The egg inspector comes today. We are ready for him. Though little poo bum might stay in his bedroom for the visit.

Piglet has almost doubled his intake of the most expensive goats milk. Such a hungry little pig. His runny bottom problem has lessened but remains an issue. He is furiously active, leading his dogs about the house so it does not seem to be threatening his health at all.

This sunflower head was a gift from Anna’s Mum. It is huge and very beautiful.

Inspector Egg is due about 8.30 so I will get up early. I would rather sleep.

This (above) was yesterday’s sanguine pause in the weather, now I can hear cold blustery wind outside the still night early morning windows.

We had more periods of heavy rain yesterday. So the mud is now slush. I hope Egg Inspector brings his gumboots. It will be cold slush.

I hope your day goes well.


30 Comments on “THE EGG INSPECTOR

  1. Poor little poo bum. It is good that his problems are lessening and he is active. I hope that is a good sign. I only have experience with sick dogs and I know pigs are entirely different. Is it metabolic imbalance? Would probiotics help him? Get some good gut bacteria in there. Do they even have pig gut probiotics? I used dog ones for Maxโ€™s gurgly belly all the time. Good luck with the egg inspector.

  2. It’s the Christmas Owl ready to greet Inspector Egg! You should pass with eggceptional grades. HA! You don’t have to be Eggspectant or Nervous! I guess the yolk’s on me with all these puns…… Okay I’m egger to get started with my day too. Don’t let him scramble you, just take the day over easy.

  3. Poo bum! poor little piglet Although there was a Poo Bear ‘so maybe Poo Pig will be a good name for him when you decide to give him a name Inspector Egg..I wonder what he is like, just wish I could draw on here as I think he would be egg shaped, with glasses and tuffty hair…. and have a brief case Boo is so large in comparison to Poo..but what a splendid job as Nanny Boo… I am sorry you are so tired ..its understandable seeing as you have had so little sleep..but once Poo-Pig is recovered you can sleep the night away…maybe! Lovely blue sky you have ….our sky is grey and depressing..and it started to rain but ‘hey’ we are not so unlucky as those in Indonesia or Majorca…wet and windy it may be but we still have a house

  4. I am so pleased to see the owl again. Still holding thumbs for Poo Bum Piglet and a good report from Mr Egg Inspector. Laura

  5. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could convert Mr Egg Inspector by feeding him your beautiful fresh eggs fried in butter…? I agree Lil’ Poo Bum is probably best off in the laundry for now, it’d be too bad if he produced a lovely little sample in front of the Inspector. Nanny Boo will keep a watchful eye. Best of luck, and fingers crossed.

  6. Best of luck! And hoping that your sweet little pig stays out of the way of the inspector!
    Love the pics of the sky. Gorgeous.

  7. Brrrr….high of 51 and low of 33?!?! Yikes!!!! I had to double layer to feed at 48 degrees this morning. I’m thinking it’s time to dig out my winter wardrobe from the window seat and make the summer to winter clothes switchover! I’m feeling that the egg inspector will be impressed with your operation! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Wishing you good luck today with the egg inspector. He or she is bound to be deeply impressed with all you do. Keeping my hopes up for poo bum.

  9. Yes, best to keep Poo bum piglet tucked away. Too much reality would not be good. It’s good to hear he’s playful. Gives you hope. He is certainly a lucky pig to be surrounded by all the caring. A good karmic practice. Best of luck with the inspector.

  10. Pat, I love it when you crack yolks like that! So good to see you come out of your shell, Ms. Henny Penny! chuckle………. Little ‘Poo Bum’ looks wonderful from the front – still so tiny! Is there a breed of miniature wee pigs besides the Potbellies, Ceci? Is that what Wai-Wai is – a potbelly? Have a good time with Inspector Egg.

  11. Giggle – Patrecia (with an E), you so perfectly described Humpty Dumpty in your thoughts about what Inspector Egg may look like! That’s exactly how I pictured him, also.

  12. Good luck with the egg inspector. ha love the name little poo bum. ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Hah! Lil Poo Bum! That is the sweetest name..gave us all a good and much needed laugh!
    Iโ€™m sure the Farmy poultry homes passed the eggspection with flying colors!

  14. Don’t you worry ’bout Piglet, he’s still a young pig, you know. That pig will be fine. He’ll grow out of it.

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