle into. I feel like crying. It is silly, but I do.

  15. Poor little piglets but at least they were rescued by you who will give them every chance possible for survival. I do believe in karma and that farmer will be the recipient at some point.
    I hope your hay stays dry and cool.

  16. Years ago – we had one of our best sows rupture a uterine artery during delivery – she passed in the night leaving us with five live piglets. I managed to shit down my grief and spring into action quick enough to save three of them. Iron shots right away. A shot of oxytetracyclin (LA 200) to combat infection/disease, and mixed milk with baby porridge flakes to give the food some substance. Kept them under a heat lamp. Gave them a second shot of iron about a week later. Left them a warm ground grain slurry to mess with. They grew to be regular fat healthy pigs. Don’t count them out yet. You can also whip up a home made version of colostrum (you’ll find a recipe online).

    • The iron and heat are covered. And the vet is calling me back re: anti b’s. I have read of baby cereal being added at 3 days to help with runny bottoms. Did you do that from day one?

      • Yes from day one. I wasn’t sure they’d mess with it – but I stuck their snouts in it so they would know it was there – and they did quickly learn to slurp it up. I thought the ‘bulk’ so to speak, might help with the diarrhea. It did.

      • I should also say – you could mix the cereal in with the milk and simply enlarge the hole in the nipple if they show no interest in it. Just a few tablespoons I think. It’s unfortunate you don’t have a nursing sow – you could have fostered them over.

  17. You are the Pig Lady, what else could you do? If anyone can save them, you can. Good luck! Poor little things.

  18. Every life matters. Whatever the outcome, the abattoir people took the first steps and you followed through, so they have a chance. Universe will take care of that farmer… and you are correct, the best way to work out that fury is to get busy. That’s worked for me for my whole life.

  19. thank the heavens for GOOD People like you!
    Sending BIG LOVE (and unending energy) from my heart to yours. XXX

  20. I feel at a loss for what to say as others have already spoken well for me. Add my rage to yours moving forward, and yes I will say that I hope that farmer encounters his own horrible suffering for this act. Thank you Celi, for being the person that you are, and for trying.

  21. There are some wicked horrid people about and I hope this one get his comeuppance. Thankfully also there are people like you around too. Fingers crossed that they pull through. Take care of yourself too.

  22. So many layers to this horror. God bless you for your compassion for all things. And God bless your kindred spirit, your Matriarch. Wishing all the best for the piglets and wishing you a lovely, rewarding day. (And your hay looks beautiful!)

  23. I wish they would have spared the mum. But even if as John says, they die warm, that in itself is filled such compassion and grace.

  24. What a heartless man, thank goodness you have a relationship with the slaughterhouse. If anyone has a chance of getting these piggies to live, it’s you!♥️❤️♥️❤️

  25. But the owner of this sow is damned in my opinion. Damned straight to hell. I am so with you on this! What a huge nasty big jerk of asshole!!!

    Thank you for taking the little ones. I hope they make it!

    I am just furious!!

  26. I’m gripping my phone so hard as I read this I’m afraid I’ll break the glass. Just sick at heart and angry that people like you and the workers at the abbatoir and your mother-in-law are left to pick up the pieces left by heartless men like the one who couldn’t be bothered with giving even a minimum of care to his sow and her piglets. As if you all don’t have enough on your plate. Especially you Cecilia.
    Such sadness! But if these two little tykes have any chance at all it is with you—and I’m crying too.

  27. Lovewins, even in this sad story lovewins….thank you Miss C … I love how well you love.

  28. He is doomed to the coldest, darkest region of howling, bitter hell. Surely he can be reported to someone for such outrageous cruelty? I take a little comfort from the compassion of those meat workers; they knew who to call, didn’t they? I’m bracing myself for the worst news, but I have faith in your care. If anyone can pull them through it’s you, but sometimes the odds are stacked. It sounds as if they have a strong will to live. I hope it will make the difference.

  29. Oh celi, you are an angel….I am sending all my heartfelt wishes, hugs, and prayers for them poor wee piglets to survive…so sad for the poor sow. That man is an evil person, just makes me wonder if he is as cruel to people, as he was to the sow and piglets. Sue xx

  30. Bless you, Celi, for rescuing those poor little piglets. What that farmer did was absolutely unnecessary. I’m sure there was nothing that important that the sow be slaughtered so quickly. I realize the legalities involved, but there is also the possibility that the slaughterhouse could implement a policy against this kind of situation. I hope the little ones make it, they certainly didn’t have a good start in life. I know too about using the fury to good purpose, the last time I got that mad I scared my spouse by moving some heavy furniture he couldn’t move without help, yes, I was achy afterward but the job was done.

  31. Hmmm – I don’t know the farmer’s circumstances nor do I have the right to judge, but it seems offering Mrs. Sow and her imminent offspring to the FFA would have been a happier solution than what he chose. I can only hope he doesn’t treat his wife and children with such care less ness! May he be treated with more dignity in his dying hours…….

  32. Such cruelty! It makes me physically ill. I hope hope hope the vet will have some helpful ideas for saving these little piglets–such innocence. We all agree if they have any chance at all, it is with you, Cecilia.
    Yesterday on Fresh Air, a NYTimes reporter was discussing how Trump is dismantling the Dept. of Agriculture, Commerce, and another I can’t remember. At the end of the program, Gross asked him what he thought of the government workers he interviewed. What he said surprised me. He said first, they aren’t paid well at all; second, they are tireless workers because they are on a mission. He said he admired them! I was reminded of them when you said the abattoir workers were the ones who called you! It makes me think that though they have a difficult job to do, they do it with as much kindness and gentleness as they can…that they are not heartless–far from it.

  33. Oh such a sad story- if anyone can save these babies it is YOU! We all remember how you worked tirelessly for Wai.
    and That wicked cruel man will have karma visit him in the dark of the night.

  34. This was an unconscionable act and worthy of your (our) fury. However you’ll make yourself ill if you hold on to it, so go lean on a gate and give thanks that they’re now warm and dry and fed, and if they die, it will be while being held and loved. And breathe in the energy and essence of your living and thriving animals. Healing energy being sent.
    On a lighter note, I thought you were going to say you threw pumpkins at John!! 🙂 And how good of his mum to race off to get milk for the babes. There’s so much goodness here, including the abattoir workers’ concern, that far outweighs the man’s cruelty.

    • Just the thought of throwing pumpkins at John made me feed better. I think he worries I will spend too much money on a lost cause but never mind – they are still ok. One better than the other still.

      • I can’t decide if I’m sorry the pumpkins were only thrown to the animals 😆 Fingers crossed for both, but tighter for poorly one.

  35. A Sad Tale indeed, poor babies. It’s the negligence of humans over wee animals whose lives depend on them that is so heartbreaking, something I really don’t think I could ever understand. Miss C, your handling and loving care of these little creatures will not go unnoticed by the Creator or Universe, however one regards reality. We’re all pulling for you and your charges… and hope you can find a little rest today. ~ Mame. 😘

  36. That someone(s) cares made a difference, followed by caring action made just enough more difference to change the odds for the piglets for the better. Doing nothing was the alternative that wasn’t an option at all. So it is already better than it would have been. As for the sow’s owner he will probably do what he always does and get what he always gets, and that will take care of itself in the end.

  37. Methinks everyone having a cuppa here today feels very much the same . . . just remember the last time you did those two-hourly feeds tho: somehow you have to look after yourself also . . . you also need some sleep . . . at least these little ones seem to want to live and hopefully you did get to them in time . . .

  38. Thank you Celi, and thank those workers. In my mind there is a special place in hell for anyone who mistreats/neglects, babies, old people and animals.

  39. I send Love and Light your way!! You take such great care of your animals and ones that have been abandoned!! Crossing fingers!!

  40. It took a long time for me to leave a comment. I wasn’t there so I can just imagine what emotions ran through you. I just want to hammer the man into the ground. If anyone can save the piglets it will be you but we understand what you are up against. I wish they could make animal abuse a criminal offence. I’m so sorry. You saved Wai. I believe you have a chance here. Keeping everything crossed for all of you.

  41. Oh, Celi. You are not insane. You are fiercely kind and it shows. I am glad there are people in the world such as you. And I’m obviously not the only one, as the workers knew exactly who to call.
    Even if they don’t make it, they knew kindness and warmth and full bellies because of you.

  42. Celi, that was very brave of you to rescue those baby angel piggys. Hope you take care of the tiny things. Your friend, Eva

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